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The last day of school brought a bit of heaviness to my heart and mind. I felt different. That could be explained easily, because I was different. I hadn't done so well in my studies in my entire life. I wasn't a virgin. I wasn't a recluse. Yet, I still felt like myself. I thought perhaps I was an entirely different person. I was still Albus Potter. Just a second version. I still hated most people. I detested Divination. I still knew James was probably the stupidest prat on earth. But I could see Athena's vanity and stay away just as easily as I could recognize Allison's kindness. I hadn't made up with Rose. I knew there would be a time for that. But she was still wary when I came around and she usually ended up leaving the area. That was okay with me. I knew it hadn't been on purpose even if I was still angry at her.

The hardest part of going home was of course leaving Scorpius. At home he would still be the Little Prince. He would sound like a stranger. I wasn't even sure if I would get to speak to him before we boarded the train. Scorpius was still totally about appearances. He would probably die before he would come into my train compartment. So instead he pulled me to the side while everyone was walking down to Hogsmeade station. He lead me behind a few thick oak trees and kissed my lips softly. I almost burst into tears. It wasn't a passionate, loving kiss. It was mournful.

"I'm going to miss you like mad," Scorpius whispered into the hair at the base of my neck.

He had laughed off his comment right after he said it.

"I'll miss you even more than that. Will you write back if I write to you?"

Scorpius stared long and hard into my eyes before he answered. "I promise. Hopefully we 'run into each other' in Diagon Alley before next term…"

There was a sultry sound in his voice that struck at my heartstrings. Even if I never slept with him again, I would always love Malfoy. Until the very day I died.

"I think I could manage that. Maybe we could disappear into a shop together and not come out for a few hours…"

He laughed, nice and low. "Hell-, we might be gone for a few days. The Leaky Cauldron always has vacancies."

I clung to him like the lost child I felt like. What would I do without him for two months?

"You know you're an arrogant rich snot, right?"

"Of course my little reject." Scorpius kissed me again, this time it wasn't so somber. I felt emotion behind it. Like he could take me right there behind the fucking tree.

That's what I loved. That's what I needed. For every moment to feel like it had on Halloween night.

I wanted to say so many things to Scorpius. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him. I wanted to tell him I couldn't stand being without his arms around me every second. I needed him to know how no one else would ever bring me the kind of happiness he provided for me just by calling me Al. But I didn't know how to explain myself without sounding like a complete fool. So I just bit into his Adams apple and smirked.

"Behave," I said softly into Scorpius's bruised neck.

"You first." He replied, his mouth mimicked my smile.

I slowly let my arms fall away from Scorpius. It felt too weird to call him my boyfriend even in my own head. So instead I forced my brain to refer to the blond as my lover. Scor would laugh his arse off if he knew that, so of course I would keep my mouth shut.

"What about Violet?' I asked him, blinking hard against the sunshine that was beaming down on Hogsmeade.

He shrugged. "She took my offer to break up. Doubt my parents will be too happy…"

"I'm really sorry."

"Well, I'm not." Scorpius winked. "Erm, you have company,"

He pointed down the hill. Allison was standing there with Lorcan Scamander. Ally was giggling like mad. Lorcan was trying to catch a butterfly. I laughed at the pair of them and looked back at Scorpius.

"Guess this is goodbye…for now?" I bit into my lip hopefully.

"Yes, goodbye. Definitely for now…"

There was a trace of sadness in his voice that only lasted for a few seconds.


"We've got a train to board." Scorpius rubbed my shoulder affectionately before walking down the hill to the path.

I followed him, but we stayed distant. He walked alone while I walked beside Lorcan and Allison. They chattered about the weather and all sorts of boring things. I knew I would have to get used to being apart from Scorpius. I just really didn't want to. I had to face Jamie and Mum…my O.W.L results. Not to mention Teddy Lupin. I sighed while pulling myself into the giant, steaming scarlet engine. I looked back at Scorpius hoping to just catch one more look. I smiled to see him already staring back at me. My mind flashed to so many memories. I could see us in our first year, both nervous as hell on our first ride to school. Or in third year when I accidentally knocked over his cauldron in Potions class. I saw him in his Quidditch garb. Me in my ratty old gloves and scarf-, staring at him through the Three Broomstick's front window. I suppose everything happens for a reason. I had no clue what exactly had drawn us towards each other and forced us to cross paths.

I was just happy that something had come at all.


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