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3: Break-time

He manages to get through the class. He manages it by avoiding everyone's eyes, being very confusing and not answering many questions his students ask, but he still gets through it.

Afterwards, however, is an entirely different matter.

As his peers flee from their confines, Karofsky actually comes up and approaches him, getting an odd look from Azimio as he does. Will's mouth goes dry and his body freezes, both trying not to panic and suddenly going headlong into a flashback of what...

"Mr. Schue?"

He swallows and forces him back into the land of the living. "David," he says, still not meeting his eyes. "I told you that you didn't have to stay back after class."

"I know, it's just..." David shuffles on the spot, looking like any awkward teenager not sure how to start a conversation. "I needed to talk to you."

"...Do you need help with your Spanish work?" He doesn't want to talk about what happened yesterday. He's not ready to talk about what happened yesterday, especially not with the boy who did this to him in the first place, and the boy he can't be sure whether or not to blame. It's too hard and confusing and Spanish is much, much easier.

"Mr. Schue, about what happened yesterday..."

"If you don't mind, David, I'd rather not talk about that."

Karofsky pauses and Will feels like he might cry. Don't be pathetic. Pull yourself together.

"...You're not going to tell anyone about, uh, what happened, are you Mr. Schue?"

Will finally meets David's eyes, and he looks... innocent. Like a schoolboy far too worried about a mostly innocent secret getting out. Confused and anxious. He doesn't even sound like Karofsky, usually all machismo and anger.

Does he just not understand what happened yesterday? That Will actually said no and meant it? He's talking like this is Will's secret as much as his, something Will did and is responsible for. He wants to be sick when he starts thinking about taking advantage of a student like that, and thinking what happened yesterday was somehow...

He's been finding ways he's responsible all day though. He did invite David to talk to him alone. He thought he may have been misinterpreted, causing things to... He just thought David would have realized about the time he started screaming and begging him to stop. The boy can't possibly not know what he really did, can he? And it might have been Will's responsibility to stop him to begin with. In loco parentis; he had a duty of care to Dave. Still has.

"...No," he says, sighing in resignation. "You don't need to worry about it."

"...Oh." Dave gives him a surprised, but relieved smile. "Thanks. Well, uh, see ya, Mr. Schue."

Karofsky runs off to follow his friends, and Will just stays sitting at his desk.

"Um, Mr. Schue?"

He jumps a little at being cornered by another student alone in a classroom, but he relaxes when he realizes it's just Finn. "Oh, hi Finn." Then he gets confused. "Wait, why are you here?"

"Uh, you're meant to be our sub for science," Finn says, shrugging. "I always felt like substitute teachers and actual teachers should be kept separate, but I guess we ran out. Where do substitute teachers come from anyway?"

Shit, Will thinks; he completely forgot he had a class to cover – in fact, he's not sure he even read the sheet to begin with. He feels like someone should have told him, but he knows its generally his responsibility to find out what classes he has.

He checks the sheet and sighs heavily. "Sorry, Finn," he says.

"It's cool. Everyone seems to be having a pretty cool time in there anyway; I only really came to find you 'cause I was getting worried."

Will gives him a look. "Worried?"

Finn shrugs again. "Er... look, Tina said you were acting really weird in her Spanish class. And then you freaking disappeared, which seemed like the sort of thing you wouldn't do, so yeah, I got worried a bit. Uh... was I not meant to do that?"

"What? Oh no, Finn, it's fine." Crap, you can't be that obvious about it all. "I'm fine. Really Finn. You don't need to worry about me."

"...Right." Finn looks incredibly uncomfortable with this whole situation, and Will's not sure what to say to him. "I'm probably gonna do it anyway, y'know. Sorry."

"Fine," he says. "I assume you wanted me to come actually do my job?"

"Well not really if it can be avoided, because everyone's having a good time not having to do any work and they'll get mad at me so... I only really came here to check if you were okay."

"...Oh." Will doesn't even know what to think; the students can't ever know because he shouldn't have let it happen in the first place, but it's Finn and he trusts Finn, and dear god he wants someone to fix all this for him and he always thought Finn–

"Mr. Schue? You still with me?"

"What?" He has to snap out of it. It's not Finn's responsibility to deal with. It's not anyone's but his own, and he can't keep doing things like that.

Yes, he is capable of acknowledging that on some level, this is most likely incredibly unhealthy. But at least it's unhealthy for him, not the people he cares about. Not the students.

All he's ever really wanted is to be a good teacher.

"If fine, Finn. Don't worry about me." He smiles, and Finn gives him an odd nod. "And yes, I do actually have to go and do my job now. So, I apologize for the inconvenience."