Rachel pulled away from Blaine. He starred in shock in confusion before he began to speak, Rachel looking into his eyes.

"Uh..." He paused as if thinking. "I'm straight. 100% straight!" He grinned "Thanks for clearing that up for me Rachel." And with that said Rachel looked up and smiled wrapping her arms around Blaine's neck. Kurt just stood in the back ground completely heartbroken. Sure this sucked, the guy of your dreams just turned out to be straight and has the total 'HOTS' for your best friend, and yeah it really sucked. But on the bright sad, which he often looked to, two people who he loved were in love with each other. Though it might hurt to see them together or kiss, he was happy for them because they found love, happiness, something he has yet to find in someone.

Rachel turned around and looked at Kurt a smile played across her lips. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear, "Thank you." She pulled away gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, before her and Blaine left hand in hand.

Kurt absently touched his cheek, his lips tugging into a smile. "your welcome." He whispered softly as single tear ran slowly down his cheek.