Author's Notes: I intend this to be completed in about twenty posts. It will contain language, sexual content, and slash. It's not Canon, considering I made up a few characters and included all the JKR characters. Albus and Scorpius aren't really what most people expect them to be in this story. Especially Albus. If you aren't a fan of whiny teenage boys, I wouldn't read this. That's all. Enjoy.

Most people blame my poor marks on laziness. I guess that could be a factor. I tend to blame them on boring professors. Take Professor Turner for example. He's been teaching Transfiguration since my parents graduated. He isn't too old. A little gray. But Merlin, is he dull. I couldn't imagine what I'd be like if I had spent the past four years actually listening to his lectures. I'd probably be gray too, with a bonus of premature wrinkles.

My Mum thinks that punishment is a great motivational tool. In reality, punishment only works on kids without imaginations. Like my older brother, James. Take away his broom…or his owl…or even his Muggle television. Poof. James is the most subservient kid on planet earth. They could take away everything in my room and I still wouldn't change a damn thing. I have my brain, and if I can find paper and a quill to scribble on, I could live in the middle of the woods.

Poor ickle Jamie would die within a few days.

My parents punished me all summer for failing out of Divination. To be honest, I hadn't wanted to take the course. I had just signed up in third year so that I could have another class with Athena MacDonald. She's a Ravenclaw, and probably the only friend I have at school. I tend to piss people off a lot…I think it could be my attitude. Athena's been my friend since first year, when I told her quite openly that I didn't like girls. I also told her that her parents had named her incorrectly. Athena, the Muggle Greek goddess of knowledge and war, didn't suit her blonde, air headed personality. She had surprisingly just laughed at me.

It isn't that I hate people. I don't even think I'm better than anyone. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm below almost everybody.

Anyway, our fifth year was already on a roll into October. Professor Turner was rambling on about vanishing tea kettles when I heard a loud banging sound from the corner of the classroom. It sounded like someone was tossing around pots and pans. I didn't see anything of course, considering that my head was down resting on my arms, which were curled up on top of my books. I had managed to contort my ridiculously petite body up into a very feline like position.

Actually, I was just starting to get a really good sleep on when I felt something poking my left hand. I squinted one eye open and saw it was an old bent up piece of parchment. I sent my best glare at Athena, who didn't bother looking back at me. I unfolded her ruddy note and blinked hard to get the sleep out of my eyes.

"Check out Scorpius…he gets more stunning every year, I think,"

I went to grab my quill and almost knocked over the ink well in the process. My eyes darted across the room to the very disheveled figure of Scorpius Malfoy. In my family, he's known as the Little Prince. And no, its not a compliment. I supposed that the big banging noise that had almost woken me out of my afternoon nap had been old Scor. That bloke was late way more often than I fell asleep. So really, Professor Turner owes me some credit here. Everyone in school thought Malfoy was something to be noticed. I thought he was really a stuck up crow. So that's what I decided to tell Athena.

"His hair is too blond. It's almost white. White hair = not attractive. Secondly, he is far too pale to exist. Like he's literally one shade away from transparent. Plus, his snotty down the nose attitude doesn't match his exterior."

I even wrote my own little heart after it. Well, Athena doesn't really like to converse with anyone who disagrees. Especially when the subject is men. So she gave me her best little hair flip and stared haughtily out the window. I spent the rest of class watching Scorpius Malfoy read some old looking book underneath his desk.

Later that day, after avoiding a few seventh years who love catching me alone, I went to the library. I love to read. Just not dull textbooks. Hogwarts has a pretty extensive art book collection, if you know where to look. I went totally unnoticed into the far left corner. There, on the bottom of the lonely shelf, stood my only favorite part about the stupid library. Eighteen thick, gold leafed art books. There aren't too many famous magical artists. I cracked the newest one open and sat down right on the rug. There was entire section on iron work sculpting. It managed to entertain me for over two hours until dinner time. I don't really care for mealtimes, usually because I either eat alone or around my family. Lily doesn't mind if I come around, but James pretends I don't exist. Once he found out I wasn't going to be his Quidditch playing, partying fool in miniature, he suddenly became an only child. Rose was alright…but she was so nosy. Eating dinner with her was a game of twenty questions. I'd cut off my left arm to dine with Athena, but life is just unfair that way.

Resorting to my fate, I closed the gorgeous art book and stood up. My eye caught sight of a bulky figure with almost stark white hair at one of the circular tables. Stupid Scorpius. In the library trying to look so smart…I left entirely focused in my thoughts about hating him. In fact, I was so into my little demented thoughts that when I ran into my cousin Lucy I almost fell. It's hard to walk ten feet without bumping into a fucking relative. The only ones not at school anymore were Victoire, and Teddy since he counted as family just as much. They were shacking up together somewhere in London. Ted Lupin was my favorite relative. The only disgusting thing about him was his taste in ladies.

Lucy wasn't a bad cousin. She was just bookish and kind of frumpy. Her older sister Molly had gotten all the looks. It was kind of a toss up with Uncle Percy's kids. Molly got no brain and a huge rack, and poor old Luce looks like the girl version of her dear old dad. Nothing against my Uncle- but, please.

"Evening Luce,"

"You were in the library, Albus?" she said as if it was the strangest event that could ever happen.

All my good feelings towards her melted faster than cheap ice cream. "Yeah, I was actually."

"Bit late to save your Divination mark, isn't it?"

I narrowed my eyes at her. I was just about to make some stupid childish comment about how unfortunate it was that it was too late to save her from being born ugly, but, seeing as it was a new term, I had decided I should try to mature. Learn from my mistakes. Take insults in stride. And all that other dragon shit. So instead I just flipped her off, (which for whatever reason is less immature. I don't know why. It just is), and stormed into the Great Hall.

Athena was just feet away, laughing it up at the Ravenclaw table with some horse faced bloke. With another resentful sigh, I slumped beside Rose at my house table. She looked up at me in surprise.

"Hey Al,"

I nodded grumpily in her direction.

"What's wrong? You look a little down,"

I kind of wanted to laugh. "That's just how my face is made to look, Rose." I said seriously and piled my plate high with shepherd's pie. Might as well fill up since I never bother going down to breakfast.

Lily and Hugo were sitting a bit down from me and Rose. They weren't talking to each other, which was an interesting change. Lily was with two identical twin girls, and Hugo wasn't actually talking at all. He was shoving forkfuls of meat into his mouth while gazing over at the Hufflepuff table. I followed his stare, which lead to a smiley fourth year with dark brown eyes. Rose, of course, had noticed this as well.

"He has such a major crush…I just wish he wouldn't eat like that," she said with a sigh.

I actually laughed at that, which was apparently a huge mistake. Rose took it as a sign of friendliness. I hated to tell her I was only using her presence so that I didn't look like a total freak at my own house table.

"Erm…" I said through a mouthful of potatoes.

"First Quidditch game of the season is on Saturday! Gryffindor versus Slytherin of course…you wanna go with us?"

It amused me how her voice had tapered down with the sight of my uninterested expression. "Yeah, right."

"Well, Jamie's playing so I thought maybe…since its his last year, being captain…" she mumbled into her carrots. "Never mind."

I glared down to the front end of the house table. James was trying to stuff four rolls into his mouth while his teammates cheered on stupidly. I almost puked up my supper. But, like I mentioned, I was trying to improve myself this year. And if improvement included academics and attitude…I guess my social skills could use a tune up.

"I'll come."

"Really?" she sat straight up in total shock. Her beans even fell off her fork.

"Yeah," I forced a smile and then choked on my dinner as payment.

Right. So I hate sports, people, and especially athletes. And school spirit. And I just signed up to possibly waste a Saturday staring at all those things in the rain. Bloody gorgeous.