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Hey, guys! This is my first Glee fanfiction. I normally write Broadway ff, so this is my first non-Broadway story. I hope you like it!

Kurt snuggled into his blanket, cup of cocoa resting in his hands. He looked across the room to Artie, his best friend (well, besides Mercedes, of course). Artie looked back at Kurt, and Kurt smiled to himself.

"What're you thinking about?" Artie asked, shyly.

"Oh, nothing," Kurt said, blasé. Artie gave him his best "bullshit" look.

"Sure. Right. And Lady GaGa isn't a freak," Artie said. Kurt giggled. There was a moment of comfortable silence between the two friends.

"Yes, Kurt?"

"Do you remember how we met?"

Flashback, 12 years ago

"Come on, Kurtie! We're going to the park!" Mrs. Hummel called to her son.

"Okay, Mommy!" Kurt replied, adjusting his shirt one last time before running to his mother's side. They walked to the park, hand-in-hand, mother and son. Burt, Kurt's dad, was at work. Raina, Kurt's mom, was a stay-at-home mom, dedicated to spending time with her only child. Kurt loved having his mommy around all the time. He enjoyed watching her put her makeup on, as well as going shopping with her, especially now that she let him pick out some of his own clothes.

After a few minutes of walking, they reached the park. Kurt sat cautiously at the edge of the sandbox; he didn't want to get his shirt dirty (heaven forbid!). There was another little boy there, just about Kurt's age. He wore a green sweater-vest, and had thick, black glasses. Kurt wrinkled his nose; even at the tender age of 4, he knew that sweater-vests were so last season. Still, something about the boy intrigued him.

"Hi," he said quietly. The boy looked up.

Hi," he said, pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

"My name's Kurt Elizabeth Hummel," Kurt said.

"My name's Arthur Q. Abrams," Artie said. "But everyone calls me Artie".

"What's the Q stand for?" Kurt asked, curious.

"Quincy," Artie said, wincing. Kurt winced, too. That was a silly middle name, he thought to himself. He was glad that he'd chosen Elizabeth as his middle name.

"Why are you sitting on the edge of the sandbox?" Artie asked.

"I don't wanna get my new shirt dirty," Kurt said.

"Why? Will your mommy get mad?"

"No," Kurt said, rolling his eyes a little. "It's from the Marc Jacobs 'junior' collection."

"Oh," Artie said softly. "Who's Marc Jacobs?"

Kurt gasped. "Only theeee best designer EVER!"

"Sorry," Artie whimpered. "I don't know much about clothing."

"That much is evident," Kurt said, without realizing that it sounded rude.

"What do you mean?" Artie asked innocently.

"Well, for starters, Artie, sweater-vests are SO last season. What's au courant is this," Kurt said, gesturing to his meticulously planned outfit. Artie nodded. At that moment, Artie's mother walked up to the sandbox. "Time to go, Artie!" she said merrily.

"It was nice to meet you, Kurt Elizabeth Hummel," Artie said.

"You too, Artie," Kurt said, politely. Raina walked up just then, and Kurt stood up, taking his mother's hand.

"Have a good time, Kurt?"

Kurt paused, thinking. Had he had a good time? It was true that Arthur Q. Abrams did not have fashion sense at all. On the other hand, did seem like a nice boy. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, they could be friends. (Of course, Artie would have to have a serious makeover first…)