Love Like Sin

Summary: AU Human. Police Investigator Dean Winchester has been faced with several gang related murder cases. When the latest victim hits too close to home, Dean is forced to become the protector of the suspected next target.

Rating: M (violence, course language, mature themes)

Disclaimer: I don't own any recognizable characters, locations, etc. Only what I make up, I own.

A/N: I've become a Supernatural whore lol. I originally had another thought in my head, one that still made Dean a cop but with a different sort of scenario, but this is one ended up coming out much easier then that one so I decided to go with it. Plus...has anyone noticed that I have a tendency of picking blonde characters? Lol, well Enjoy!

She crashed into the crate next to him. Her tangle of bleach blonde hair fell across bright green eyes lined heavily with black. He looked at her carefully, inspecting her for any injuries. She just flashed him a reassuring smile as they ducked down to avoid getting shot at. He ran a hand over his own brown hair before he carefully looked around the crate.

"Who is it, do you know?" She asked him quietly, fear lacing through her voice. Normally she was good at hiding it but when they had were all on their own with only one gun and no phones to call for help against someone they didn't know, her worry tended to get the better of her.

"No, I can't see." He replied. He looked out at their assailant. The man stood half behind his own crate, baseball cap and a hood covering his head and most of his face but his aim stayed true.

"What are you doing?" She had learned to recognize when her companion was thinking of something potentially stupid.

"You need to get out of here." The single reply gave her reason to believe that there was something going on that she didn't know about. Before she could question anything, she found herself suddenly alone and the sound of gun fire rang through the concrete room. Her eyes widened as she jumped up to look around the crate.



His hand reached blindly for the phone as it rang obnoxiously. Grasping the device, he lifted it to his head and held it at his ear.


"You need to get to the hospital, Dean. There's something here you're going to want to see."

Dean sat up in the bed, dislodging the feminine arm draped around his waist. The sound of his partner's voice filtering through the speaker of his phone was always good at waking him up. He tossed the sheet from his naked lower half and climbed out of the bed.

"What's going on?" He figured he had to asked as he held the phone to his head. He needed some excuse to the girl he was with. What was her name? Tiffany? Amber? Crystal? Well whatever, he had to tell her something, he could hear her waking up.

"You should just come here." The reply was followed by the sound of a click and then a dial tone. Dean rolled his eyes and slid on his pants before stuffing his phone into the pocket.

"You have to go?" The girl in the bed asked sleepily, sitting up and holding the sheet to her bare chest.

"Yeah, work." Dean replied simply. He pulled his shirt on over his head. He pulled on his socks and shoes then grabbed his badge and stuck it to his belt.

"Okay, call me later." The girl brushed her hair from her face as she watched her companion dress.

"Sure." Dean answered, pretty sure that he didn't even have the girl's number. He gave a slight wave then headed out. He walked through the apartment room, grabbing his coat off the couch as he went. He left without a single look back.


"I'm telling you it was some creep ass douche bag."

"Did you see his face?"

"I already told you no! your ears and will someone please tell me how my friend is doing?"

"Ma'am please calm down."

"Oh screw you guys! Bunch of fucking pervs."

"Ma'am you are aware that your behavior can get you thrown in jail."

"Bite me!"

"I like her, she's feisty."

"Gabriel, please."

This was the scene that Dean came in on. A girl who looked to be just standing in her underwear, a brown trench coat over her shoulders and blonde tangled hair was standing in front of three of his coworkers, one of which was his partner. The girl had deep bruises on her thighs, her knees were scrapped up, as were the palms of her hands and knuckles. There were several other bruises along her stomach and arms as well as one across her cheek and a busted lip. A nurse stood nearby, most likely waiting for the police officers to get the girl to cooperate.

What caught Dean's attention the most was the fact that the girl looked familiar. He just couldn't place where he had met her or seen her before.

"We should let her see her friend." Gabriel Retskirt announced. The girl's green eyes lit up hopefully, her make up smeared slightly on her face

"Not until she cooperates!" Zachariah Michaels snapped. The third officer, Castiel Novak, sighed and looked around. He spotted Dean and excused himself from the group to talk to his partner.

"Some chick in her bra and panties is what you wanted me to see?" Dean asked, crossing his arms. "I see that on a near daily basis."

"No...there's something else." Castiel remarked. Dean raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer. "She didn't come in alone."

"Okay." Dean tried to get more out of his partner.

"It's...the person she came in with...he's..." Castiel started.

"For fuck's sake, am I going to get to see Sam or not?" The girl snapped loudly. "I keep telling you fuckers that I didn't see the guy's face. I told you what he was wearing, I told you what he said, now let me see Sam!"

"Sam..." Dean muttered, his eyes widening slightly. "Holly?" The girl looked over at Dean and Castiel and frowned, her arms folding across her chest. "You have gotta be fucking kidding me."

"You know each other?" Zachariah asked.

"Dean Winchester." Holly laughed slightly and shook her head. Dean narrowed his eyes and stormed over to her, stopping just in front of her. All she did was lean back slightly, an eyebrow lifting in curiosity. "How's it going boo-boo?"

"What the hell did you make my brother do this time you little bitch?" Dean asked through gritted teeth.

"One...I never made him do anything." Holly pointed out, lifting up her hand and holding up a finger. She lifted a second finger. "Two...I've actually been the reason your brother's never been hog tied and beat a couple of times." She leaned forward and held up a third finger. "Three...I've never ever deliberately put Sam in any sort of danger." She held up her last finger and wiggled all four of them in front of Dean's face. "And four...calling me a bitch isn't an insult...dumb ass." Dean raised an eyebrow as Holly turned her hand, palm towards him. He narrowed his eyes, daring her to slap him.

"Go ahead, Amers." He ground out quietly, keeping the threatening tone between him and her. "Do it. Assault to a police officer will get your ass thrown in jail." Holly narrowed her eyes and for a moment Dean thought she would have slapped him regardless of the consequences. When she dropped her hand and walked around him, he let out a slight sigh of relief to have his personal space back to himself.

"So can I see him or not?" Holly asked the other three officers angrily.

"I'll get the doctor." Gabriel offered. Zachariah opened his mouth to argue but before a sound came out, his partner was already off. Rolling his eyes, the oldest of all the men turned his eyes to look at the girl nearby. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. Frowning, she pulled the trench coat more around herself and turned her back to Zachariah in order to face Castiel, the only one present that didn't tweak any nerves for her.

"You should let the nurse take a look at you now." Castiel instructed.

"She's taken several looks." Holly countered. "I'm pretty sure she's borderline lesbian." Castiel raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

"Your injuries." He corrected his statement. Holly rolled her eyes but allowed the nurse to finally sit her down and examine the wounds.

"What the hell happened?" Dean asked, coming up to his partner, still pissed off.

"Apparently they were getting chased." Castiel informed the younger man. "They ducked into a factory. Miss Amers informed us that Sam told her she had to get out before he made a move to distract and possible disarm their attacker. During the struggle, the attacker's phone slid out and Miss Amers called 911. Between that call and the time anyone showed up, Sam was shot several times and Miss Amers was on the verge of being...assaulted."

Dean raised an eyebrow and looked over at Holly who was frowning as the nurse wrapped up her hands. In his time at the precinct, he had never seen a woman behave so unemotionally (besides the anger) after a situation like Castiel had described. He couldn't help wondering if she was faking it. As he looked her over, he realized that there was nothing fake, she was just hiding her fear behind the anger. He didn't know Holly well but the few times he had met her since she had become friends with his brother had taught him a few things.

Of course it had been almost a year since he had seen either of them.

"There's more." Castiel pulled Dean's attention back. The younger man raised an eyebrow and waited. "We think this might be the killer who's been taking out the members of the Arch gang."

"I thought those were just other gangs doing it." Dean commented.

"It's not." Castiel replied. He glanced over at Holly then looked at Dean. "Arch is the gang your brother and Miss Amers are part of."

"Don't say it." Dean grumbled. "Don't you say what I think you're saying."

"We might need to protect her." Castiel said it anyways.

New story, yay! I think this could be good considering I'm thinking of getting The Swan's Song finished up soon, I need something else to work on.

BTW: did anyone notice what I did with Gabriel's surname for this? lol. It's almost Trickster spelt backwards. Retskirt just seemed better then Retskcirt.