Kingsley the Knight:

Jane's POV:

I calmed myself. This was it. I had to gain Kingsley's favor if I wanted this to work. He needed to know-he needed to see what I knew. I needed him to send the information that I saw and transport it into my brothers and sisters' minds. Only then would Alec, Felix and the others understand.

"Kingsley," I stated, concentrating on the objective here, "I thank you for your hospitality. And I am in need of your service." The shock that my humble request brought remained; the awkward foreboding lack of sound that rang throughout the court was suffocating, luckily I brushed it off, like the leftover dust and water from a torrential storm. Their overwhelming shock should mean nothing to me right now; only my objective was to be focused on.

Kingsley looked startled, but asked in a firm tone, "Still right to the point. And after two hundred years, you can't even show signs of nostalgia. Very well. And what is this that you wish of me, Jane?"

I admit, I felt a little guilt at that. Kingsley, though a little too stiff for my tastes, was a good vampire and had been friendly enough to me and had helped us in the past. But I needed to have him read my mind fast, before my siblings became even more suspicious of me.

"Kingsley," I said, the pressure of anticipation banging against my mind. Alright, here it went. "There are memories in my mind that I need you to read and transfer into my siblings' heads."

I then risked a glance at Alec, Felix and the others and now the caution and paranoia coming off them must have been most obvious to everyone in the court. Alec's eyes widened and he stared at me as if I was a stranger to him. I felt sick. I had seen that look only once before; when he and I had first become vampires and I had ruthlessly ripped open the throats of my first victims. He had looked at me as if he hadn't recognized me, while trying to fight off his own undeniable, agonizing thirst for human blood.

It was a look I had prayed I'd never see again.

Chelsea was staring at me. I could tell that she was trying to use her powers to feel my emotions out-trying to figure out if I had finally lost my mind.

Afton, Felix and Santiago all looked beyond words. I glared back at Kingsley-whose expression mirrored several of my siblings. "Well?" I asked, temper starting to bubble, "Will you do this for me or not?" I forced my voice to soothe a little, "Kingsley, you must do this. For there is a great injustice that needs your attention." That, I knew would give me his undivided most engrossed curiosity. Kingsley was a knight first and foremost, and he would give immediate devotion to a cause that involved those that were in need of a noble purpose.

"Kingsley." I stated, leaving no room for hesitation and nodded for him to come towards me. The coven leader narrowed his eyes, suspicious, but nonetheless fascinated by my order. The next thing I knew, there was a flash of movement, and Kingsley was now in front of me. I heard growls and snarls next to me and I knew Felix, Alec and the rest were getting ready to protect me, should Kingsley take any odd actions.

"It's alright," I snapped, staring at the noble British vampire, "Everything's going to be alright." Yeah, like I believed that anymore.

I nodded again to the wise leader of this coven. "I'm ready." Kingsley cocked his head and took a slow step forwards, his right hand reaching out, aiming for my head. I could almost feel the tension from my siblings as they were readying themselves to protect me, but I stood my ground as I felt Kingsley's hand clasp over my face and forehead.

I was ready and opened my mind completely, restraining all instinct to erect mental walls and allowed Kingsley to dig into my brain and see everything that I had heard and saw.

It took a moment, but then I felt a jolt of electricity go through me and couldn't prevent my body from shaking and suddenly there were white flashes in front of my eyes. You know that term, "my life flashed before my eyes?" Well, it was like that, only it was all the events of the previous day. Everything that had happened yesterday flashed in front of me, all for Kingsley to see. My argument with Bella, Bella's accusation of Aro murdering his sister. Me contemplating it all and returning to Volterra; only for Bella's suspicions to be true as I heard Aro and Caius discuss Didyme and basically unintentionally confess to my former master's crime. Kingsley saw it all.

There was an enraged roar that filled my head and suddenly Kingsley's hand ripped away from my face and I heard him back away from me. The white light in front of my eyes was gone and I was forced to open my eyes and look at the Brit.

I don't believe that I can go into detail of Kingsley's expression when he processed the information he had received from my mind. I can't, because his shock and disgust was indescribable.

His lips curled back into a snarl, "This "master" of yours has been controlling you this whole time and he committed this atrocity? And lying to all of you for centuries?!" As a vampire that had existed for eras, I had seen mortifying sights that would make even those that had conducted the Spanish Inquisition turn in their graves with fright.

I can only assume that Kingsley was experiencing that same exact feeling. He looked sick.

My brothers and sister, who had all come to attention and were surrounding Kingsley, as they mistook his aggressive appearance as a signal that he would attack me, were looking from me, back to the currently stricken vampire. There was enough confusion on all of their faces as to what was happening here to fill the widest canyon on the earth.

I didn't like what was occurring in this stone laid court. The whole room was shaking with uncertain and tense emotions that were anonymous to me, and I didn't want to take a guess as to what all those emotions were. I was very happy that I did not have a gift that was akin to Jasper Hale's gift.

Felix, though clearly was beyond bewildered, decided to growl out protectively, "I don't know what you're talking about, Kingsley, but I'm warning you, if you even whisper a threat towards my sister, I'll rip you apart and incinerate you myself. And I don't care if I'm the youngest vampire in this room, I will do it."

The moment Felix said that, Kingsley's companions all snarled, also readying themselves to attack to defend their coven leader. Both of our parties were willing to go on the warpath, but they were aiming their deadly intentions at the wrong vampires.

I forced myself to remain calm. I had to be the one with the plan and with the strong resolve. I couldn't risk losing my serene mood, or else I would go into an emotional storm like everyone else in this room.

"Kingsley," I started, my demanding, but careful voice making everything clear and direct, "I need you now to transport the memories you saw and spill them into Alec, Felix, Afton, Chelsea and Santiago's minds." My order must have been startling to say the least, since I watched as every vampire in the room, save for myself and Kingsley, all were hit now with waves of shock. Their faces no longer just looked confused. Now they're disarrayed appearances were accompanied by astonishment. I ignored their stares. True, I had given that request before, but the shock of it still remained. "Well?" I persisted, glaring at Kingsley and then nodded to Alec who was staying close to me, looking just as lost as everyone else did.

Kingsley closed his mouth, hiding his teeth now and turned towards my twin. Slowly, he lifted his hand to Alec's forehead, brushing my brother's brown hair away and planting all five of his fingertips to Alec's cold flesh in concentration.

There was a brief pause and then Alec started shaking as I had, eyes shut as the memories hit him. I watched as he convulsed vertically, his knees and whole body trembling. Finally, when it looked like he was having one of those seizures that humans talked about, he snapped away from Kingsley's hand, eyes now open.

Alec's posture was rigid, his eyes wide and void of all belief. His lower jaw dropped, fangs drawn, and his eyes held no aggression, yet, given he appeared to be processing everything and his only expression was one of astonishment and devastation. Slowly, though, the look in his eyes shifted between hate, rage, despair and loss. He, to be honest, looked so much like the little boy that he used to be when the villagers that despised us, tormented and persecuted us.

His face contorted into one of a mask of grief and pure unfiltered hate.

"He killed our mother." He whispered, voice icy and vengeful.

I think it is understandable why one would be a little shell-shocked to hear my brother say such a thing without any explanation.

"Ah hell," Felix groaned, though he sounded lost too, "Now Alec's out of his mind too? What the hell is wrong with these two?"

"Shut it, Felix." I snapped, the command in my voice never leaving, "Kingsley, do to Felix what you did to the two of us." I added to my brother before he could tense up, "Felix, shut up and hold still so that Kingsley can carry out my demands."

I heard Chelsea gasp. Everyone, save for myself and Alec and Kingsley were getting very nervous and even hungry for a fight; for some violence. Well they'd get it alright, but not with each other. I stared to the side, watching Kingsley closely. The enraged look that had previously been on his face was gone and he looked simply concerned as he turned to Felix. He glanced to me.

"Will he try to stop me?" He asked, eyeing how cautious Felix was. "Not if I have any say," I answered, temper starting to build as I locked eyes with my large brother, "Felix, this is an order. Kingsley needs to show each of you something that is essential to or future." I know what I just said was probably one of my cornier statements, but it was also true. My siblings needed to be obedient these last few minutes if I wished to stop Aro.

Kingsley stepped towards Felix and this time, he held up two hands and reached upwards for not only Felix's face, but out to touch Afton's head.

Both of my brothers were taken aback by this and Afton started growling. I groaned. This was actually for the best. We needed my memories transferred to the others' heads fast, two of my family being given these remnants of my thoughts at the same time seemed to be the best option.

"Afton," I snapped, turning away from Afton and Felix and looking sadly at Alec who was still staring at the windows of the castle, looking confused, "Stop growling. Now is not the time for you insolence. Just let Kingsley do as I've told him and we can be on our way."

I heard a set of uncertain animal growls and grunts, but I ignored them as I walked over to Alec, placing a hand sympathetically on his own as I stared at his lost looking eyes.

"Alec?" I asked gently, hearing the smacking noise of Kingsley's hands against Felix and Afton's heads and hearing them gasp as if a few bolts of electricity were going through them. I paid attention fully to Alec.

"Brother?" I asked, my usual harsh tones softening, making me sound like his little sister again.

Alec broke away from whatever he had been thinking about and turned to stare at me, eyes full of sorrow and I almost broke at the look he gave me. He really looked like he would start crying if he were human and capable of it.

Though if vampires aren't capable of crying, then Alec could have fooled me as his voice came out in a choked sobbing sound when he spoke next, "Why did he do it? Why did he kill her? Does power mean so much to him that he'd kill one of the people he loves most?"

I closed my eyes. Those were all but easy questions to answer. He had my memories and therefore knew the reason behind Aro's actions just as much as I did, but he was left to wonder why the man that he had known as his master for many centuries would commit such an unspeakable act.

"Alec," I spoke gently, stroking his arm in comfort, "-" My words were broken off when I heard Felix and Afton pull away from Kingsley and I heard their united gasps and angry snarls.

"What?!" Afton roared, his voice reverberating around every inch of the stone court, sending chills through me.

Well, I think it was safe to assume that my memories were in Afton and Felix's memories, wasn't it?

"Please tell me you two want to take vengeance upon Aro." I said, my voice not indicating any question, just an order. "Oh," Felix snarled, "you have no idea how much. He brainwashed you and Alec all this time? I'll kill him!"

Ah, who knew such morbid words could bring such satisfaction?

"Good," I grumbled, "But heel, boy. We still need Chelsea and Santiago to see everything too. Kingsley, move on to my sister and other brother." I wasn't going to pay much more attention to them. Alec needed me at the moment.

"Brother." I whispered lovingly to my twin as I reached out and cupped his pained face in my hands carefully. "It will be alright. Now that you know, we're one step closer to stopping Aro. We just need more of our family to know." I stepped closer, ignoring the sound of Kingsley rushing forward and putting one hand on Chelsea's head and then on Santiago's, despite the latter's startled growl of warning and heard as they went silent for a while, "When we bring Kingsley with us to Volterra, he'll give Demetri, Rudolph and all of them our memories of what we know It won't be long before they turn against him."

My words didn't seem to do anything to assure him. He just remained with that distant and bewildered appearance.

Whatever I had to say next was brought to a halt as I heard one of Kingsley's coven mates call out in shock, "Hold it, hold it! Jane, you're turning against Aro? How the bloody hell did that happen? Alright, I firmly believe that the world is ending now."

I sighed. I was looking at Alec, so I couldn't tell who said it, but I could hardly blame him. I, Jane, the most loyal of Aro's soldiers, betraying him? Who would have thought that they'd live to see the day? I was Aro's most trusted warrior; to think that I'd turn on him was unimaginable, let alone causing an army to rise against him.

I pushed away my thoughts of any distractions and focused only on my Alec. "Can we go outside and speak for a while, brother?" I asked, making sure to never allow my tone of tender comfort to escape from my voice. Besides, it was instrumental to my plan. The other vampires in this room couldn't hear what we were coming up with, or else when Aro read their minds, our plans would be exposed in less than a second.

Alec nodded, though showing no sign of understanding where my thoughts were going, not that I blamed him, in the state that he was in.

I half thought that I should blame myself for the turmoil that was going on in his brain. But you know, considering Aro was the one that murdered Didyme and controlled our family with lies and fear for centuries and centuries, it only felt the more satisfying to blame him.

My hold on my brother's arms tightened as I started leading him outside of the castle, not once turning to any of the vampires around us, all staring.

However, Afton's yell behind us caught my attention.

"Jane, wait!" He called running after us. I heard Felix's footsteps thundering after him in our direction. As I pushed the doors open that led to the stone hallway. We needed to talk. The question became really; even if we all managed to convince everyone back in Volterra of what I had seen and heard, would Bella be in danger? Bella was the one that had started this whole investigation, after all.

My eyes narrowed. Yes, this whole time and I hadn't thought back to my Bella. Aro would despise her when he found out. For him, to think that Bella, a very recent vampire would affect me like this, not to mention the whole of our vampire world, would be astounding and unimaginable. Bella had always been a wonder. She had always made Aro curious as well. Perhaps this rebellion would only confirm his suspicions of how dangerous she is. He once told me how dangerous she was after the battle at the Cullens' lawn when we first saw her daughter; Renesme. Aro had truly been genuinely scared of Bella that day because of the young vampire's mental shield and her sheer will.

I couldn't stop a sadistic smile from blooming across my face. Good; Aro deserved to be full of fear, just like he forced everyone else in the world to be afraid of us Volturi under his reign.

I moved down the hall fast, thoughts rampant now. It always seemed so odd to me. Too perfect, really. Aro was the ideal leader in many ways. He was kind to all of us; treated us as if we were his own children. He was understanding to us and gave us someone to talk to, and when we did something that was out of line, he'd discipline us, but only to a certain extent. He had fairly tempestuous arguments with Caius when the latter wanted to actually hurt us as a form of punishment instead of using words.

Aro was what one would immediately think of if they tried to imagine a leader that was warm and cheerful and attentive to you. I had trusted him for centuries. He rescued Alec and I from the fires at that village when we were still human, and he raised me throughout my young "girlhood" as a newborn vampire.

That made it all the more horrifying to find out what he had truly done in the war with the Romanian vampire coven.

He led us on for all that time, lied to us, controlled us and murdered a beloved family member. And now he was trying to control the whole world of the vampires.

I think Alec and I might be more alike than I thought, for while I was thinking this, I heard him start to growl. "What is it Alec?" I asked, now worried but also not very surprised.

"How could he?" He whispered, voice hollow. "She was his sister. He grew up with her for decades before they were turned,…how could he?"

Alec's question was a terrible sound to listen to. Another thing I could hate Aro for: breaking my brother's heart. Alec had always looked up to Aro. After Marcus, Alec had seen Aro as the closest he and myself had to father. He taught us everything a newborn vampire needed to know, everything.

He had comforted us as we recovered from the terror we suffered every day and night after becoming a vampire that the villagers would burn us to ashes. We weren't capable of having nightmares, and yet the terrible thoughts about the magister of our town, pointing his finger at us viciously as we were tied to the wooden posts to be incinerated stayed fresh in our minds for almost five centuries before we moved on. Aro had truly been our guardian…..which made this all the more traitorous for us to realize what he had done.

Finally, after walking throughout the darkness of the halls, we reached the doorways to the outside. I could hear rain still pouring behind the thick wooden doors, and felt a smirk coming onto my face. Good, it was still gloomy outside. It wouldn't risk our skin being seen by humans then.

I shoved the doors open, trying not to flinch at the monstrous "creaking" sounds that came from the hinges. The doors were swung all the way open under my savage push and we were soon exposed to the scent of the cold, musky, rainy smelling air. I stared out at the sight of the open green fields before the castle, watching the rain come pouring down onto it, soaking the grass and roads. Perfect weather for vampires.

"Jane!" Felix snapped, now coming up till he was standing next to me, towering over both me and Alec, eyes filled with emotions akin to the ones that Alec's own eyes possessed. He looked so angry, and yet so vulnerable. I hadn't seen him this weak in a long time. The last time must have been when he had first been turned four-hundred-years ago. The only thing that had been worse for him than becoming a vampire, was learning that he could never go back to his human family with his parents and little sisters.

He had hated us for a long time because of what happened, but eventually saw us as his own family. Seeing him like this now made me very worried that it would bring back some old feelings.

"This whole time," Felix asked, voice shaky, despite his huge size, "He's been lying to us?" He then glanced outside to the rainy sky, "And Bella suspected this too. That's why she told you all that, right, Jane?"

My mind fluttered back to Bella. Yes, she had told me about Didyme because even though she hadn't had any evidence, she had been able to put the pieces together. My brilliant, courageous Bella. Pondering about Bella's motivations and actions however, would not help us. Unfortunately, though, thinking about her and what was to become of us was inevitable. The truth of the matter was that this was the only plan that I possessed. I had no back-up plan. I had no idea what we should do when it came to Bella. She and the rest of the Cullens would be in danger as well as we would be after this. Aro would more than likely target her, accusing her of being a traitor to the Volturi. Caius would just love having the excuse to kill the Cullen family.

So while my new conflicted feelings were by no means new or unexpected, I felt aggravated that I would still be experiencing these emotions when I had already trained myself mentally about what I was going to do when we got Kingsley to use my memories. I had told myself about the events that were going to happen. Kingsley would get my memories, transfer them to my family, and along with the Volturi that would turn against Aro and Caius, Kingsley himself and his coven would ally themselves with us because of Kingsley's rage towards Aro's underhanded acts, and we would go and protect Bella and her daughter from the impending attack from Aro and his remaining followers.

That all sounded good in theory, but how were we going to go about this? Besides myself for getting the Volturi to turn their backs on their former master, Bella would be the "number one" target of Aro's, now that she had gotten his once most loyal servant to turn against him. How were we going to protect her when we had to tiptoe around Aro the whole time, trying not to allow him to touch us and read our minds the whole damned time?

"Jane," Felix spoke and I was shocked at how weak he sounded, "What do we do?"

I sighed. I really had been hoping that I wouldn't be asked that for a while. Truth be told, aside from that half-assed plan that had just crossed my conscience, I had no clue what we could do in retaliation. "I don't know, Felix." I whispered, feeling fairly fragile myself now.

More unbearable thoughts were about to approach my mind when I smelled Chelsea and Santiago's scents coming closer. Ah, looked like Kingsley was done with them too. I didn't give them a chance to ask the agonizing questions that I knew were coming. I just spoke before either of them could, "We need to get ready. Aro will start wondering where we are." I stopped and listened to my siblings' reactions. None of the ones I got were good.

Chelsea made a very unpleasant hissing sound, and Felix tensed up next to me. I felt Alec grip my hand hard, tightening every second or so and Afton whispered under his breath, "Well, he won't be happy when we give him the answer. I'm going to kill him for taking Didyme from us."

I smiled, relieved, "Not yet you aren't," I answered, focusing on the rather flimsy "plan" I had in mind, "We need to get as many allies as we can. If we come charging into the castle, wanting Aro's death, we'll immediately be branded as traitors. We have to be tactful. But we need to figure out how to convince Kingsley's coven to come with us to Volterra."

"No need to try to convince me, Jane." Kingsley's voice boomed around the hallway, "I'm coming with you. And any of my coven that don't can leave now. Such injustice by Aro's own hands is unforgivable. That fiend, Aro will not escape punishment." His handsome, confident face fell apart and he contorted it into a look of rage, "Despicable. Aro and Caius hide under the masquerade of being righteous kings who will provide punishment for those that deserve it so that no one will know that they are scum. Even if I have to go all alone to Volterra, your family will know the truth."

I turned and looked at him. I couldn't prevent a smile. It warmed me, to be honest, to hear that he was willing to do that for us. I shouldn't be surprised, considering his chivalrous attitude towards things, but it was still comforting.

Santiago spoke up, catching all of our attentions, "I have to get back to Volterra, NOW! Andrea is still there. She could be in serious danger from Aro and Caius."

I felt like I was about to smash my head through the stone walls. God damn it. I had completely forgotten about Andrea! I thought about trying to reassure him, however, being calm right now certainly didn't seem to be our forte at the moment. For as I was about to open my mouth to speak to him, Felix cut me off, "Yeah," He snapped, "And you heard the same thing I did. They're planning to kill Jane, Alec and Bella if they don't do as they say. They'll kill Jane if she shows any sign of disobedience and they'll kill Bella and Alec to make sure they don't get out of line either."

"No, they won't." Alec let out a deadly growl, his breath sending an unnerved chill through me.

I turned to him. His burning red eyes were intense and held a dark purpose. "No one will touch you, Jane. Or Bella. Not while I exist." That last sentence struck a chord in me. I snarled at him, my calm façade evaporating in that instant, "Don't you ever say that, brother!" Alec seemed startled for a second but I didn't care. I continued, "Don't make it easier for Aro. You're not putting yourself in danger unless absolutely necessary." I made sure to put the "authority" back into my voice as I turned and stared again at Kingsley. "Can you gather all of your coven members and get them ready by this afternoon?" I asked urgently.

Kingsley just nodded. "Yes, I can." He said dutifully, "I will get everyone ready. We will go at your command, though keep in mind that I control this coven and if I see fit to kill Aro at a certain time, then we'll move in then."

I felt my temper flare, but I kept it in line. There was no use in getting angry at him. I had to be calm with him so that I could keep this alliance. "Very well," I started, another plan coming to mind, "But I need some time. As you saw, we're not the only ones involved in this. I have to call Bella and get her to flee Forks with her family, because Aro will see her as an enemy when he touches us and sees what she said to me."

Kingsley seemed to think for a moment, his strong jaw clenching in concentration. He then nodded, more at peace, it appeared. "Alright," He answered in a gentle tone, "I'll do that. But Jane, this isn't about you anymore. Now that I know this, I can't just sit back and do nothing. I'll leave that for the Americans when they do nothing until the fight is brought to their doorstep."

I tried not to laugh. Figures Kingsley would have a beef with the "Yanks." Kingsley was a very old vampire and went back far beyond the American Revolution, however, he protected the "Redcoats" during that time and hated the Americans with a passion.

I smirked, "Alright, Redcoat," I chuckled, "Calm down. I won't ask you to do nothing, just that you wait long enough for me to protect my mate and her family. Now, if you'll excuse me; I have to call Bella and tell her about this, so everyone be quiet for a few seconds." I reached under my black robes and into one of the pockets of my dark leather pants where my cell phone was hidden.

I didn't bother looking at the others while I retrieved the phone and flipped it open. "Andrea's safe, Santiago," I said nonchalantly, staring at the glowing screen in front of me from the device, "I got Felix to ask Aro to protect her so that no one would feed on her, cause I came up with the story that you'd become a liability if Andrea got harmed and I know he wouldn't want to risk that." I started dialing, focusing on the technological piece that was going to save my Bella.

Through the rain, I heard the ringing on the other side of the phone as loudly as I would thunder. After six rings, I heard the offending sound stop and then heard a disconnecting sound as I was calmed at the next sound, which was Bella's lovely voice.

"Jane?" Came Bella's confused questions, "What's going on? I just saw you. I'm not complaining, but why are you contacting me on my cell phone again so soon?"

I smiled sadly. I assumed there wasn't anyone around, or at least anyone that Bella knew personally, otherwise Bella would have had to run to a secluded spot. Then again, maybe she had. It had taken her a long time to answer, after all.

"Bella," I whispered, pained, "You were right. Aro can't be trusted. I listened in on him yesterday, and I heard him speak with Caius. They're planning to use me against you. If you don't obey, they will kill me."

I knew what type of reaction I'd get from that, but before Bella's shocked and terrified gasp could come out, I cut her off, "Listen, I got to a vampire that can see memories and put them in other peoples' heads," I knew how odd and vague that sounded and that Bella was probably now wondering if I had lost it, but I had to move quickly, "Alec, Felix, Afton, Chelsea and Santiago are all on our side now. They know what I know. It's alright; we have allies. But you and the Cullens need to hide or something. We're going to go back to Volterra and go against Aro, so Aro will know that it was you that started my suspicions. He'll target you."

I heard her breath hitch in confusion and I snapped without meaning to, "Damn it, Bella! Now's not the time to worry or ask more questions. Listen, do you think you can contact all those vampires that your family assembled years ago when we first met Renesmee? You know, the vampires from around the world?"

Bella made, what I assume was a startled sound as she said, "You mean the Denalis, the Amazons, and all the others? Yeah, I think so."

I knew how our conversation might have been seen by my family and by Kingsley, but this was urgent. "Okay," I started, thinking, "You contact them, tell them that the Volturi are out of control; that there are vampires going against them. The Romanians, I imagine will be especially happy to hear this."

I heard Bella gasp, and several other startled sounds around me. Couldn't say I blamed them. I was well known by almost all to hate the Romanians since our war with them. But, what was the use of it? The Romanians weren't even responsible for Didyme's death; her own brother was. What was the point in hating them when the crime that I had originally hated them for wasn't even committed by them?

I sighed, stressing my point to my mate in a desperate tone, "Bella, just tell me; were you serious when you said that you would stand against Aro so that he couldn't manipulate us anymore," I took a pause and glanced at Kingsley, his expression unreadable, "Because even if you aren't, I think I just started a revolution towards him."

Kingsley smiled in response to my choice of the word, "revolution." I found myself smirking back at him.

"Wait, wait," Bella drawled, getting my attention again, "A rebellion? Jane are you serious about this? You know Aro won't let you go back if you do this."

I let out a near helpless laugh, "Bella, it's already too late. I've chosen to go against him, and the others have as well. It's already too late to go back. The moment Aro touches any of them, he'll see their memories. Bella, we need to work fast."

After several moments of hesitation, Bella finally consented, "Alright. I'll get Renesmee and the others to hide. And all contact our allies. But Jane," Her voice deepened in seriousness, "You had better be serious about this."

My shoulders lowered from my now full sense of serenity. Good. We were closer to having at least some sort of army. But that didn't take Bella out of danger. Not at all.

"Bella," I whispered, hoping I didn't sound too desperate, "I,…..I don't want you to think that this is a doomed mission," I didn't want to seem like this was the last time we would speak to each other before wartime, "but our actions will more than likely lead to an all out vampire war. I just….I just want us to be realistic about this. We….," I hesitated and then sighed helplessly, "Just find a place to hide, and contact the vampires that stood with you years ago. I will see you soon."

"Jane…." Bella's voice trailed off and I cringed. I hated thinking that she would feel sorry for me. I hated thinking that.

I added one last thing before I realized that I couldn't take the tension anymore. I quickly said, "I'll see you soon. Don't get worried." I then hung up fast before she could say anything else.

The beeping noise of the phone rung in my ears as I cancelled our conversation and stared up at my brothers and sister, wondering what they were thinking….(not wanting to know what they were thinking.).

I let loose another sigh. We needed to proceed, didn't we? Kingsley certainly wasn't going to wait much longer.

I took a glance at my new official ally. "Hey, Kingsley? Ready to make yourself the number one enemy of the Volturi?" I grinned a little, knowing what his answer would be already.

"You know I am, Ms. Jane," Kingsley said in mock solemn, smirking as he bowed his head dutifully, "I want to stop Aro. I cannot abide by tyrants; I never was able to." I nodded, appreciative.

"So what then?" An angry voice demanded, and I saw Elena emerge from the shadows, "So we just barge into Volterra and get ourselves destroyed? That doesn't sound like a plan, Kingsley. You're smarter than that. I followed a smarter Kingsley than that."

Anger sparked within me. We were at the brink of gathering an army to stop Aro and his followers, and Elena was getting in the way. "Now look here!" I snarled, my anger, as usual, getting the better of me, "Kingsley is your leader. He says you fight Aro, and you fight-"

"Jane!" Kingsley interrupted, voice strict once again, "What we are doing is starting a rebellion against someone for making us obey him without question. I will not do the same to my own coven and force them to obey me without question." He gave me a meaningful look, "Part of being a leader is listening to the opinions of your coven, Jane."

I suspect that Kingsley's words were supposed to make me flinch. He almost succeeded. His words weren't without sting. I had been obeying Aro, without a second thought, for centuries now. I had been his little puppet; moving when he told me to do, talking when he told me to, killing when he told me to. I had shed so much blood under his command, and I had never even held the thought of disobeying him.

A mindless puppet; that's what I had been. His mindless slave.

I did the only mature thing I could think of doing. I glared at Kingsley.

Kingsley seemed to get the drill. He smiled sadly. "Easy Jane." He said quietly, "It's just, you get my point, don't you?"

I turned away, feeling embarrassed. Yeah, he had made his point. He had made his point all too well.

"Look," I growled, not wanting to think on more, "Are we going to go, or what?"

"Of course," Kingsley stating, seeming unaffected by my rage, "But Elena," He then turned to his coven-mate, "I understand that you are uncertain. If you want to stay, then you may. I doubt Aro will see you as responsible if you only stand by and do not participate in the battle. But I do have a plan of attack if you are interested."

Elena rolled her eyes; an action that I personally thought was unbefitting of her "proper lady" image. "Really, Kingsley?" She asked coldly, "You really think that I'm going to stand by while my leader and my mate and brothers and sisters in my coven go and get themselves killed? I'm coming with you, you fool. I'm just saying, we should plan out what we are doing. If you have a plan, then I'm all ears, but if you don't, don't expect me not to complain about it. But, I am going to follow you. I never liked Aro anyway. There was just something about him that always unsettled me."

I sighed, feeling depressed. Had I always been so blind? Had Aro just given off a feeling of a disturbing aura? Had I really not seen what he was really like? All this time; for sixteen centuries? God, I was stupid. Had my gratitude towards Aro for saving me, really allowed me to be that big of a fool?

I was distracted from my self-inflicted shame as Kingsley spoke up, "I'll tell everyone what I'm thinking when we get to the airport. But we need to hurry, before Aro becomes suspicious." He then looked at me, "The vampires that brought you here; Michael and the others? We, I suppose, should dispatch them. They're too dangerous to have around."

I nodded. My thoughts exactly. Those vampires had, to say the least, scared me. They were clearly dark and dangerous, not to be trifled with. So, how were we going to stop them?

I gave Kingsley a questioning look, and he smiled, clearly trying to give me confidence.

Santiago took this time to speak. "Look, not that I'm not grateful for this help, but we need to get going." He now had a panicked look, "I don't want to leave Andrea alone there any longer…and besides….we have to stop Aro."

I stopped my thoughts. Ah, I hadn't thought about my Volturi family's reaction to plans. In my fears and terror for Bella and her daughter, I had completely forgotton that Alec, Felix, Santiago, Afton and Chelsea were here. And they must have been silent this whole time; obviously too shocked and traumatized by this new revelation to say anything at all.

"And we will." Felix put in, his voice turning to a low, threatening growl.

"Well, then," Afton said, eyes still holding a disbelieving look over what he had discovered today, "Let's go. I want to see Didyme's murderer suffer, badly."

Author's Note:

Okay, not much of Bella and Jane together here, but war is approaching, and get ready.