In the Beginning

"Hello, Mae," Kate Hummel said with a smile when Mae Puckerman, her next-door neighbor, answered her door.

"Hey, Kate," she replied, her eyes shining. Mae noticed the little boy hiding behind Kate's legs. The three year old had dark brown hair fashioned with a swoop, bright green-blue eyes, and clothes that seemed way too nice for the scheduled play date. "Hi there, little buddy," Mae greeted with a smile. "Remember me, Kurt?" Kurt smiled and nodded excitedly. "Well, Noah's in the living room. C'mon in."

They walked into the house, Kurt holding onto his mother's hand. "Thank you so much for inviting Kurt over for a play date, Mae. I've only really kept in contact with a few of my high school classmates; the Abrams' kid is nice, but the Lopez's daughter Santana tries to boss Kurt around, which he does not appreciate."

"Santana's a meanie," Kurt said from his mom's side.

Mae and Kate chuckled. "Don't worry about it; you're new to the neighborhood. And it'll be great if Noah gets a friend right next door. Plus whenever he hangs out with his friend Finn I have the biggest messes to clean up."

"GARRRR, THE PUCKASAURAS EATS YOU UP!" Greeted them as they entered the living room. A little boy with dark brown curls, hazel eyes, and a simple T-shirt with shorts crouched on the ground. He held a dinosaur with one hand and a GI Joe in another. The GI seemed unlikely to survive the for the next day, what with its head suck in the dinosaur's mouth.

"Noah!" Mae said sternly as he started to growl. The boy looked up and (sourly) went to his mother's side.

"This is Mrs. Hummel, Noah, and her son Kurt."

"Kurt, say hi," Kate said.

"Hi," Kurt said shyly.

"Hi," Noah replied. After a nudge from his mom he added, "Wanna play?"

Kurt pulled on his mom's hand and whispered in her ear when she crouched down next to him. Kate smiled and looked through her purse, finally pulling out a Barbie. Kurt eagerly pulled it from her hands with a quick thanks. He swiftly made sure her hair was nicely placed and her outfit was on straight before looking Noah in the eye and asking, "Can Barbie play, too?"

Noah smiled mischievously. "Unless the Puckasaurus EATS HER!" Noah pulled out the dinosaur and growled.

Kurt giggled and started running around the room, Noah following.

"Kurt!" Kate tried to call after him, but Mae shook her head, insisting that it was fine and that every part of the play area was child proof anyways.

Kate stood back up, smiling as her child's laughter and fake screams filled the air. This could only be the start of a beautiful friendship.

"Can I see her?"

"Shhh, Kurt, you've gotta be quiet! Sarah's just a baby!"

"Noah!" Kurt whined, but softer than before.

"That's better," Noah said, finally opening the door to his new baby sister's room.

Kurt peered over the crib and made a tiny aw. "She's so cute!"

"Yeah, I guess," Noah answered, not so certain. "But you're not here when she wakes up in the middle of the night and needs a diaper change."

"I want a sister," Kurt whispered, running his hand around the edge of the crib. "But mommy said that her and daddy were so lucky to have me and that God may not give us another." He paused in thought before adding, "God's mean."

"Well, you can be her brother, too, then," Noah said.


"Yeah! It'll be fun!" Kurt beamed at Noah before looking down at his new sister, chattering about how he would help Mrs. Puckerman pick out outfits with color coordination to bring out her eyes.

"Ah! Help me!" Kurt cried as he lay on the grass patch in between his and Noah's house.

"This sounds like a job for..." Noah started, pausing dramatically with his hands on his hips and legs spread far apart. "THE PUCKER MAN!"

"Help me, Pucker Man!" Kurt cried again, putting all of his seven-year-old acting talents to use. With that, Noah ran with on fist in the air, making swishing noises to pretend he was flying, charging after his damsel in distress.

He instigated fights with multiple imaginary monsters and evil villains before finally reaching his best friend. He pulled Kurt off the ground and they ran back to the safety of the Hummel's house.

"Noah, you promised if I played Pucker Man with you that you'd have a tea party with me!" Kurt chirped, pulling his best friend by the hand over to the small, round table.

"Fiiiiiine," Noah sighed. But he soon lit up again when he saw what was on the table. "Are those the cakes we made on your EZ-Bake yesterday?"

Kurt beamed and nodded. "Yep! I told you we would eat them soon, we just couldn't have them yesterday."

"Score!" Noah rejoiced, reaching for one to put in his mouth as Kurt poured the "tea"—really just water—into their cups.

"Pinky out, Noah!" Kurt reprimanded, not even looking up from the teapot and cups. Noah immediately corrected his hand position with a roll of his eyes. The things he did for Kurt…

As Kurt sat down, he noticed that he now had grass stains on his new pants. God, the things he did for Noah…

"Kurt…I'm really sorry," Noah said quietly to his best friend. Kurt barely gave a nod as he continued to stare at the freshly dug grave, eyes filling with tears. Noah tried to remain strong for his friend, but how could he? Mrs. Hummel was basically his mom as well, and the thought that she had left, that she was gone…Noah could barely handle it.

But he was going to make Kurt feel better. That was his job. That's what best friends did. Slowly, he slipped his hand into Kurt's, just like he saw Mr. Hummel do earlier, and gave it a gentle squeeze. He knew Kurt liked to be touched for comfort, and without a mom he would need even more touches.

Kurt looked up at him with glistening eyes before squeezing back with a weak smile. Noah couldn't help but think that maybe things were going to turn out all right.

Burt Hummel opened his front door to find one Noah Puckerman trying to hide shivers from the cold air on his front step, the stars casting a shadow on the young boy's face. "Noah…?" Burt asked, not sure what was going on.

"Hey, Mr. H," the boy tried to say nonchalantly. "Kurt home?"

"Noah?" Kurt asked from behind his father.

Noah ran into the house and hugged Kurt tightly as if he never would let go. "He left, Kurt, he finally did it," Noah finally muttered. "My dad left." Kurt gasped and pulled his friend in closer. Burt closed the door and left the boys alone; his son and his best friend had too intimate of a relationship to stay a witness to. After clasping a hand on Noah's back he left to give Mae his condolences and to tell her not to expect her son to come back later that night.

After several long moments, Noah pulled away and wiped his eyes with one hand and grabbing one of Kurt's with the other. "Mind if we play SSX Tricky?" Kurt squeezed his hand with a smile and led them down to the entertainment system in the basement.

Eventually they collapsed on the floor of the basement. When Kurt heard Noah start to whimper in his sleep he moved until they were cuddled together. The warmth of Kurt's body seemed to stop Noah's nightmare and they both slept peacefully the rest of the night.

"I'm going to miss you," Kurt whispered, his head resting on Noah's shoulder as they embraced.

"I know, but I'm just a long bike ride or short car ride away," Noah replied. Despite his calm words of reassurance he hugged Kurt tighter, not wanting to let go of his best friend. He wanted to stay in the house next door and always be near Kurt; instead there was now a U-HAUL attached to the back of Mae Puckerman's car, filled with everything the family had left. He was now losing his best friend because his stupid dad left and his mom's job couldn't support herself, Noah, and Sarah and still pay a mortgage on the house.

Finally the two kids pulled apart and Kurt did his best not to let his tears escape as his father pulled Noah into a hug. "Come over anytime you need to, kid," Burt said gruffly, trying not to show how much he'd miss having the little rascal next door; he was a bit of a punk, but he made Kurt happy and that was something Burt needed. Noah nodded as he broke apart from Burt, but made a tiny grimace as Burt ruffled his hair.

Noah turned back to Kurt and the smaller boy attacked him again with a hug. As they pulled away from each other, Noah gave Kurt's hand a gentle squeeze and Kurt squeezed back, a little bit of a secret communication they had to comfort one another. Noah gave a crooked smile before finally walking over to join his mom and sister in the van. He kept the window down, stuck his head and arm out, and shouted, "I'll call you when we're unpacked!" as they drove away. Kurt waved back and smiled as a few tears escaped from his eyes.

Burt pulled Kurt into his side and walked him back to the house. "You know you're going to have to drive me there like every day, right?" Kurt said. His father chuckled quietly; oh yeah, he didn't doubt it.

"Hey, Noah, holding hands with your boyfriend?" Dave Karofsky sneered. Kurt tried not to show Noah that the words had hurt—he may only have been twelve but he already was well aware that the idea of girls finally putting on training bras made him feel slightly disgusted—but he gripped his best friend's hand tighter.

Noah stormed them over to Dave and got in his face, almost towering over him. "Step off before I make you regret ever speaking." Karofsky scoffed but walked away anyways.

Noah glared as he watched Karofsky walk away, giving Kurt's hand a quick squeeze. When Karofsky was finally out of sight Noah said, "Idiot," and the two continued on their way back to Puck's house, the one closest to the school.

Kurt felt bad that it was their constant hand holding that got Noah called out and teased, but he couldn't help but just always be touching Noah. The two depended on the physical touches of the other…well, at least Kurt did.

"You don't always have to hold my hand and stuff if you don't want to, Noah," Kurt said when they entered the Puckerman home.

Noah looked confused for a moment but then answered, "But I want to." Kurt smiled widely at his best friend before they decided to play some DDR. Oh man was Noah going down.

Kurt raised an eyebrow at his friend in disbelief. "Seriously? Puck? That's the name you want to go by now?" The two sat on the Hummel's couch, Kurt's legs placed over Noah's lap as The Price is Right played on the TV.

"Yeah," Noah said, like it was the best idea ever. "We're starting high school in a few days, it's time for a new image. All the guys on the team call me it and it goes with the 'hawk they dared me to get for football," Kurt grimaced at the mention of the unfashionable haircut. "And, c'mon, it sounds more badass. And I am so badass. Have you seen my guns?"

"Yes, Noah, I have seen your guns; I have seen them since you started showing them off when we were three," Kurt said in an exasperated manner. "And so has Santana Lopez, as you've told me many times in detail." Kurt gave a shudder but soon gulped when he remembered that he was going to tell Puck about his secret today.

"So I told you mine, now tell me yours: what was the big news you wanted to tell me?" Noah asked

"You…" Kurt bit on his bottom lip and concentrated on not getting emotional. He cleared his throat and continued, "I've known this for a while and I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but…I didn't want you to hate me." Kurt's bottom lip trembled so Noah grabbed both of his hands and forced eye contact on the boy.

"Whatever you want to tell me is fine, Kurt," he said before slowly backing away to give Kurt space. Kurt nodded and took a deep breath.

"I'm gay, Noah."

There was a small silence before Noah replied, "Well, duh."

"What…what do you—you mean you knew?" Kurt asked, confusion written all over his face.

"Dude, the first day we met you showed me the heels your parents bought you for your birthday; you're not the most subtle guy out there," Noah answered with a shrug.

"And you don't hate me?"

"Does it look like I do?" He answered, eyes back on the TV. When Kurt didn't respond he turned to him and said, "Of course I don't, Kurt. You're my best friend, you know that."

Kurt smiled, "I love you, Noah." His eyes widened and he immediately added, "No, I mean like as a friend, not as like a boyfriend or anything—"

Noah laughed, "Chill, dude, I gotchya." He turned back to the TV but after a few moments he squeezed Kurt's hand and added, "Love you, too."

"Kurt, dude, what is—oh my God, you got a car?" Puck said in disbelief.

Kurt smiled widely and nodded. "She's a birthday gift from my dad. She's so beautiful! And think of how often I can see you now!"

"Since it's not like we spend all of our spare time together anyways," Puck laughed. Kurt laughed back and shrugged.

"Well now we aren't dependent on our parents picking us up; God, it was beginning to seem so childish," he answered. "So, you want me to take you to school in the mornings?"

Puck nodded quickly, "God, yes. I freaking hate the bus."

"Okay, just know we're listening to showtunes on the way there." Before Puck could complain Kurt added, "Hey, I'm not making you pay for gas." After a moment he added, "And I'm not driving you to your booty calls with Santana."

"They're not booty calls, we're dating," Puck insisted.

"Sex isn't dating, Puck, or else you'd be dating all the women you clean pools for," Kurt replied swiftly.

Puck wanted to argue there but he knew Kurt had a point. He sighed, "Whatever. We just need to work on getting you some action, first." Lewdly raising his eyebrows, he jumped into the car with Kurt.

Kurt snorted, "Yeah, maybe I should work on coming out to my dad and my friends first."

His friend merely threw his arm around the shoulders of Kurt's seat as they sat in the driveway. "C'mon, dude, you really think your dad doesn't know? Or that glee club you joined? Or, I don't know, the whole population of Lima?"

Kurt hit his best friend on the arm with a pretty strong punch—Puck didn't leave him defenseless, after all. "Shut up, Puckerman," Kurt referred to Noah's last name only when he was pissed at him. But instead of explaining why he was pissed, Kurt sat in a silent, fuming state. Thankfully Noah knew Kurt long enough to know that he was pissed at being called dude and for it being implied that his sexuality wasn't a secret; he also knew him long enough to know the best way to make up for it was a message to his scalp.

Noah slowly slid his hand to Kurt's head and gently scratched at the skin beneath the hair. Kurt grew less tense and even made some small mews at the feel—his head was always very sensitive, both to pain and to pleasure.

After a few minutes Noah slowly backed off and Kurt opened his eyes. Puck leaned back and asked, "So, Breadstix? To celebrate?"

Kurt smiled, "Why not? My dad assumed I wouldn't be home for dinner anyways." Kurt started the car but then turned back to Noah, "You know you're buying, right?"

Puck groaned and Kurt laughed as they left the driveway.

A/N: First chapter! I decided to break this up a bit, so here's everything I imagined that happened pre-series—it's my head!canon that Kurt turned 16 before school started and Puck and Quinn had sex a few weeks into the school year, since I doubt that the first season starts right at the beginning of the school year, right? If it does and I'm missing something, well…it's AU anyways. ;)

Based off this long but so lovely and adorable and amazing prompt on the Puckurt meme on LJ:

Puck and Kurt have been friends since they were small, best friends. I'm thinking that they met in some meeting for single parents (Burt and Mrs. Puckerman going there for support and the kids tagging along to play in the other room) or maybe they were neighbors before Puck's dad left his family and they were forced to move because they couldn't afford the house any longer.

They often hold hands, Kurt sits in Puck's lap, Puck defends Kurt and Kurt helps him with school, they tell each other everything (for example Kurt knows about the babygate before anyone else and Puck knows Karofsky kissed Kurt) They are always over at each others houses and Puck's sister thinks of Kurt as her brother and Burt feels like Puck is his son.

No one understands their friendship it's just another weird thing that people accept, up there with Sue Sylvester and getting slushied in the face.

Now when they are teenagers their friendship has been causing them some trouble, mostly that any person that either of them date (mostly Puck cause he is a sex shark) breaks up with them really fast because they feel like they can't compete with Puck and Kurt's friendship. Even if Puck is dating some girl it will still be Kurt that sits on his lap during glee, or if Kurt gets a boyfriend he is "forced" to watch his boyfriend hold hands with Puck instead of himself during lunch. Kurt calling Puck in the middle of a make-out session and instead of turning off his phone Puck answers and then gets the girl he was with to go home so he can talk to his best friend in peace.

I plan on eventual Puckurt with dabbles in Pucktana, Quick, Puckleberry, Klaine, and, of course, one sided Kinn.
Other pairings: Everything in canon
Possible pairings (if my muse guides me that way): Kum

Other Warnings: Possible rating change

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