What is love?

A physical emotion that some beings, human, or alien, have never really truly experienced in their life time. It can be a deep, and wonderful experience in life. Or, it can be the cruelest of beasts, and torture your very soul if given the chance. Example A of such a monster? Let's try for instance, the scenario of: "You may love somebody with all your heart, who just might not love you back, or, visa versa. Another scenario of it being on the highlighted side of things? Example B, "It can change your life… For the better, and you can actually live in happiness, and grow together as something quite special."

It can be cruel though.. Just as it's been written prior… It can be a torturous feeling, for both parties involved, regardless of the situation.

Love, to certain people, can be a total waste of their time, and love, can also be worth the individual's time, if given the chance with the right person to try and make things work. Guess it all depends on how they head into the challenging game of relationships in the first place.

Yes… A game… People just need to learn, and master those skills to achieve that victorious goal, or outcome.…

Kevin Levin on the other hand, never believed in love. Hell, he's been through enough relationships in the past five years to know. Girls, would come and go, and so far, none of them were anything remotely serious. Sure, a few one nightstands here and there. But not enough of them to amount on counting onto one hand, or ones that were even worth trying to brag and boast to the guys about. Basically, the ex-con had given up on the whole love thing in general a long while ago.

Love at first sight? "Puh-Lease.."

Being in love? "Never gonna happen."

Having a relationship? "What a waste of my time and money. I'm better off on my own." He'd tell Ben Tennyson. His friend of the last five years. Ben had always been the optimist on trying to get Kevin in something more serious. Something that maybe would eventually stick. Something like what he and Julie had, and still have.


No such luck. Kevin was done. If the forces at hand wanted him to be with someone so bad, then, those said forces will send him somebody worthy of his time.

And ,at this point?

The man had his doubts…. It was obvious, that Kevin didn't have the best of luck in the whole love and relationship department, and his best friend wasn't making things easier with his situation by trying to set him up on stupid blind dates all the time.

One said disaster, blind date number one hundred and blah, blah, blah….

Bethany…. The so called smart, intelligent blond bomb shell, that Ben supposedly said had blue eyes that sailed the skies for days on end, and a body of a goddess to boot…

Kevin figured out in the end though, that she and her so called beautiful eyes,were more like pools of swamp water that smelled for days on end, and….

She still had the body of a goddess. A goddess named Broom-hilda. A Goddess of the many brainless…

Makes no sense right? Well, to Kevin it sounded just as honest, and quite frankly, more of a fact to him than fiction.

She was irritating, and most annoying, a not so delicate of a creature who wanted nothing more than his attention twenty four seven. Seriously, Kevin was all about hanging out with her at the time and all. But, when he couldn't even use the bathroom without her telling him how to use the facility….

Okay, so, maybe he exaggerated a bit again. But, who cares. He just couldn't tolerate her anymore.

So.. The sad part of this story was, was that she worked at the same auto garage as the dark haired man. He absolutely hated that. Every day he'd show up, and every day, she'd try to get him to go out with her. Rubbing on his arms in such a fashion that wanted to make his skin crawl. The plus side of her though, was that she held a very sweet, pleasant, and seductive type voice, which in fact he did admit, he liked, but, the girl was a freaken moron.

It was just as simple as that.

When Kevin strolled into the garage for his daily work schedule, naturally the blond girl was there. Smiling ever so sweetly, while batting her big blue eyes toward him, in her own twisted way of what she considered was her miraculous, flawless, you can never turn me down flirting.

"Hey, Kevy." Bethany drawled out, as she leaned over the counter, letting her low cut shirt hang down, showing off her healthy like cleavage.

Kevin could only roll his eyes at her sad, and desperate attempts of gaining his undivided attention. "Hey." He mumbled as he quickly tossed her efforts aside, sitting down on the board looking thing with wheels, sliding himself under the vehicle that he had to work on and finish up that day, by the Boss's orders.

Bethany quickly wonders over to the other side of the garage where Kevin had began working. He couldn't see the scowl that displayed upon her face, it wasn't a secret by any means, that the girl was definitely not happy that he was deliberately denying her flirtatious intentions.

"Where were you last night?" Bethany leaned down, putting her face underneath the car slightly, so she could at least try and talk the man face to face. "I tried calling you here, but Bob said you had "other matters" to attend to." She quoted, using her fingers.

"None of your business." Kevin heatedly replies back. Not at all amused with Bethany's nosey like behavior, as he absent mindedly picks up a wrench that was conveniently lying next to him. He wasn't going to tell her what he did at night, after the sun went down, after it got dark. Psh. Like the girl would believe him anyways. Really... Fighting aliens and saving the entire world with Ben Tennyson almost every night, didn't seem that believable of a story to tell in the first place. Truth, or not, she'd only laugh in return at him anyways. Besides, as if he really wanted to add that of all things onto the list of her annoyances. So far, it was freaken endless already in his eyes…

The blond headed girl, shifts her hair back behind her shoulders. Rolling her eyes at Kevin's attitude towards her. She brushes it off anyways, and continues on, trying to make Kevin cave into her demands of another relationship.

"Well" She smiles down at him. "I just figured that, well, ya know, if you weren't busy tonight that-"

"Look, Beth." Kevin heavily sighs, as he puts more pf a serious tone upon his voice, not skipping a beat, trying to work on the car he was under, hoping that Bethany would someday get the hint that he wasn't even close to being interested in her anymore. " I've gotta a lot of work to do. So go find some other jerk who's worth more of your time to hit on. I'm not interested. We had a go, it didn't work, and the way I see it, it won't ever work." Finally, Kevin was going to let her down easy, leaving these lasting impressionable words. " No, scratch that." He grins darkly to himself. "Your notworth my time."

That did it. Bethany was suddenly on the verge of tears, holding them back, she simply lets out a heated huff, before she stood up from the bright red broken vehicle. "Bastard." She growled out towards him, while quickly making her way back to the counter."And it's Bethany." She looks back over her shoulder. "Only my friends are aloud to call me Beth." She tried to retort, in a half broken defense.

"Okay." Kevin's voice echoed from under the car, showing that he could care less. "Fair enough. Like I said…"

"Save it, Levin." Bethany hissed. "I get it. Fine. Whatever." Was all the girl could finally say, before the phone began to ring, forcing the young woman to go and actually do the job she was paid hourly to do. Making the ending result being a one very happy, and relieved Kevin Levin.


It was late. The garage finally closing for the night, and Kevin was just sitting in solitude, enjoying his peace and quiet. Both alien, and bless the lord, of course if Kevin ever believed in such a thing, Bethany free.


"Hey Kevin."

Kevin's eyes automatically roll in response to the familiar voice filling the garage's empty space he was so appreciating only seconds earlier. The man didn't say anything to his friends greeting, so, Ben continued.

"Some fight we had last night, huh?" He tried to laugh off, as he found the empty spot on the chair next to the raven haired ex con, sitting down, leaning back slightly for a little more comfort, as silence filled the air around them once more.

"We got another mission or somethin', Ben?" Kevin finally spoke, looking slightly irritated.

"Nope." Ben replied. Keeping his answer short and sweet.

"You broke somethin' and you need me to fix it, because your to useless to fix it yourself." The man said, insulting his friend in the process, while getting up from his chair, heading towards the work bench, as he began putting more of his tools away. Break time was evidently over..

"Nooooo…" The hero drawls out, as if he were avoiding the subject at hand.

"Then get to the point before I throw this hammer at you." Kevin threatened, showing Ben the hammer, proving that he may or may not hesitate on pitching the said object towards the younger hero's head.

"Okay, okay!" Ben cried out, shifting his arms up by his face, half expecting the older man to just wing it at him regardless of his short and half lame defense. "Okay..." He sighs. "So, there's this girl."

"Ben." Kevin heavily breathes out, immediately turning himself around to face his friend, leaning against the workbench he'd been working at, while folding his arms in annoyance. "I swear to god, if this is another blind date.."

"No, nothing like that!" He blurts out, shaking his head at the thought of the Kevin Levin going on yet another blind date of his. Ben had lost a lot of friends recently that way. Most of the contacts to the most previous girls, where either their brother's , and or cousins. Most though, just quit hanging out with Ben, or, Ben just left them, due to their horrible threats towards him… Many of those said friends wanting to hurt him…


So, in other words, Ben just finally gave up. If Kevin wanted a girlfriend, he'd have to find one on his own. The younger boy was done with the set ups. For good.

"Then get to the point." Kevin quickly said, starting to lose his patience with our hero, and savior of the entire universe.

"Okay. So, Grampa said a while back that we needed more teammates, or plumbers to help us with our recent missions-"

"Uh-huh." Kevin interrupts. "So."

"So." Ben smiles in amusement. "I happen know somebody."

"Oh yeah, Mr. Hot shot? Like who?" Kevin teased, while bringing that signature grin of his upon his face. "Last I heard, your recent "contact funds" where surprisingly low."

"Yeah, no thanks to you." Ben glared back. Furrowing his brow in disappointment.

"What can I say. I work in mysterious, and wonderous ways sometimes." Kevin chuckles, standing upright from his recent leaning position. "When you hang out with me? You get nothing but the best of the best... So." He pauses for a moment, waiting for Ben to continue.

"So. As I was saying." Ben breathes out, happy that Kevin had finally shut his big mouth for once in his life, without too many abusive words coming out towards him. "I have this cousin, and she's pretty amazing."

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