Beeping from the monitors was the only sound being made as Kevin, Ben, and Grandpa Max sat in Gwen's hospital room. The emotions in the room hung like a thick fog after a cool morning rain. No words were spoken- Only silence and Gwen's ongoing heart rate.

Kevin sat by her bed side, his expression broken and cold; holding her hand close to his face, her finger pads delicately held upon his lips- wishing for any kind of a miracle that she would wake up and slap him.

He felt he deserved far worse than that from her.

"Kevin…" Max's rusty voice broke the eerie dead quiet; his hand lightly squeezing the raven haired plumber's left shoulder. "We should go and get something to eat. You could use the nourishment."

"Not hungry." Kevin spat, shrugging the older man's hand off with a bit of force. He was angry; angry at himself, angry that he couldn't stop all that had transpired only a few hours ago. Gwen deserved better. She had the whole world at her fingertips and now, she was here, stuck in a plumbers base hospital bed. With wires, and hooked up to machines.

The sight was more than Kevin could take. But he held out strong, for her…

"Kevin." Max pressed on a bit more. He knew that the man would fight and argue until he was blue in the face, or dead before he'd leave a friends side when they needed him the most. That's what Grandpa Max liked most about Kevin. The ruffian ex con had come a long way since him and Ben were kids, and Max couldn't be any more proud of the boy. But that didn't mean Kevin had to act stupid either. He needed food just like everybody else. It had been over a day since they last ate. "Look, Kevin. I promise you she won't go anywhere while were gone, besides… The cafeteria is just down one level. We won't be far."

"I said I'm not hungry." This time, Kevin put some ice on that statement. It was running with so much venom that it gave Ben chills up and down his spine. That was when the younger plumber walked over getting in between his Grandpa and best friend. He saw the stern look on Grandpa Max's face. Ben knew his Grandpa was used to giving orders with people obeying, and the old man didn't like getting back lashed in this way. He was after all a high ranking officer.

Well, he used to be anyways.

"We'll just bring you something back, Kevin." Ben said, as he hastily grabbed his Grandfather by the arm, earning himself a hard glare from the experienced plumber, and continued. "Is there anything in particular that you wanted?"

"Whatever." Kevin said with little emotion, his eyes were practically burning a hole into Gwen's soul at this point. He couldn't look anywhere else. What if she blinked, or her fingers wiggled just a tad bit and he missed it? What if that's all she would do before she'd- before she may-

Kevin bit down on his lower lip, and hung his head. His eyes squeezing shut ever so tightly. Choking back what he thought he'd never, ever see himself doing.


A single tear did slip away from him, flowing effortlessly down onto the girl's delicate hand before it dried into her skin- into oblivion.

Kevin's hands were cold, and shaking. But, he just had to be strong; he had to stay positive. Gwen was hurt badly. So much so, that the Doctors claimed her to be in a coma like state- too soon to actually tell if she were to pull through it all. It crushed the three men. Max fell to his seat in the hall way, his face battered and torn with emotion. Ben reacted almost the same way, except he didn't hold in his sorrow and heartbreak towards his cousin. It crushed them both. Kevin stood there, and said nothing. Only the anger of his guilt for not doing more for her consumed him. It was his fault. It was all-

"My fault Gwen." Kevin's rage finally escaped him. Not in a violent manner, but in more of a broken one. "I should've done more. Been faster, stronger…. Had more of a plan to get you outta there."

Kevin didn't even realize that Max and Ben had left room. He just let it all go with or without having an audience behind him. It really didn't matter to him anymore. What mattered was that she had to wake up. Wake up and look at him. That's all he was asking for.

"I don't get it." Kevin continued on, gripping her hand tighter under his own grasp, shifting his weight slightly in his chair. Even his body had grown numb from sitting there for so long. "Why is it, when I get even remotely close with something that it's always in some way or another taken away from me? It doesn't matter what it is."

Kevin raised his free hand, and brushed away a stray tear. "And no matter how hard I try to keep it safe, it never seizes to amaze me that I somehow fail miserably in one way or another and lose it. I mean, seriously. You, Ben, and everybody else should just lock me away forever or somethin', because in the end, somebody always ends up hurt, destroyed beyond recognition, or.. Or worse, I guess."

Kevin looked down at the crimson girl's expressionless features. Never in all his life had he wanted someone to wake up so badly. Since the day they met, Kevin had felt some uncontrollable force saying that he needed her in around in his life. Whether it be that they had just stayed friends, or, something with a lot more meaning than that.

He knew what he wanted. It was now all up to her to make it a reality. Kevin just wished she could be around to hear what he had to say instead of her out cold in the bed she lied in.

It just wasn't fair.

"And I just wanted you to know that no matter what happens I'll never forget you. I'll never just let you slip from my mind I.. I.. *mumble* Christ, Gwen!" Kevin ran his fingers through his grubby midnight locks; he hadn't even showered from the battle they were in with Orthos. "Would you just wake up!" The raven haired plumber was now standing up from his chair losing all of his self control.

"This is bullshit!" He flung his arms into the air, letting go of Gwen's hand abruptly. The chair had fallen over due to the force of him standing up so hard; hitting the wall and scratching it. "I mean, why should you have to be here? Huh? Why should I have to sit there and look at you hoping that whoever's out there will help ya get your ass out of that bed. It's not like it's hard! Just open your eyes and beat the crap outta me! Okay? I'm right here. Just raise your arm, wave that girly pink stuff you call powers, and knock me on my ass where I belong! Can you do that! I'm not asking for much here! Just…. do something damn it!"

Kevin turned his gaze back onto Gwen. Still, she had not moved, blinked or wiggled a single digit.

Kevin rushed back to the girl's bedside, bending down to his knees, brushing a stray crimson lock of hair from her face. "Look... Gwen… I know it's not much, and it may not even mean anything to you. For all I know you probably can't even hear me, and it's too soon to say it- or whatever, but, I can't let you go without you not knowing it, alright. I mean. It's a lot for me, y'know? What I'm tryin' to say here is that-"

Why was he feeling so nervous all of a sudden? He had it somewhat planned out in his head, somewhat knowing of what all he wanted to say to her. It should've been easier. She wasn't awake, but now, he was frozen at a standstill. He knew what he wanted to say, but his mouth wouldn't carry the words. Why? Why now of all things?

Once again Kevin felt that he had failed her, and let out a defeated and heavy sigh…

"I don't deserve you." The ex con deflated, making his way up from the cool hospital floor. He was going to leave now. She didn't need him. She could do a thousand times better- a person to protect her as much as she needed them to. A person who would have no problems telling her how they felt.

Kevin couldn't even do half of those things. If he did, she wouldn't even be in this situation in the first place.

The raven haired man moved a little towards the door of her room before he tried let go of her hand. But something was keeping him from letting it go in the first place.

Kevin looked down and realized that she was squeezing him as hard as she could. He didn't move. He was afraid to move. If he moved, Kevin thought he'd screw it all up again and put her back into her deep, unwanted slumber.

His mouth tried to form more words, but the only one that would be anything recognizable was her name.

"Gwen?" Kevin choked out, not really sure still if he should move. She squeezed his hand again, and again, and again, this time, reassuring the man that it was absolutely okay to move.

Kevin didn't hesitate, and rushed back by her side, intently looking at her beautiful face to see any more signs of life. Her rose tinted lips shifted slightly, and the man took notice quickly.

"Com'on, babe." Kevin breathed, his body shaking with excitement and with small amounts of fear. He wasn't sure where this was all going- not yet. "Open your eyes, Gwen. Please, just… Open those gorgeous green eyes."

Gwen's eyes were twitching, working, and trying to find their way towards the light of the hospital room. She squinted, as her face squirmed at the action of just trying to open them. To Kevin, it looked as though someone had glued them shut.

That still didn't stop Kevin from encouraging her to open them none the less. He wanted to see those sparkling green orbs of beauty. He had been missing them and her for so very long- Looking into her eyes right now would mean the world to him.

At this point- any actions from her would.

Kevin looked on eagerly, making sure that he was with her in every step of the way.

Finally, Gwen's eyes opened. Finally, he saw her come alive once again. Though dull from her being badly wounded, her green pools were just as beautiful like the first day they had met.

"Gwen." Kevin choked, pulling her hands up to face once again. "You freakin' scared the shit out of me, y'know that?"

Gwen forced a genuine, tiny smile. It was all she could do for the moment.

"And for future reference?" Kevin continued, brushing his fingers through her thick, red hair. "Don't you EVER do that to me again."

Gwen just lied there and smiled. She knew he cared. She knew he liked her more than he was letting on. So much so, that she felt it may have even been love. In fact, she had heard the whole escapade Kevin threw just moments before she woke.

So, being the nice little smart ass that she was; she finally gathered the strength to speak her mind. Throat dry and sore, she swallowed down hard, and watched as Kevin stared on at her in eagerness. Waiting to hear anything of what she had to say.

"You…" She croaked, her words raspy and cracked. Kevin had to lean in closer to understand her. Not that he minded the closeness.

"Are an idiot." She finished. Earning herself a cold and confusing glare from Kevin.

"What?" The raven haired man said in disbelief.

"Just say it." Gwen grinned, her eyes slowly moving up and down, her breathing low, and shallow. Even though she had been out, she still didn't feel well rested. She was quite weak from her ordeal.

"Say what?" Kevin asked looking totally confused. Where was Gwen going with this? It's not that she-

Kevin's face suddenly lost all of its color. His brow began to drip with perspiration. "You… You heard me?" Kevin asked, his voice cracking up just as Gwen's did moments prior.

All Gwen could do was nod. Her throat was tired after just those few words. She wasn't thirsty per say- only worn down.

Kevin swallowed hard, and nervously rubbed his hands together. "Gwen… I-" He looked down towards his lap. He couldn't look at her straight faced. It was too hard.

"Coward". Kevin thought to himself.

"Because I know I love you too, Kevin." Gwen grinned, placing her delicate hand right on top of Kevin's. "And It doesn't matter if you can't say it right now… I already know that you love me back."

Kevin peered up towards the girl with a grateful, and yet an all too relieved smile upon his once feared features. Tears threatening to fall at any given moment from both of the two star crossed lovers.

And all Kevin could do at that moment was kiss her…

Gently, he took her face and pulled her in close, carefully, so he wouldn't hurt her; and placed his lips upon her own. Showing her through motions of just how much he truly loved her, and that she was alive.

Ben looked in from the window as he stood in the hallway- Grandpa Max was sitting in the chair just below his feet grinning from ear to ear.

The super hero sighed to himself, and let out a small chuckle as he watched Kevin finally find happiness…

…With his cousin…


How the whole thing wanted to make him puke.

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