Panchali: Author's Note

STORY STUFF: Title of this one is taken from The Mahabharata – the Hindu epic, for those of you unfamiliar with it. Panchali (more commonly known as Draupadi) is one of the main female characters. She, among other things, is born from fire, and ends up married to five husbands at once. Let that and Wikipedia lead you to some interesting conclusions about where this Rei-centric story might veer off to :P Also, the song "Undisclosed Desires", which is quoted in the beginning, is by Muse. It's sort of the one-line theme of the whole story. Last little disclaimer – I don't know anything about Shinto rituals, but I had a friend who's more familiar with them check this for me, so hopefully they're okay.

So, more about the story – primarily about Rei and Jadeite. Set in Crystal Tokyo, couple hundred years after it's all unfrozen. Kind of a mishmash of anime and manga. I basically just picked and chose what I like best about both, so there is no consistency, and I definitely veer from canon in quite a few places. Sorry :P In terms of naming conventions, I tried to stick with their planetary or formal names when they're "on duty" (Mars, Serenity, Endymion, etc.) and have them call each other by their more familiar/intimate 21st century names (Rei, Usagi, Mamoru) in their thoughts and to each other. Just wanted to clarify that if it appears confusing…oh, and here, I really have to thank VO1 – I totally loved the idea of Jadeite acting as Endymion's body double, which I read in a couple of her amazing stories, and I had to steal it. Sooo thanks VO1 for being brilliant, but I think everyone knew that already :D

Will feature sex, possibly of the rougher variety (duh, I don't write anything unless it includes very naughty times) and bad words and a bit of violence. And, um, pseudo-adultery and mature themes?

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DISCLAIMER: All the usual disclaimers apply. Nothing in these stories is mine except for the plot – Sailormoon and any other copyrighted property belong solely to their respective holders.