Characters: Shizuo x Izaya

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own Durarara or any of it's characters.

Full Summary: Shizuo and Izaya are both experiencing depression, both trying to cope with it without letting any one else know, more specifically, each other. Whilst dealing with said emotion, Izaya receives an odd bruise on his wrist that begins to pull at his mental state of mind, causing his friends to worry in their attempt to bring him back to his normal self.

Ikebukuro was loud with noise just as it always was. Noise from people talking, and the cars going, along with many other minor things that were being done in the large city. It was a saturday night, which meant that more people were out and about doing things at this time. By looking at the crowds of people someone might guess that there wasn't a single soul sitting at home. There was always something to do here, and if you had nothing to do, the search for something was an activity in itself.

One of the many places that was packed on this evening was the bar, a place where a tall blonde by the name of Shizuo worked, barely managing to keep his job for a little over a week now. This was a new record for him, and when he first started he told himself that he'd make some attempt at trying to keep this job, if not for himself, than at least for his younger brother.

Most of his time on the job Shizuo spent getting way too easily frustrated when eavesdropping in on conversations, hearing things that pissed him off in one sense or another. If it wasn't that then it'd be some drunk giving him a hard time, in which most cases he had difficulty putting up with and took it upon himself to "lead" the person outside. [As most people in Ikebukuro could probably tell you, One does not wish to be "lead" outside by Heiwajima Shizuo.]

Today though, was different. Though the place was as busy as ever and the people were drunk as hell, he himself was calmer than ever, to anyone that looked took the time to examine him at least. In reality, the only reason he was so calm was due to the fact that Shizuo wasn't exactly "there". He'd just recently found himself sinking into depression, something he'd normally find pathetic in people when they complained about it. For what ever reason it was, his emotions had just dropped like a rock into this blank feeling he had now been suffering with for over the past few days. Shizuo found himselfin the constantly feeling of isolation, thinking that the people around him weren't actually there, but just background noise, and that while everyone else's days seemed to go by nice, his seemed dreadfully slow.

His shift today seemed to drag on forever, even though he'd only been there maybe an hour or so. Just looking around he seemed to be filled with jealousy at how cheerful all these people looked. Shizuo let out a sigh as he filled someone a drink and looked over at the line of people at the bar. They all seemed so unentertaining to him tonight, his mind completely weighed down with his emotions.

Shizuo's depression was more annoying to him than anything. Being conscience about the terrible emotion made him want to get rid of it, but the fact that he didn't have a solution to his problem, sent him into a small frustration. The choking air from all the smoke in the bar helped the bar tender to stay in his fogged state of mind, being completely clueless to the person that was sitting only three seats down from him the entire night. Shizuo kept himself distracted by cleaning out some glasses that were left behind some drunk. At the moment, he'd let himself zone out, while he running his finger along the rim of a cleaned glass, tracing the clear tone while his reflection shined in it, though distorted in an odd way that would make a child laugh. His mind wasn't exactly filled with any thought then, just blank, much like the rest of him.

"Oi! Another round heree!" Shizuo blinked out of his trance and groaned slightly at the wasted man that was calling him. He served his drink and then took a seat on the stool that was near the wall of drinks, deciding to give his feet a rest.

Throughout the night, he continued pouring drink after drink for drunk after drunk, threw some out the door, and was now finally glad to know that the bar was closing up until tomorrow. It was about time. Tonight's shift seemed to be annoyingly long for him, and he was more than ready to get home. All he had to do was put the chairs up and wake up any of the other drunks and lead them outside.

While working on one side of the room, turning the chairs upside down and ontop of the tables, his boss called his name from behind the bar. "Hey Shizuo.. Take care of that last guy over there and you can leave. We can finish up in here."

Shizuo nodded then, put up one more chair and walked to the other side of the bar, looking for who he ever so luckily got to throw out.

What he had expected to see was a stranger, that had more than most likely pissed themselves from their drunken state, or someone that was aiming to blend in with the hobo's since, nine times out of ten, that's usually what it was. Even if it wasn't one or all of the previously said things, THIS was not what Shizuo had expected to see.

In fact, it threw him so off guard, he had to do a double take when he DID see who it was. Not.. No. Bah, that rat would know better not to show himself in here. Approaching the man, Shizuo was then sure, that it was in fact, Orihara Izaya.

Oh how his blood began to simmer. Even in Shizuo's blank, empty minded state, some how this...this flea had managed to make him bite his tongue still.

Shizuo took in a breath, his nerves calming down instantly, in a sad way, his minor state of depression had given him a cooler head on things, even this he now found out. "Just throw him out, that's it. Leave him by the dumpster or something, it's rather fitting, to say the least.." Shizuo told himself. Once he was close enough to the man, he stared down at him, the slight red in his cheeks indicating that Orihara Izaya was, in fact, drunk.

For some reason, Shizuo didn't see Izaya to be the type to go out and get so wasted. He'd at least have enough class to be at a party somewhere, not at a bar. Still, a job was a job, and as much as it surprised him, Shizuo was honestly, going through no firey out of control rage that he normally experienced. He normally is supposed to attempt to wake any man and/or women up fom their sleep before throwing them out the door, but why would he pass this up?

Shizuo reached out, ready to swoop Izaya over his shoulder when the flea's hand smacked [or attempted to] his own away. Shizuo pulled back a moment, watching as Izaya stirred, turning his head and mumbling some horrible slur of words that Shizuo could barely make out to be "Keep your hands off me."

Again, this would've normally caused the blonde to snap and throw the brunette threw the metal door that indicated the exit, but Shizuo was stunned once again at this poor site displayed before him.

Tears? Is that what he was seeing? Orihara Izaya was actually...CRYING? Orihara Izaya was capable of such a thing? It.. It didn't seem possible. Could he really be crying? Out in public? At a bar? Not just any bar, but Heiwajima Shizuo's work? There was definitely something wrong with this picture here.

Shizuo stared at him for a moment longer, shaking his head and then again reaching out to him, gripping his shoulder. "Izaya." Was all he said.

The brunette lifted his head simply just to peer at whomever it was that had disturbed him before mumbling again, this time something Shizuo hadn't caught, and then let his head roll back onto the counter, knocking over one of the many empty shot glasses around the man.

Shizuo grunted, locking his jaw in place before calmly sighing out. "You are so lucky I want to keep my job.." He said more so to himself than Izaya. He reluctantly grabbed Izaya, throwing his arm around his neck, and carrying him out of the bar, letting his boss know he was leaving.


He was outside.

Now what?

Shizuo looked down at the man that dangled off his side and had the idea of just dropping him off in an alley way, where he'd most likely be mugged and maybe even raped by some of the weird fucks that were out at this night.

But wouldn't that contradict Shizuo's sole reason of hating Izaya in the first place?

Shizuo thought a moment. He had to do SOMETHING with this little shit, and carrying him all the way back to Izaya's own apartment was too much of a hassle for Shizuo. He wanted to get home. He wanted to get to bed. He wished he knew someone that would allow a drunk douche bag to crash at their place.

Only place that came to mind was his place, that place.. Sounded like quite a good place to go.