Author's Note/Intro to Series: I've spent this season wishing Brennan would get mad… cause I sure as hell know I've been mad about this season, for many different reasons. I want her to get angry, get fired up, get… passionate. I think we're about to spend the second half of season six watching her personality take a very different kind of turn from what I've been hoping to see… and I hope I'm wrong. Because B&B are at their best when they're so invested, they can't help but fight it out. And they need a really, really good fight to make any progress at all. But no matter how it turns out, I will still have wished she'd gotten a little more pissed off at some of the things Booth's done already.

Put it another way: I'm bringing back a pre-season-six-kickass-ecowarrior-trained-in-three-types-of-martial-arts-takes-no-crap Brennan to deal with this messed-up-fig-tree-humping-should-probably-get-checked-for-lasting-brain-problems-and-a-venereal-disease-season 6 Booth. And maybe, I'll let some other characters have their say too...

Sweets: Striking Agent Booth indicated the depth of your feelings for him. It was a very passionate act.

Booth: Thank you! Did you hear that? Passion!

Brennan: Yes, passion, because anger is a passion!

I want Brennan that passionate again, over everything that's happened. And anger is a passion… As it turns out, I really think this series is about to get fun. And damn, maybe just a little cathartic to a shipper's heart too. :)

Summary: Remember when Stephen Nathan tweeted something about Brennan not letting Hannah in the car (which never happened… boo!). This is where my mind went with that. Like I said, it's a dated drabble, something I wrote during the winter hiatus, meant for the timing of the Bullet in the Brain. If you haven't seen that, then spoiler alert. Those of you who have know that sadly, this scene never happened. Not even close.

The door to the interrogation room opened and slammed against the back wall so hard, Booth jumped out of his seat.

"Bones, what the hell?" Booth asked in outrage, turning around to fully face her and immediately taking a step back as he noticed the ire in her expression.

"Don't say another word Dad."

"Tempe, it's okay," Max said, trying to reach for her hand to calm her while staying seated at the interrogation table.

"No, it is not okay, Dad. It's definitely not okay," she said, her rage barely contained. "Have you charged him with anything?" she said, turning to the agent standing before her.

"No, he's just here to make…" but she all she heard was "no."

"Then we're going. Dad, my lawyer is outside, and he'll take care of your paperwork. We're leaving now."

"Bones, I just wanted to make sure that we could clear him, early on."

"Why is he even a suspect Booth? He didn't do this. You know he didn't do this, he couldn't have done this! We already determined that the gunman is an experienced sniper. He's not a trained sniper." She turned to her father. "Max, have you sniped anyone lately?"

"No, sweetheart," he said calmly.

"See, now did that really require bringing my father in to question as an official suspect in this investigation?" Not letting him get a word in edgewise, she gestured to the door. "Dad, now, we're leaving."

This time, Max stood, and walked toward his irate daughter, almost to the door where he could escort his daughter out of the room so she didn't kill her partner. But Booth reached her first.

"Bones," he said, grabbing her elbow. As she turned to him, he knew that gesture was a mistake, and he immediately let go and took a step back.

"It's not like you could have called me and said "Hey, I want to make sure your father's not to blame for this," or "Bones, can we talk to Max and make sure he didn't try and murder the Gravedigger." But, no. I have to find out that my partner has my father brought it as a suspect in the shooting from the Washington Post. Nice byline for Hannah, by the way."

A range of emotions passed over Booth's face as the realization struck him. "Bones, I... I didn't know about the story. I can't believe she would have…"

"I'm not making this up Booth. It's bad enough you've made him an official suspect by dragging him in here, but now he's headline news. And the only way she knows who my father is and why the FBI would possibly ever consider him a potential suspect in this shooting, is through you. There's no other way she learns that. So, pass along my congratulations on her big front page story. If you have any further questions for my father, you can call my lawyer." She slapped her lawyer's business card down on the table, as well as a printed copy of the story, bearing Hannah Burley's byline, about Max Keenan being questioned by the FBI in the Gravedigger assassination.

Booth was frozen in place, calculating how messed up things had gotten so quickly. He merely mentioned his dissatisfaction in needing to talk with Max to clear him at breakfast just this morning, but he only mentioned him, and Hannah must have done the research from there. The timestamp on the article Brennan printed off the paper's website was 11:30 am. It took mere hours from the last time he saw her for Max Keenan to make front page news with her byline. For his girlfriend to leak information he shouldn't have given her in the first place to the public. He had only decided to bring Max in this morning, to clear him as a suspect early on. Get it over with quickly and he could mention it to Bones afterwards, that he did everything by the books.

Only seconds passed before Booth went out into the hallway, and saw Max trying to calm her down.

"Honey, you know I didn't do this, right?" Brennan nodded, her fury still obvious. "I know I didn't do this. Booth knows I didn't do this. Now the air is clear."

"It is not okay that he brought you in here."

"He called me and asked me to come in."

"What? Why did you come in? Why didn't you call me first?"

"Well, first, if I didn't respond to an official FBI request, that would make me seem very much like a suspect and I like to stay on your good side. And second, he's your partner, so I kinda figured you'd be here," Max said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Yeah, you would think," she muttered. "I don't care about intentions, Dad. This front page story, dragging your name into this… this was not okay."

Booth was preparing to approach her again when the elevator doors opened and out walked his other problem.

"Seeley, Temperance, I'm so glad you're here," Hannah started, looking out-of-breath in her advance.

"Charlie, do you have the paperwork with Max's statement so he can sign it and we can go?" Brennan asked Agent Burns, turning her back and ignoring Hannah as she walked up to her.

"Right here Dr. Brennan," Charlie responded. Max and her lawyer quickly reviewed and signed the paperwork, giving his contact information, and other pertinent info. As soon as Max's pen lifted off the paper, Temperance was forcefully moving her father toward the elevator.

"Let's go."

As they waited a moment for the elevator to open, and Hannah walked up behind her. "Temperance, Mr. Keenan, I'm so sorry. It's a misunderstanding..." Hannah pleaded.

Brennan looked forward as the door opened, and walked inside with her Dad and lawyer, hitting a button repeatedly to close the door. "Bones, please, we need to talk…" Booth said as he ran toward the elevator door. But the door closed, leaving Booth and Hannah standing in front of it.

Without moving, they spoke at the same time.

"I'm so sorry…"

"I can't believe you did that…"

"I was only curious as to who Max Keenan was, his backstory because you wouldn't tell me that much over breakfast and my editor caught me doing the research, put two and two together and went with it."

"You knew I was bringing him in to question him. You and only you knew that. And that's my screw up Hannah. It's my fault for saying something like that in front of you because I'm a professional law enforcement official and I should know better. I do know better than to trust a journalist. But you used our breakfast conversation to get a byline. You actually used it."

"To be fair, my editor added it to the story, and it was out of my hands."

"It, something which he didn't know anything about until you started digging around. And Hannah, you had to confirm something or your editor runs the risk of being charged with libel. Hell, Max could probably sue the paper and win this case, because I sure as hell didn't book him like the article said to bring him in. But that doesn't change the fact that you did this, you told your editor, in a story that has your byline, details about an investigation I'm running. How exactly I am supposed to trust you going forward... that's the next thing you and your editor should use your investigative talents to figure out," he said louder, waving around the printed article Brennan had left him.

"Seeley, I'm sorry," she said, as they heard a voice from afar call for 'Booth!' His eyes slammed shut, and she could see a group of angry looking men staring at him over his shoulder.

"You need to go, so I can go get my ass chewed out by my bosses for leaking information to my girlfriend. But we are not done with this."

"There are only so many ways I can apologize Seeley," she said, mostly to his back, as he turned and left to respond to the man calling him.

Hannah made it to the parking garage, and as she stepped out, she saw Temperance waving goodbye to her father as he drove away, then walking to her own car.


With determined effort, Brennan quickly moved and got inside her car, needing to avoid saying something to her partner's girlfriend she might later regret. But Hannah was quick and caught up to her as she was starting the car. Brennan threw her car in reverse when Hannah knocked on the passenger's window. "Temperance, please, we need to talk."

"Get away from me, Hannah," she yelled evenly through the windows. But Hannah grabbed on to the handle of the locked door and pulled anyways to indicate she wanted in.

Brennan considered what it would look like to have a woman attached to her car for however long Hannah could hold on as she floored it. The image, while oddly pleasant in the current context, led her to crack a window, just slightly.

"Please, let me in, and I'll explain what happened. Please?" Hannah nearly begged.

"I'm well aware of what happened. There's no excuse for it. Not from you. Not from Agent Booth. I will ask you as nicely as I can manage to step away from my car and let me leave. And Hannah… I never ask anything of anyone nicely more than once."

Defeated and intimidated, Hannah took a step away from the car, and as soon as Brennan could tell she was clear, she backed up and sped out of the garage.

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