It took quite some time, but it's finally here as promised; the epilogue to Control! I can't believe that it took so long and that it was so short, but it felt just right to have it now. I recently got a message from ArtemisBL asking to translate my fic into FINNISH with their friend! Which is seriously the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced in my life and it just made my heart absolutely soar with disbelief. So if it does happen I'll make sure to post the link! :D But thank you all so very much for the support that you have given this fic, and the kind words to help me continue on with it, you all are simply wonderful and amazing. Thank you! :)

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"And what made you have these feelings?" The brunette murmured softly, his hands clasped neatly on his crossed knee, his eyes sparkling with warmth and concern as the teenager sits across from him on the couch, fidgeting and avoiding eye contact as his skinny wrists twist around each other.

"It's just….everyone wants so much of me….I thought….maybe if I were skinnier….if I was perfect…"

The man nods his head, gesturing for the teen to continue.

"It's the only thing that I can control, you know? Like, society chooses who I should love. My parents choose my curfew. Teachers choose my assignments. Coach chooses our plays. But…I can control how much I eat, how much I get rid of. It's easy."

The teen looks up at his therapist with such worry and hurt in his eyes that the brunette almost loses his breath. But then the doctor smiles, kind and smooth like porcelain, before setting down his note pad.

"Can I tell you something, Trevor?"

The teen nods quickly, fidgeting and sitting up in his seat.

"I went through the same thing as you. I wanted control of my life, so I starved myself and I threw up whatever I could. I dieted and exercised. But I caused a lot of damage to my body. I had a heart attack and slipped into a coma. I almost didn't wake up, Trevor."

The teen looks horrified by the news, but the doctor continues to speak. "I relapsed and I had so much trouble just trying to be normal again. But I had a support system; people who loved me and helped me get better. And so do you, Trevor. You don't have to be perfect, nobody is. All you have to do is be yourself, and you're going to be loved for just being yourself. I know that you can do it if you just try and you just accept the hands that are holding themselves out for you."

Trevor smiles then, nodding his head softly as he stands, ready to leave after their weekly hour session. "I can try." The tall teen murmurs to him.

The doctor nods and stands to give the boy a gentle hug before the teen starts towards the door, pausing and turning back to smile. "Thank you, Mr. Hummel." He grins before walking out the door.

Kurt smiles to himself and grabs his briefcase to make his trip home.

Kurt opens the door to his home and locks it behind him, setting his briefcase on the floor and kicking off his shoes.

"Is that you, babe?"

"Yes!" Kurt calls, making his way towards the kitchen to see his husband cooking at the stove.

The tall male turns to smile at him, pulling him into a hug before giving him a deep kiss. Kurt molds into the man and can't help but smile as their lips move against one another's.

"How was work?" Noah asks with a smile, running his fingers through the brunette's hair.

"Great. I really got Trevor to open up today. He reminds me so much of myself."

Noah beams down at him, pressing another kiss to his lips. "I'm so proud of you babe. So strong and beautiful." He smiles.

Kurt blushes, similar to the way he did on their wedding day, and he glances away.

He can't believe how wonderful his life turned out. How easy everything is. He wishes he could go back to his teenage self and tell him that everything was going to get better. That one day he would be confident in his body. That one day he would be helping kids just like him. That he would be a male model for magazines and runways and commercials. That he would marry the famous actor Noah Puckerman, and it would be like a fairytale romance.

Kurt can't believe how much he lucked out. That ten years ago, he was a seventeen year old boy who could count his ribs and was scared of his body, almost dying of a heart attack. And now he was successful and comfortable with his body and making a difference.

He was a worker for The Trevor Project, helping to talk teens through situations in his life, with Noah as a volunteer right alongside him. They had a wonderful life together, and he wakes up every morning grateful, and in even more in disbelief then the last.

Noah seems to sense his thoughts because he smiles and kisses him once more. "You're amazing." He beams, kissing Kurt's neck as the man flushes once more.

"I love you." Kurt whispers softly.

"I love you too." Noah beams, their breath mingling and hands intertwining.

A small cry sounds from the monitor in the kitchen, signaling the awakening of a six month old baby girl.

Kurt grins and presses a kiss to Noah's cheek. "I've got this one."

Fiyero Junior barks and follows him up the stairs as he makes his way up to his life, his baby girl. Noah follows soon after and as the two look down on the rosy cheeked child with Noah's curly brown hair and Kurt's glasz eyes they can't help but smile.

Kurt's gotten everything that he ever wanted, and his life is nothing short of perfect.