She's never been the 'good girl' of her family. She's always been a bit of an outcast, really. She's liked living on the edge, always has. When she was little, it wasn't too bad. But, as she grew older, it got more extreme. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sneaking out, going to clubs underage, she did it all. And she was proud of it.

Her parents never really understood. Her dad had never been the 'good boy', but he'd never done anything like she did. Her mom hadn't been a 'perfect angel' either, and she just didn't get it. Her brother didn't understand, and he was constantly trying to keep her down.

Everyone thought that they knew her family. Knew everything about them. They were good people, hard-working, brave, generous. But that was so boring, and she didn't like boring. And so she set out to prove everyone wrong.

She was the anomaly. The outlier. The thing that shouldn't have been there. The mistake. She was always getting in trouble, and no one knew what to do. Her parents received a letter from the school at least twice a week, so she was grounded for every break of her school career. But she always got out anyways.

Because that's just who she was. The rebel. Being the rebel was fun, and it made her happy, even if it infuriated everyone around her. And she was okay with that.