"We know what we are, but not what we may be."

-'Hamlet': Act 4 Scene 5, by William Shakespeare

Its senior year guys and dolls. A time of reflection, as we finish one passage of our life and head into a whole new other.

College scouting, a last ditch attempt to improve our GPA's, all peppered with a nice helping of pressure from our dear parents, all await us at this last stretch of our academic road.

But while you're thinking about all that don't forget to have some fun and show appreciation to those people you've been stuck in a classroom with for the last five years of your life, if not longer… After all, without all the juicy scandal they generated, how boring would high school have been?

And definitely don't forget during this last year of adolescent recklessness what a wise girl once said: Laugh drunkenly, Live wildly and Love many!

You know you love me

xoxo Gossip Girl

In five teenagers homes, buried somewhere under piles of clothes or other forgotten books, in deep dark recesses of a closet or shuttled under heavy tombs in a coffee table, lay an old school album. Battered, bruised and dusty, there was the same page in each one of them, its title an all-encompassing question, page eighty six to be precise.

It had been a query posed to each of the five twelve year olds upon their last day of school, scrawled upon pieces of paper in a rush to get it over with. They were asked in typical teaching fashion, to provide a response to such a complicated question within a one word parameter.

Perhaps if they glanced at it now, as they faced their last year of high school and the ever looming graduation, the potential parting of ways from all they had known for five years, they would laugh, or shrug or lament, or frown, or smirk. Or perhaps they would think nothing of it as they shoved it aside to retrieve a more important object…

But still that album would stay in their room, those words they had written so long ago encased in that tomb, suspended in time forever as the future that seemed so distant loomed ever closer…

When I graduate from high school I want to be…

Sure?-Nate Archibald.

Successful -Blair Waldorf.

Known.-Dan Humphrey.

Exciting!-Serena Van der Woodsen

Chuck Bass-Chuck Bass.