Just an AU idea I had about how Faith would continue her life if she'd never gone to Los Angeles for revenge. Please note that this will crossover with several other shows throughout the course of the story, since I plan to have Faith with her own Scooby Gang. (: (Some television show examples are Vampire Diaries, NCIS, Angel, and other shows/fandoms) Due to this, the story will be posted solely in the Buffy section, and it is not necessary to watch the other shows in order to read this story. Especially since it won't crossover until later.

Disclaimer: I only own the idea, everything else, not so much.

She settled down in Cleveland, Ohio she'd heard rumors that the place was a hellmouth, and if she had any hope of redeeming her soul - if you believed in that shit to begin with- saving people's lives from vampires seemed like a good start. Plus, being a slayer meant that bottled up tension tended to need an outlet of release and ever since fucking Xander Harris one night stands were no longer an option. She used to be all about casual sex: use them and lose them. But, now even any hint of casual sex reminded her of Xander Harris, which reminded her of Sunnydale, which reminded her of Buffy, who reminded her of tons of other things Faith would rather not think about. Like guilt. Guilt that threatened to swallow her whole.

Needless to say, Cleveland life wasn't exactly enjoyable. Faith stuck to the shadows, did the slay gig and danced in the dark. Of course, she wasn't fully reformed, and she quickly learned the art of slipping into people's pockets and purses without being noticed. Civilians paid her rent and her overall expenses, they owed it to her for saving their lives. Faith wasn't B, she protected these people day in and day out least they could do was provide a way for her to live.

Of course, sticking to the shadows meant that Faith had plenty of time to train. Occasionally she went to the gym to train, but found that her own house had a much better training room in the basement. The first thing Faith had worked on/improved was her instincts. Sensing the difference between vampire and human with a 100% accuracy rate. Then of course, came the reflexes. There was no way in hell another Allan Finch was going to occur. No way in hell.

It became an established routine, train like a mad woman by day, slay like a mad woman by night, and maybe somehow, Faith could squash some guilt and become worth something, maybe one day, she could become one of the heroes.