Title: Figuring Out
Author: AnnieVH
Summary: Alex makes a mistake.
Rating: T
Genre: humor
Characters or Pairing: Milo/Rick, Alex
Prompts: drabbles100: 035. Sixth Sense
Word count: went a little over the 500 limit for drabble, it's 528. Sorry!
Warning: mentions sex.
Spoilers: none.
Disclaimer: don't own, just burrow.

Alex couldn't be sure, but he had a hunch so he drove by again. It was the same plate. Finding a good observation point, he fumbled for his cellphone and kept his eyes on the white Porsche.

Milo's voice came in a second later, rough and frustrated, "What?"

Alex frowned, "Having a tough day, Big Guy?"

"What do you need, Alex?" He asked, trying to make his voice more pleasant.

"You got Richard with you?"


Alex sighed. Good. Still bad news, but better carjack than kidnap.

"Where are you?"

"Alex, I really-"

"This is important, Milo, where are you?"

"We're having lunch."

"At home?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, what's so urgent?"

"The Porsche with you?"

"What the hell? Yes! It's in the driveway."

"I'll pick you up."

"What? No! We're having lunch! I had a horrible morning and I want to finish my pasta!"

"Milo, somebody's just stolen Rick's Porsche."

The other side of the line went quiet. Then, "The Porsche?"

At the mention of the car, Alex could hear Rick asking, concerned, "What's with the Porsche?"

Milo mumbled the information along. There was a shout, "What? How- he's crazy!"

"Hold it." Milo said, and got back to the phone. "Stolen, you say?"

"I'm staring at it right now. It's just outside a cheap motel in Santa Monica! Same model and plate. Somebody must've snatched it from the doctor's lot at Cedars and drove here - not criminal masterminds, that's obvious. Cedar's a couple blocks away."

"Really?" Milo said, so calm it made Alex a little angry.

"Well, yes! So, want me to pick you up so you can bust whomever the hell got your partner's wheels or you still want to finish your *pasta*?"

Milo seemed to ponder on the question for a ridiculously long second. Finally, he decided, "Okay, wait right there."

"Right. Wait! Somebody just opened the door."


"Yes. Damn, I think he spotted me."

"What does he look like?"

"Lemme see. Can't see from this distance, but he's... huge."

"Is he?"

"Yes. He's got a sheet wrapped around his waist. Probably got the Porsche and then picked up some prostitute to-"

"So it's a huge naked guy who's probably been interrupted during sex."

"Pretty much."

"Is he holding a cellphone."

Alex frowned. Leaned forward to see better. "Yes. How did you know?"

"Is he waving?"

"I... yes. How did you... are you around here?"

Milo did not reply.

"What?" Alex asked. Milo offered him more silence and waited for him to figure out by himself. After a few more seconds, he did. "Ow..." Alex could feel a flush crawling up his collar.

"That's why I'm the detective and you're the shrink."

"When you said lunch you meant-"


"I'm so sorry-"

Rick's angry voice came from the background, muffled by distance but still clear. "I got twenty minutes before lunch break is over! Tell him if he doesn't let you go right now I'm going to cross the street and castrate him!"

Milo said, "Rick says hi."

"Yes. Apologize to him."

"I will."

"Have a good... uhn..."


"Yes, that."

And hung up. At that distance, the big man seemed to be laughing.