Kurosaki Hisoka had a bad feeling about something. He couldn't quite place a finger on it. He knew it wasn't good. It felt like he was being watched by someone and it sent chills down his spine. He didn't know what was in store for him. He didn't know that out there someone was so intent on making him disappear. Going to all lengths to force him to vanish. Hisoka didn't know any of this would happen. But he could sense an evil prescence and it was making him feel uneasy...

It started off as a usual day in the office. All there was to be done was paperwork. The usual conversations were going on. Tsuzuki whining to Tatsumi, Watari advertising his latest experiment. Terazuma glaring over at Tsuzuki, Wakaba trying to keep the peace. The Hokkaido girls Saya and Yuma had come for a visit too and they were trying to force Hisoka into one of their dresses. To be frank Hisoka was getting an ulmighty headache. "Awww come on Hisoka-kun please? Please? PLEEEEASEEEE?" "For the last time I will not put on that dress! You're all giving me a headache!" "It's okay bon I have the perfect remedy for your headache." "What headache medicine that has the side effects of changing the gender? I'll pass." "Hisoka are you feeling alright?" "Yes Tsuzuki I'd just like some peace and quiet for a while." He said getting up and heading over to the library.

The Gushoshin brothers greeted him pleasantly while Hisoka headed over to look at any books he hadn't read yet. He found one and decided to read it outside under the trees. He felt slightly uneasy but brushed it off as nothing. Meanwhile back in the office Tatsumi asked to speak to Tsuzuki alone. "What is it Tatsumi?" "Have you noticed any unusual things about Kurosaki-kun's behaviour lately?" "Hmm he seems spacey lately if you ask me." "Keep an eye on him he is your partner after all." Tsuzuki grinned. "Don't you worry I'll always protect Hisoka. I won't let anyone hurt him." Tatsumi smiled. "I'm glad that boy needs someone here for him after everything he's been through. His past and Kyoto and Gensoukai has taken a lot out of him I'm worried that he might be pushing himself too hard." "It's okay I'll tell him to take it easy." With that Tsuzuki set off to find Hisoka. He found him fast asleep under the tree. "Ne Hisoka? Wake up you'll catch a cold." Hisoka stirred. Tsuzuki noticed his eyes looked slightly trance like. "Hisoka?" Hisoka snapped out of it.

"Tsuzuki? Where am I?" Tsuzuki frowned slightly. "You fell asleep out here. Is everything okay are you getting enough sleep?" "I'm fine Tsuzuki. Don't worry about me." "But I do I want you to take care of yourself we can't have you passing out." "I'm really fine I just felt tired all of a sudden." "Okay. Can you get up?" Hisoka stood up carefully but he staggered a bit. "You're practically dead on your feet Hisoka. I'll carry you home." "No you really don't need to do that." "Hisoka you can barely walk you're so tired I'm no letting you go home alone not like this. Come on climb onto my back." Hisoka reluctantly climbed on blushing ever so slightly. Tsuzuki carried him to his house. He entered into his room. Hisoka climbed off his back. "I'll go and make dinner you get some rest okay? I'll come wake you up when it's ready." "We all know what happens when you make food Tsuzuki. I'm not a child I can do it myself." Hisoka retorted. Tsuzuki tapped him on the forehead. "Hey you need rest. You should always listen to your elders." Hisoka sighed. "Come on just let yourself get some rest I promise I'll make it fine this time so you take care of yourself kay?" Hisoka knew he wasn't going to win so he reluctantly gave in.

Hisoka fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Tsuzuki looked at his sleeping form. 'He looks so peaceful he really was tired.' Tsuzuki kissed his forehead and left the room to prepare food for Hisoka. But half an hour later Hisoka got out of bed. He was in some sort of trance. He teleported outside floating slightly. He stood there by the trees looking at the sky. Tsuzuki came back into the room noticing Hisoka was missing he got worried. Looking out of the window he saw Hisoka outside. He teleported next to him. "Hisoka?" He noticed his eyes were the same as earlier. "Hisoka hey! What are you doing?" "The trees are calling me on the other side. I must go there..." "Hisoka! Hey wake up!" Hisoka snapped out of it hitting the floor with a thud. "Ouch what happened?" "I was hoping you would tell me." "Wasn't I in my bed?" "You were but you came out here. Do you not remember? Hisoka how often is this happening?" "Two times a night..." "Hisoka why didn't you say anything?" Hisoka looked down a bit. "I'm sorry I didn't want to make anyone worried about me." "Well I do worry about you! You're my partner of course I worry!" "Tsuzuki..." "Come on dinner is ready." Tsuzuki served Hisoka the food. Hisoka slowly tried a bit.

"It's not that bad for you Tsuzuki." Tsuzuki grinned. "Thanks." Then he looked serious. "Listen Hisoka we need to get you some help. Maybe Watari could help you." "What by making me a test subject I don't want that." "But something is going on Hisoka I know it is I may not have empathic powers but I still know when something is wrong and something has been happening hasn't it? It's not just the weird trances is it? Tell me." "I've been getting the feeling that something is watching me. Kind of a dark feeling. I don't understand what this is." "I'm sure there's something we can do to help. All you have to do is reach out to us we can help you. We will help you. We're not like your parents we care for you." "Tsuzuki...thank you." "It's what I'm here for Hisoka you can trust me." They finished dinner and Tsuzuki washed up telling Hisoka to go back to sleep and that he was going to stay with him and keep an eye on him. Hisoka blushed.

It happened early the next morning. Tsuzuki opened his eyes and saw Hisoka suspended in mid air his eyes completely in a trance. "Hisoka!" Tsuzuki cried. "I have to go it's calling to me. I have to go to that place..." Hisoka mumbled deliriously. "What place?" Before Hisoka could answer he vanished. "HISOKA!" He was outside again by the tree. Leaves were flying all around him. Tsuzuki started running towards him arms outstretched to grab onto him but he vanished. The leaves all fell onto the grass. "HISOKAAAAA!" Tsuzuki screamed. He thought he heard laughter before he blacked out...