It's Gonna Be Love

I'm glad the sequel would be anticipated. Since I've previously foretold this chapter to be the last one, I'll have the sequel put up just after I post this so make sure you look. Oh, and if anyone believes we're done with're wrong lol. The only reason I named this chapter after this song is because I've been playing it all day. I have no idea why but it does sorta, kinda go with Dean and Holly...maybe...sorta. Anyways, it's by Mandy Moore

Reviewer Response:

AuntMo – Oh...Zach was very very naughty. And since I'm making a sequel...he's not gonna be dead (spoiler alert lol).

Adaddario – Yes, all hail the sequel, couldn't have said it better myself.

Armywife4life – A lot of things will happen between Dean and Holly. Since he's read her file, he's going to know a lot more about her from the times before she moved in with Sam and John.

Mrs Max McDowell – You'll be getting relatively both with this...a happy ending and a sequel. The ending is sort of happy but definitely going to be good to lead into a sequel (think of how I did the Wonderland stories).

Dean stood in the cemetery, alone, in front of a gravestone. His hands were buried deep in his pockets as the rain fell gently around him. He stared at the gravestone for a long time, just thinking. He lifted a hand to drag through his wet hair as he looked around the cemetery at all the other gravestones. He licked a raindrop off his lip before he crouched down and put his hand to the gravestone. No words escaped his mouth but he knew he didn't need them for this moment. There were no words that had to be said. He sighed, his finger tracing around the name on the stone.

Holly Amers

He stood up and replaced his hand back into his pocket before silently moving between gravestones to reach the one for his parents. It wasn't far and he was glad for that. When he got to the stone, he couldn't help a slight smile at the little angel figurines that had been super glued on top. It was something he had only recently found out who the culprit was. They had been there for a while and he had no idea who did it before now. With the plan that was currently in motion, he had no idea when he'd be back to this place but he knew his parents wouldn't mind. They'd understand if he couldn't visit once a month anymore.

Dean's phone rang and he pulled it from his pocket, shielding it from the rain with his other hand and looked at the screen. Hannah Calling flashed as the little image of a ringing phone shook. Dean bit his lip to keep back a grin as he pushed the 'talk' button and held the phone to his head.

"Are you calling to check up on me?" He asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Actually I'm calling to say that we have a plane to catch soon so hurry up." The feminine voice replied. Dean cringed slightly as he made his way through the cemetery. "You were the one who had Cas take the Impala over a couple of days ago."

"Yeah, what the hell was I thinking with that one?" Dean muttered. "Could have road tripped this."

"I believe you were thinking of joining the mile high club, Mr Winchester." The reply was followed by a laugh that made Dean smile as he reached the cemetery gates where a taxi awaited.

"Well if you're my flight buddy then I think I'll be fine." He reasoned. He got to the taxi and hung up his phone before climbing into the backseat, startling the girl already there. She turned her head quickly to look at him, shoulder length blonde hair falling in her face with the action. Dean chuckled and reached over to brush it back.

"You're all wet. I told you that you should have brought the umbrella with you." The girl chided, waving a finger and clicking her tongue disapprovingly. Dean leaned over and pressed his lips to hers, an action she quickly responded to, forgetting all about the driver and focusing solely on the wet man next to her. When they separated, green eyes landed on green eyes and they smiled at each other. "Sam's waiting at the airport."

"Well let's not keep him waiting too long now, shall we." Dean replied. He looked at the back of the taxi driver's head and reached forward to pat the man's shoulder. "We're all set." The driver nodded and turned the car onto the road. Dean sighed and leaned back, his right hand rested on his companions thigh, holding her left hand. He turned his eyes down and smiled at the ring sparkling merrily on her finger.


Two Months Ago

"So what are we going to do?" Castiel asked, facing his partner outside of the hospital room.

"I don't know." Dean replied truthfully, running a hand over his face. "But you know you don't have to be involved."

"You're my partner and best friend, I'm not going to let you do anything on your own." Castiel remarked, grinning. "Besides, wouldn't be the same around here without you." Dean smiled slightly.

"So what's going on with your girlfriend?" He asked.

"Well I found her." Castiel replied. "And uh...with the turn of events...she's going to have to go into witness protection." Dean nodded then paused. "So...all the more reason to get out of here."

"You actually like her, don't you." Dean stated. Castiel nodded. " went and fell for a thief."

"Not much different from what you fell for." Castiel reminded his friend. Dean laughed slightly and looked back at the room. The door was left open this time. The only people in there now were Sam and Gabriel, both pretty much back to normal and walking around, and Holly.

The girl was still out cold but seemed to be healing slowly. She had caused a mass scare when the heart monitor had gone flat line a few days ago.

"If she wakes up...are you going to tell her?" Castiel asked.

"WHEN she wakes up...yes." Dean countered. Castiel nodded and watched his friend for a few minutes before looking into the room himself. "I think I need some time alone with her."

"Sure." Castiel agreed. He managed to get Sam and Gabriel out of the room with no real trouble. Mainly, all he had to do was tell Gabriel there was a hot nurse down the hall asking for him and when Sam realized it was meant as a joke, he had to go along to see the reaction.

Dean stood over Holly's bed and looked her over. His mind was working far faster then it ever had before but he knew he had to think fast, put all the pieces together before he acted. When the doctor came in, Dean knew what he had to do.

"Oh suck it up, Gabriel." Sam laughed as the other man moped about not having a hot nurse. "You're the weirdest cop I've ever met."

"I'm awesome that way." Gabriel countered. Castiel shook his head and grinned. They were slowly making their way back to the room. Sam and Gabriel began arguing over who was more likely to get a hotter girl as Castiel started thinking about Dean's situation. It slowly dawned on him what his friend was planning and he really hoped the other man could pull it off. Although, knowing Dean the way he did, Castiel was sure he'd have to stick with the younger man and keep him out of trouble.

"I could totally get Angelina Jolie if I wanted." Gabriel argued.

"Dude, you so could not." Sam countered.

"Could too."

"Could not."

"Could too."

"Could not."

"You two are like children." Castiel interrupted. They both looked at him and he was sure one, if not both, of them was going to say something to him about the topic but no words came out when they heard the unmistakable sound of a heart monitor flat lining.

"Oh shit." Sam muttered. Castiel bit his lip as he followed after the young man towards their room. Gabriel was a little slower then them but he picked up on their worry after a second and quickly caught up. They were cut off from entering the room by Dean walking out of it. "Dean, what's wrong? What happened?"

"Made a choice." Dean replied. Sam stared at him, jaw dropping.

"What choice?" Gabriel asked, frowning. At that moment the doctor came out of the room and asked Dean to sign a form. Sam snatched it before it could pass to his brother.

"" He asked, uncertainty all over his face.

"It was the only option, Sammy." Dean reasoned. Sam closed his eyes and shook his head. "You'll understand later."

"I want to understand now, Dean!" Sam snapped. Dean sighed and grabbed the form before signing it. "WHY? Why do this to her?"

"Because it's the only option, Sam!" Dean retorted. He was saved having to explain when the doctor stepped in and did it for him. The other three men stood there and listened, realization and understanding creeping into their expressions.


"Make them stop." Sam groaned, hitting himself in the head with a pillow. Castiel and Meg laughed at him.

"You really need to get a girlfriend or something, Sam." Meg remarked.

"You can't say you didn't know this would happen." Castiel pointed out. Sam sighed and didn't reply. He did know it was going to happen. Behind the door of his brother's bedroom, Kid Rock music played loudly but even that didn't mask the noises quite enough. In the living room, they had the TV on and the volume loud but that didn't do much either.

"Wouldn't you think they'd be a little quieter?" Sam questioned. Castiel and Meg looked at him then at each other.

"Nope." They both replied at the same time. The bedroom door opened and they all looked over to watch the small female body clothed in an oversized shirt attempt to sneak by to the kitchen.

"Having fun in there...Hannah." Meg laughed.

"Yep." Was the reply. "I'm sure you're having fun taunting Sam...Melissa." Meg laughed more at that response. 'Hannah' laughed as well before bringing a bowl of strawberries back with her to the room.

"Tell me again why Holly wanted to be Hannah?" Castiel questioned.

"She loved S Club 7 and Hannah was her favourite person in it." Sam replied with a shrug. Castiel nodded, accepting the answer as he turned his attention back to the TV.

In the bedroom, Holly flopped down on the bed next to Dean and popped a strawberry into her mouth. Dean watched her and grinned, his fingers reaching out to toy with her hair, still not quiet used to it being that short.

"So how annoyed was Sam?" He asked.

"I think he's just more thinking that he's going to need therapy somewhere down the line." Holly laughed. Dean laughed as well and took the bowl from her, putting it on the nightstand. "Hey, I was enjoying those."

"Yeah well I enjoy your body being naked but I'm not getting that right now, am I?" Dean countered. Holly rolled her eyes but grinned as Dean popped the buttons on the shirt. "I thought we had a rule, you had to be naked in this room."

"I was working on it." Holly replied. Dean shook his head and clicked his tongue before leaning in, his lips pressing to her neck. Holly sighed, her head instinctively moving to give him more space. Dean smirked against her skin and moved the kisses further down, following the opened buttons.

"Moving day is coming up." He mumbled against her skin as his mouth found a bare breast.

"Uh huh." Holly muttered. She didn't really care what he had to say but knew he was doing it to bug her. "Why are you disrupting the moment when talking?"

"You that anxious to get into round six?" Dean asked, chuckling.

"If I tell you that...I missed you...a lot...would that make you stop talking?" Holly asked.

"That depends...are your eyes closed?" Dean asked, kissing her stomach.

"Yeah." Holly breathed out. Dean grinned and slowly kissed his way back to her mouth. She eagerly returned the gesture as her hands wound into his short hair. Dean reached into the nightstand then took one of her hands from his hair and put a little box in it. She paused, her hand shifting slightly to weigh the box it now cradled.

"Marry me." Dean whispered, leaning back from the kiss to look at Holly's face. Her eyes opened and she looked at him before looking into the box in her hand.



"Relax." Holly whispered, pressing kisses to Dean's cheek as they sat in the plane, waiting for take off. Her hand rubbed his knee gently and his grip on her other hand loosened up slightly. "It's only two hours, you'll be fine."

"What if we crash?" Dean asked.

"We won't crash." Holly replied.

"What if..." Dean started but got cut off as a pair of soft lips crashed to his. Any and all worries instantly vanished as he succumbed to his fiancee's kiss.

"Just keep thinking of what we'll do once we're in the air." Holly whispered seductively.

"The plane can't take off fast enough." Dean grumbled. Holly laughed slightly and kissed his cheek again before snuggling against him. Sam glanced over at them and shook his head before taking out his phone and sending one last text message before their flight was set to start, letting the recipient of the message know that things were going well.

To Be Continued...

So how's that for an ending? Does it sort of look like Sam might be bad? To save confusion, Holly and Meg will be continued to be labeled as Holly and Meg in the next story but they'll be getting called Hannah and Melissa. And the next story will be taking place a couple of months after this one. I'm picturing a lot of shifty behaviour from everyone so you won't ever really know who's on who's side.

Oh yeah, and the next story will be called...Sin Like The Devil. It keeps with this story. It's up right now so go check it out now...go on...shoo.