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027. Children

"That's fine—I'll get it." Lucius sighed, picking up the bludger from the green grass of the Malfoy Manor. Eight year old Draco held the wooden club in his hands and levitated three feet in the mid-air on his toy race broom. Lucius hopped back on his broom and flew back up into the air on the same level as his son. "Now this time try hitting with the club this time." Lucius said exhaling sharply through his nostrils.

"Okay Father." Draco said. Lucius flew a few feet away from him and held his club tightly. "Now, when I throw it, hit it."

"Yes, Father."



"Alright." Lucius said throwing the iron ball at Draco. Draco swung the bat, but completely missed, causing the ball to fall and hit Narcissa's bird feeder, spreading seeds all over the green grass.

Lucius sighed and flew back to the ground, picked up the bludger and said impatiently. "Last try and then we'll take a break." He threw the iron ball to Draco, half expecting him to miss.

Draco swung the club, hitting the bludger so hard it hit Lucius Malfoy in the nose with a crack. Lucius fell off his broom and landed hard on the ground. "DAMN IT!" he screamed holding his nose.

"Dad!" Draco screamed from his broom. Lucius could taste iron and feel warm sticky blood on his hands.

"Get your mum!"

"Mum! Mum!" Draco screamed, jumping off his broom and running back into the Manor.

Narcissa ran out seconds with Draco at her heels. She turned Lucius's head to face her and looked at the injury. "What happened?"

"Father and I were playing Quidditch, I hit him with the bludger, and then he fell and now his nose is broken! I killed Father!"

"He's not dead sweetie." Narcissa said, inspecting the damage

"I'm never teaching him anything again." Lucius said nasally. "How bad is it?" he asked her flinching at her touch.

"Oh, stop being a baby. It's only a break."

"A break?" he exclaimed.

"It's not bad. It's just a little bleeding and bruising." Narcissa sighed, taking out her wand from the pocket in her robes.

"I look like a monster, don't I?" Lucius whined. "He's a jinx, I swear it." Draco's eyes began to water and his bottom lip started to quiver.

"You're only saying that because you're in pain." Narcissa turned to Draco and said softly.

"It's not your fault. Accidents happen. Your father is just being a baby." She waved her wand and with a sharp crack, Lucius's nose came back together where it split. Lucius winced in pain and touched his once broken nose.

"There are a couple potions for the bruising in the backroom. Now go clean up." She said.

Narcissa watched as Lucius limped back into the Manor. She leaned close to Draco. "Men are babies."

She and her son chuckled together.