Let's Leave Them, Their Point of View...

Noah had to be the luckiest guy in the world.

At least, that's what he thought when he woke up the next morning from the best night's sleep he ever had. Yeah, of course he had sex before, and of course he had spent nights with Kurt snuggled up in his arms, but never with the sex coming from Kurt.

As the sun came in from Kurt's windows, Noah honestly had to make sure he hadn't dreamt it all. In less than forty-eight hours, he had told Kurt his feelings, gotten rejected, found Kurt, found out those feelings were returned, and tumbled into bed with him. It was all so sudden and fast, but those feelings had been around for years unbeknownst to the two of them; it made sense that they just exploded at some point.

And, as unbelievable as it was, it wasn't a dream. Kurt was next to him, very much naked, his hair a mess from a combination of sleeping and Noah tugging at it the night before, and with a very dark red mark was on his neck. Noah couldn't help but smirk as he ran a finger over his creation. It was definitely some of his best work, but it helped that Kurt was so pale that he bruised easily.

He watched Kurt's sleeping form for a few minutes before turning to look over his shoulder at Kurt's alarm clock. It was pretty early, sometime just after seven. While Noah was more likely to wake up before Kurt (he had never met someone who hated mornings as much as his best friend—or, well, whatever they were now), he definitely never woke up that early on his own. It probably had something to do with how the both of them wore each other out so early, enough so that they had the lights out and were dead asleep by ten o'clock.

He turned back to Kurt, more than prepared to watch him sleep, when the smaller man started to move instead. Noah watched nervously; he couldn't help but be afraid that Kurt would feel differently now that the sun was out and the day was new.

But once Kurt opened his eyes, taking a bit of time to focus on what was in front of him, he slowly smiled. "Hey," Kurt said, his voice a bit raspy from sleep. He closed his eyes and asked, "It's early, isn't it?"

Noah laughed quietly and nodded. "Yep, pretty early." He started running his fingers lightly through Kurt's thick hair.

"Mmm. That's nice," Kurt said. He most likely meant the head massage, but he didn't clarify. "Last night was fun, huh?"

Noah laughed again. "Yeah. Super fun."

Kurt smiled at the memory and opened his eyes again. "D'you think my parents realized you were in here?"

"Well…I am parked outside," Noah said thoughtfully. "So, they probably put two and two together."

Kurt frowned. "My dad's gonna be so mad," he said. His eyes moved back up to Noah's and he explained, "He didn't want Blaine in here with the door closed, and we did a lot more than Blaine and I ever did." They both couldn't help but grin at that. It was a really fun night.

"Yeah…I guess things are gonna change around here," Noah said. He had a feeling Burt wouldn't be so keen on Noah spending the night if this was all but guaranteed to happen again. And again. And again, because if last night was any indication, three was a pretty good estimate (it was a really fun night). But the idea of not spending Friday nights or lazy summer mornings together in bed? That seemed cruel.

Kurt nodded. "We have a lot to talk about."

"We do," Noah agreed. He was about to get up and suggest they do that, when, suddenly, Kurt had a devilish look in his eyes.

"But we should take advantage of that locked door before it goes away," Kurt said, placing a hand on Noah's bicep. He gave it a small squeeze as Noah flexed for him.

Noah raised an eyebrow. "Really?" He smirked, "I'd love that, but you're kind of a screamer, Hummel."

Kurt raised a challenging eyebrow right back at him. "What I had in mind was going to keep my mouth a bit busy…well, until you return the favor, Puckerman." As Noah slowly grinned back in response, Kurt climbed on top of him with a determined look on his face.

Noah was the luckiest guy in the universe.

When Burt and Carole had gotten home the night before, it had been suspiciously quiet. It wasn't like they were expecting anything loud; they had left Kurt in a very pensive state, and Kurt was only loud when it came to blasting out Beyoncé. But when they pulled into the driveway and found Noah's car there, they assumed that there would be something going on. It was only ten-thirty, after all, and Kurt was quite the night owl.

But there was nothing. It was completely silent, except for the sounds of their own feet. The two had exchanged looks before going up to their room silently, neither of them willing to voice what they were sure was the truth.

Noah was there, the house was calm and quiet, and Kurt's door was shut with the lights off behind it. This was after Noah had admitted his feelings and Kurt had been struggling to accept his own, which Burt was positive his son had. Yep, that all added up to something that Burt did not want to think about. Ever.

Of course, he had to think of that again the next morning.

He found himself up around 7:30; he always found himself waking up at that time, even on weekends. He got himself ready as Carole started to wake up, yawning as he started heading to the stairs.

The door to Kurt's room was still closed, but that wasn't surprising; his son considered 10:00 AM too early. Burt did his best to push any thoughts out of his mind of what had happened, which, of course, didn't do any good since he was still thinking about what that closed door implied.

As he brewed his coffee, Burt found himself thinking a bit too much. It was hard; Noah was, and had been for years, basically his second son. He loved that Puckerman kid and the whole Puckerman family at that. And if Kurt was happy, then Burt was happy. But, one, Kurt doing…that was not something he wanted in his house. He didn't want Finn doing that, either, he'd be quick to point out—and he had pointed that out to Kurt, too—and Kurt still let it happen. He was allowed to be frustrated by the disrespect of his rules, or, well, at least his own suspicion of broken rules.

But, point two, as much as he loved that Puckerman kid, knowing that he was with his baby boy…well, there was definitely a primal part of his brain that wanted to punch him. It was dumb and ignorant on his part, and Burt knew that, but he couldn't stop that feeling deep in his chest.

It was a very polarizing issue: he was happy for Kurt and Noah, but also was very unhappy about what had happened in his son's room; he wanted to ground them for breaking his rules, but he also wanted them to be able to actually go on a date. And that didn't even get to how those rules were going to work after years of spending their nights in the same bed.

Burt scratched the back of his head and poured himself a cup of coffee. He'd figure out something, and hopefully soon.

And when Carole came down the stairs, Burt gave her a half-smile. At least he wasn't dealing with this new situation on his own.

Kurt bit his fist as hard as possible, trying to control the amount of noise coming out of his mouth as his hips thrust forward into Noah's mouth. He would've tried to stop himself from thrusting, but it was already too much to try to control his volume mid-orgasm. Thankfully, Noah didn't seem to mind.

When Kurt's orgasm subsided, he collapsed, boneless, onto his bed and let out a small gasp of pleasure. "Oh my god," he said, giggling a bit as Noah climbed back up next to him and wiped his mouth. "Oh my god, that was amazing," Kurt said before gently kissing him. He could taste himself on Noah's lips and tongue; he wondered if Noah could still taste himself on his own still swollen lips. "You were great," Kurt said truthfully, relaxing back against him.

"Thanks," Noah said. He admitted, "Um…I kinda didn't get it all…there's some on your sheets. I mean I wiped most of it up, but…"

Kurt blinked and, for a moment, Noah was sure he was going to freak out; Kurt was not good with stains. Then Kurt simply shrugged and said, "I need to wash them anyways." He smiled and kissed Noah again, "That was a lot of fun."

"Yeah," Noah said with a relieved laugh. After a small moment he added, "I think you're better at it, though."

Kurt smirked, "I think you're right." It was kind of nice being better at something than Noah in that regard, seeing as he had so little experience compared to him. Noah even lasted longer than him.

"You seriously never did that with Blaine?"

"No," Kurt said. "I just…I've read things…tips and stuff…and maybe, once or twice, I…" Kurt shrugged, trying to play it off as no big deal despite his embarrassment, "I might have practiced with a banana."

Noah stared for a moment. Kurt expected him to start teasing him, but Noah just said, "Maybe I need to try that. Just when I can't use you for practice."

It was Kurt's turn to let out a relieved laugh. "Well, I think practicing on me can be arranged," he said with a grin. He leaned in for another kiss, this one sweet and loving, pulling away after a few moments to rest his head on Puck's chest.

Kurt looked at the time and groaned; Finn was, very weirdly, a morning person, and Kurt was sure that everyone was out of bed at this point. He didn't want to risk anyone hearing anything—well, anything more than what they had possibly heard—and since his room was the closest to the stairs leading to the kitchen…well, sound traveled easily towards that direction.

"We should get up," Kurt said.

"Nooo," Noah whined, hiding his face behind Kurt's arm. "I like being in here. Just us two…no rules…no angry Burt."

Kurt laughed. "I'll make sure he doesn't kill you; you know his bark is worse than his bite."

"Except when it comes to you," Noah pointed out.

"Yeah, but you're basically his son, too," Kurt said. "Besides, he doesn't have proof that anything happened."

Noah raised an eyebrow at Kurt. "Kurt, he's not stupid." Kurt sighed and Noah slowly added, "Also, you definitely have a hickey on your neck…sorry"

Kurt's eyebrows pressed together at this new information. He let his hand slide over where Noah gestured. He wasn't quite sure if that was where it was, but it did feel a bit heated. "Huh…" Kurt ran a finger over the reddened skin and couldn't help but smirk a bit. "So the master connoisseur of hickeys has given me this gift. I don't know what to do but promise to return the favor in the future." Noah grinned and Kurt laughed quietly. Kurt lightly kissed Noah's lips but then added, "Let's try to limit this in the future, though; I'll have to bring in some out-of-season scarves and turtlenecks to cover this thing."

"I'll try," Noah said, wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist. "You just looked so delectable last night—and right now—but I'll try."

Kurt nodded. "Thank you. I just don't like having to limit my wardrobe."

"I know."

The two remained in that position for a while before Kurt suggested, "Want to wash off?" The two of them grinned at each other before simultaneously racing to Kurt's bathroom.

When Finn got home the night before, he was just slightly late for his curfew. Thankfully Burt and his mom didn't seem to care at all, since no one came and lectured him or anything when he got to his room. It probably had something to do with the fact that Puck was obviously over and the door to Kurt's room was closed and the lights were off. That was definitely breaking a bigger rule than being five minutes late to his curfew.

Of course, Finn reasoned, it was possible that what he assumed happened hadn't. But, come on, why else would Kurt be in bed at 11:05 on a Saturday night? He was the biggest night owl Finn had ever met…which, okay, maybe he really wasn't that much of one, but Finn was the one most likely to be passed out by eleven, not Kurt.

Regardless, Finn shook his head at himself and headed to bed as soon as he could. The idea of his brother doing anything like that with anyone was not something he wanted to think about. Ever. Ew. Finn managed to focus on his date with Rachel and soon passed out on his bed.

When Finn woke up his stomach growled, so he quickly did his morning routine before heading towards the kitchen. In order to get to the kitchen in their new house, Finn had to walk right past Kurt's door. He paused there, even though his common sense told him to leave. Then again, when did he ever listen to his common sense?

Finn tentatively leaned in towards the door. There was enough of a crack between the door and the frame that Finn could see that the lock was on. That was odd; Kurt never locked his door—Finn knew the story of Burt bursting in on Kurt doing "Single Ladies", not to mention how Finn had accidentally walked in on Dirty Dancing practice. Why did he do it now if not for rule-breaking purposes with the guy who just admitted he was in love with him?

Unfortunately for Finn, he definitely got some confirmation just a second later when he heard a high, breathless moan from the room and something that sounded like…slurping? Finn's eyes widened as his brain connected the dots to what was happening.

"Oh my god," Finn whispered in disgust, his nose wrinkling and his eyes widening.

He nearly ran down the stairs, only stopping when he reached the bottom step. Okay, thinking of any of that happening was, yes, disgusting. Really disgusting. Not because it was gay but, like, his brother. But, again, since Kurt was his brother, Finn felt an obligation to not report any of that to Burt, or give him any reason to think something was up. He wanted Kurt to be happy and he didn't deserve getting in trouble. So Finn calmed himself down, took a deep breath, and walked into the kitchen he loaded up his plate with eggs and fake bacon and poured himself some milk before sitting at the table.

The three of them ate in silence for a bit until Burt asked, "What time did you get in last night?"

"Kurt's door is locked!" Finn said in a panic. Well, so much for protecting him from getting in trouble. "I could see the lock through the crack in the doorway." Having that confirmation that something weird was going on in his kid's room didn't help Burt's thoughts.

"There's no need to spy on him," Carole said, frowning.

"I just noticed," Finn said innocently, quickly stuffing his mouth with eggs to make sure he didn't say what he accidentally heard.

Not too long after that, Finn, Burt, and Carole heard the sound of Kurt's shower. Thankfully, it didn't last very long at all; Burt knew that his son was way too careful about his skin to stay in there for too long. The three of them ate their eggs and (fake) bacon silently. There was the faint sound of Kurt's hair dryer, some laughter, more of the hair dryer…

The three of them silently continued to eat, the tension pretty damn thick. They were still eating in silence when they heard the door to Kurt's room open. They all looked at each other before looking at the stairs where Kurt and Noah were walking down, giggling and whispering to each other.

"Is that bacon?" Noah asked hopefully as they climbed down the stairs.

"Do you really want to break the Kosher laws so early in the morning?" Kurt asked dryly. At Noah's groan, Kurt laughed, "I'm joking; it's Kosher anyways since it's vegetarian bacon."


"Shut up! It's the only bacon I like. And soy is good for your heart, as is the avocado oil we cook it in, the cardiologist said so," Kurt pointed out as they rounded down the stairs.

"Yeah, well I won't be eating that," Noah laughed as Kurt eagerly grabbed a piece from the stove. He came up behind Kurt and wrapped his arms around him, "I have other things I'd rather eat." Kurt couldn't help but giggle as Noah pressed a kiss to the back of his neck; not only was that comment lots of fun in context of their new status, but Noah had enough stubble that his kiss tickled Kurt's neck.

There was a loud throat clearing noise and both boys turned to the table, quickly separating. "Oh. Yeah," Kurt said quietly. He had gotten wrapped up enough that he forgot everyone was up. "Good morning," he added brightly, nervously adjusting the ascot he had put on to help cover the hickey.

Noah felt Burt's gaze, the gaze that was so similar to Kurt's, bear down on him and he looked down, unable to meet it back. He wasn't sure he'd be able to look Burt Hummel in the eyes for quite some time, which he recognized was kind of a dead giveaway of what just happened in Kurt's room.

Kurt smiled shyly and grabbed Noah's hand in comfort. "Well, since you have already helped yourselves, Noah and I will head out for some food ourselves. We have a lot to talk about anyways." He turned them around quickly and, as they headed for the door, he added, "We'll be back later!"

Carole smiled as they heard the door open and then close. "They looked really happy," she said, lightly squeezing her husband's hand.

Despite Burt's earlier thoughts, he couldn't help but smile back. "They really did." He wasn't sure he had ever seen his son so happy, at least not for a long time.

Finn nodded, but added, "If Kurt gets sleepovers with Puck, I want one with Rachel."

While Kurt wasn't one to indulge his sweet tooth too often, he could never say no to the fresh baked donuts at the super market. He and Noah got there right as a fresh batch came out, and they each got a glaze and a large cinnamon roll to share. Then they hit up the nearest coffee place and paid way too much for plain coffees. Kurt teased Noah for adding cream and sugar, and Noah reminded Kurt that his coffee was just as black as his soul. It made both of them laugh as they bumped against each other at the cream station.

Seconds later, the two went off again, Kurt relaxing in the passenger's seat as Noah drove them to a nearby park. Kurt couldn't hold back the urge and, as soon as they were parked, he climbed into Noah's lap and eagerly kissed him, his tongue tingling at the taste of coffee and cream and glaze and Noah. They only stopped when Kurt's hip hit the horn. Kurt jumped at the sound before laughing and hiding his face in Noah's chest. Noah chuckled as well, but reassured Kurt that it was at least a cute reaction.

In no time the two were walking down the park's trail, Noah's arm around Kurt's shoulder as Kurt held his own coffee and their box of donuts. Due to the time and the fact that it was Sunday, the park was nearly empty. There were just a few people running along a nearby track. The sun was out and bright, keeping both boys warm, and as they sat down at a bench overlooking the small pond, Kurt couldn't help but notice the blooming flowers in the trees. It was spring in season, though almost summer in temperature, and everything was blossoming in colorful patterns. As Noah's hand found his, Kurt realized there were other things in bloom, too.

And he almost hated himself for making such a cheesy analogy in his head.

"Hey," Kurt said simply.


Kurt moved closer to Noah and opened the donut box. They each had a little bit of donut left, and, of course, the huge cinnamon roll to share. "I can't believe you convinced me to get all of this sugar," Kurt said with a shake of his head.

"Convinced you? All I did was suggest the place and you begged me to drive there—"

"Damn near forced me," Kurt continued, grinning as he took another bite of his pastry. Noah rolled his eyes at Kurt's teasing and finished off his own as they both looked at the lake.

The two were silent for a while, both more than content to sit in the other's presence while they had coffee and watched the birds on the pond. Finally, Kurt pulled himself out of Noah's hold, moved back, and turned to face him. He brought his legs onto the bench as he did so, sitting crisscross. Noah copied the position so they could both look at each other, their donut box in between the two of them.

Right as Kurt started to speak, Noah did as well, which just made both of them laugh quietly at the timing. "Go on," Kurt said. Noah tried to insist Kurt go first, but Kurt shook his head, "You start."

Noah nodded and looked down at his lap in thought for just a brief moment. Then he looked back up at Kurt and asked, "So…we're…boyfriends?"

Kurt smiled slowly, his teeth even starting to show, despite how much he hated to do that; he couldn't help himself. "Yeah…yeah, I think we are. If you want to be." Noah answered with a smile and a soft kiss in confirmation, which just made Kurt grin even more.

"So…boyfriend," Kurt said, unable to stop a small laugh from that word. He shook his head, "This is so weird. I honestly never expected this."

"Me, neither," Noah said. "I mean…I guess I wanted that after prom—that's when I realized how I felt about you, so that's why I was kinda weird and everything. It's just weird to think that this is actually happening. Just a few months ago I would've thought this was the craziest thing," he explained. Kurt nodded in agreement. "So, boyfriend, I guess next we tell everyone."

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Well, yes, but we have other things to discuss first."

Noah's eyebrows pressed together. "We do? What else is left? We're going out, we're in love…so we're telling our family and friends and putting it on Facebook. That's what you did with Blaine. That's what I did with girls I dated."

"Yeah, but this is different," Kurt said. Before Noah could argue, Kurt explained, "We have a different background and history than any of our past paramours—the people we've dated." He sighed and took Noah's hands. "We have a different relationship. And while some of it, yes, might've crossed into romantic territory naturally, don't you think we need to rework our boundaries? The difference between our relationship now versus what used to be?"

There was a short silence as Noah thought it over. Then he shrugged. "Not really," he admitted. "Can't we just see what happens naturally?" Kurt rolled his eyes and Noah continued, "I mean, what would you even think that needs to be changed? We're honest with each other about everything, we make each other laugh, we know each other…I just don't know what would need to change."

Kurt frowned. "Well…now sex is involved. Really awesome sex, but still. That just…we can't just be friends who have sex and kiss. There have to be some differences, right?"

Noah looked thoughtful. "I mean…I get what you're saying," he said slowly as he thought it over. After a moment, he looked back into Kurt's eyes and said, "I think we've just been acting like a couple for so long that…this sort of fell into place." Kurt frowned and Noah asked, "Can you think of us doing anything that's a friends only thing and not a couples thing?"

It was Kurt's turn to look thoughtful as he worked through the memories he had in his head. "…Making out with other people?" he finally answered weakly. Noah laughed and Kurt joined him shaking his head. "Okay, maybe you have a point there. I just feel like some things have to change, right? I know some people say the goal is to be best friends with your boyfriend, but…I don't know. Maybe there are more boundaries on what we say and who are best friends are…" Kurt moved closer to Noah and angled himself out so he could look in front of the bench again. "After all, I should probably get closer to the girls so I can complain about you when need be," Kurt teased, even if there was a hint of truth.

Noah snorted and mirrored Kurt's position, wrapping an arm around him. He pulled Kurt in close, moving the box to his lap. "Yeah, we could probably use some friends outside of each other…"

They sat in thoughtful silence as they looked over the pond. Kurt tore off a piece of the sweet, sticky cinnamon roll and slowly chewed it as he thought. No, he still wasn't sure how to make their relationship something more than just friends, or if there was any reason to make it different than it was before. He felt like they were already different just from sleeping together, like their roles had naturally shifted, but was that enough? Walking hand-in-hand with a friend was one thing, but the idea of doing that with a boyfriend? That just felt like it was different. Scarier. He knew it looked the same as before, but it was still different in feeling.

But with Noah being the boyfriend, how could it be different? Their relationship had always been bordering on romance, just without kissing and sex. How did he go about their relationship that had always been fairly murky, now that the waters were getting murkier? And that didn't even start on how they would tell people and how they had to relate to the world around them. Were they going to be a PDA couple? That had always been a bit PDA-heavy just as friends—

"You know what I just realized?" Kurt asked suddenly, looking up at Noah. Noah looked at him in a way that made Kurt sure he was just as confused and overwhelmed as him. "We have finals starting tomorrow."

Noah rolled his eyes and scoffed. "Leave it to you to think of that right now."

Kurt shook his head with a small laugh. "What I meant is that, after a few days, it's summer. Well, summer vacation, not necessarily summer the season." Kurt looked up at Noah with a hopeful smile, "And that means we have three months to figure out how we work now."

Slowly, Noah started to smile at Kurt. They didn't have to worry about what their new relationship meant yet or how it was different to what it had been. No, they could spend a whole carefree summer figuring out the differences themselves. Not to mention a whole summer devoted to tracing over every curve in the other's body and sharing lazy kisses and a lot more of what they had done the night before…

"So we've got this summer," Noah said, slightly singing it to that song Kurt liked from In the Heights.

Kurt smiled at the reference. "And we've got each other," Kurt sang back softly. Funny how just a few months ago Kurt was repeating words from that show about family to Noah, and now they were quoting the romantic leads.

He tore off a piece of cinnamon roll and threw it towards the ducks in the pond. As they went for it, Noah threw a couple of pieces in as well. As they watched the ducks on the beautiful, sunny day, Kurt couldn't stop himself from singing the next phrase.

"Perhaps even longer…"

After some walks around the park, a panicked application of sunscreen, and maybe a small make out session in Puck's car, Kurt sent out a text to his family and Noah's asking if they could meet at the Hummel-Hudson residence. After Kurt received positive replies (and maybe after another short, but heated, make out session with Noah in the backseat of the truck), the two headed over to Kurt's house.

"It's going to be fine," Kurt reassured Noah for the millionth time. Noah's knuckles were white around the wheel and his face was grim. "Dad's going to be happy for me. For both of us."

Noah shook his head. "Burt Hummel's gonna kill me."

"He has no proof anything happened—"

"You have a hickey!"

"Which the ascot is covering!"

"And what I said in the kitchen—"

"That could've meant anything!" Noah gave Kurt a look and Kurt sighed. "Fine, he probably knows that we…well…but he knows how upset and torn up I've been. When I asked for advice about it, he basically compared us to him and my mom. That's really a big deal coming from him."

Noah finally calmed down a bit at that, but it still took a few deep breaths before they managed to get from Noah's car to inside the house. Thankfully, it wasn't too long before Mae and Sara arrived. Kurt eagerly busied himself with sitting them down in the living room and was just starting to offer drinks and to brew up some tea when Burt said, "Just get on with it; we can drink after this."

Kurt gave his dad a small look but didn't say anything; he knew he had already tested his dad with all the rules he had broken in his room. Repeatedly. "Fine," Kurt said. He gestured for Noah to follow him and the two of them stood in front of the TV.

"So," Noah said. "Kurt figured we should tell you this in person as a group."

"And Noah agreed," Kurt said, just like they practiced at the park. "So, after some deliberation and some events…we've decided to try dating."

Kurt waited, expecting some silence and some questions of if they were sure; he expected his family to be happy, but maybe a little bit concerned over how fast he had turned around; he expected some congratulations.

What he didn't expect was for Mae to say, "Finally."

Or for Finn to say, "Duh."

Or for Sara of all people to say, "That's it?"

Kurt watched them, expecting at least some reaction. "Why are you all blasé about this? This is a big deal!"

"Well," Carole said, "You did talk to us about it this weekend, honey. And we came back last night and Puck was in your room."

Kurt frowned and Mae laughed. "Noah told me what happened Friday and, well, I figured when he texted me last night that he was at a friend's, he was probably here."

"Plus Puck won't look Burt in the eye," Finn added in amusement. Kurt blushed and Noah looked avidly at his shoe, as if there was some interesting new stain on them, while Burt looked over at him with a slight glare.

"Well, Sara, how did you know?" Kurt turned to Noah, "You didn't tell her anything, did you?"

"No," Sara said indignantly at the same time as Noah. "I had a sleepover at my friend Jade's house on Friday. And last night." When the two boys looked at her, she smirked. "Jade Pierce? Her older sister Brittany had Tana and Quinnie over and they told me what happened. I mainly went back yesterday so you'd be able to leave the house; I was texting Quinn to see if she thought that was a good idea and letting her know how you were doing," Sara said simply. "You were actually cleaning your room on a Saturday; it was clear that you needed to talk to him. Plus, I think we've all been waiting for this since before I could walk."

Kurt and Noah looked at each other in shock. Were they that bad? Noah knew everyone in glee had been rooting for them, but it was hard to believe that even Sara thought that way. She wasn't even a teenager!

"…Well you could at least say you're happy for us," Kurt finally muttered.

"We are happy for you!" Carole insisted. "We're happy you two are happy." Mae, Finn, and Sara all nodded in agreement, but Burt kept looking at Noah shrewdly. Carole sighed and cheerfully tried to change the subject. "We can get some sandwiches going and some drinks…how does lemonade sound?" When all the minors agreed, she asked, "Mae, would you like some wine or a beer?"

"Lemonade is fine with me, but thank you," Mae said with a smile before turning back to Burt.

"Beer, please," Burt finally said as his wife looked at him. Carole nodded and stood up, lightly patting his shoulder as she made her way to the kitchen.

"Why don't you help her, Sara?" Mae asked. Sara nodded and left; she wasn't sure she liked how Papa Burt was looking at her brother. At Burt's gesture, both Kurt and Noah sat down on the floor in front of the fireplace, bowing their heads slightly as they waited for him to speak.

The room was silent for a while longer. The only thing they could hear was the muffled sounds of Carole and Sara setting up drinks. Finally, Burt spoke. "Look," he said, "I'm happy for you two." Both Noah and Kurt relaxed at that. "I love both of you, and seeing you two grow up together…god, I'm so happy that you guys are giving this a shot."

"Thanks, Dad," Kurt said.

"But I don't want you thinking what you did last night was okay," Burt said immediately, almost interrupting Kurt. "And I don't want to hear excuses, since I don't really want to think about what really happened. You know either way that I didn't want Blaine sleeping in your room, so you have to know this is the same thing." He sighed and looked at Noah, "I also don't want Puckerman here never looking me in the eye again." Puck still avoided his eyes, accidentally making eye contact with Finn, who was trying to hold back laughter at Puck's face.

"I think we need to lay out some ground rules," Burt finally said. "I know the two of you are used to spending your nights together, but I don't think it's appropriate to continue on that way."

"But, Dad…" Kurt started. He understood the issue, or at least he would with another boy, but with Noah? He couldn't imagine not spending nights with him. Despite that, he was also pretty sure his dad wouldn't change his mind, seeing as they were about equally stubborn. Still, Kurt had to say, "It's what we always do…I don't want that to change."

"Well, things change when stuff like this happens," Burt said. Kurt felt an anxious knot in his stomach at that; he had been worried about everything changing for the worse. Burt sighed at the look on his son's face and ran a hand over his head. "I get it, though, I do…" He looked deep in thought for a few moments before saying, "You guys can spend the night together if you keep the door open. Otherwise, he can spend the night on the couch or in the guest bedroom or with Finn. Does that work?"

Kurt looked at Puck, who seemed okay with the idea. While Kurt never liked to sleep with the door open, he figured it'd be possible to sleep with the door open as long as Puck was there. Kurt looked back to his dad and nodded. "That works…"

"Does that work for me and Rachel?" Finn asked.

Burt looked at his stepson, obviously fighting off a glare. "Go help your mother," he said. Finn groaned and got up, muttering a bit about how it was unfair.

"And that's why I didn't want to be lenient in the first place," Burt mumbled.

"Yeah, but our relationship is very different from his and Rachel's," Kurt said. "He'll get over it."

Burt still looked concerned and Mae looked over the men in the room. After a few moments she turned back to her son and her surrogate son. "Well, I really don't care what happens at my place, as long as your sister and I don't hear it."

Puck and Kurt looked up to her in surprise and Burt incredulously asked, "What?!"

"They're teenagers, Burt; we're not going to stop them," she said. "It's not necessarily what I want going on, but I don't see the point of fighting a losing battle." After a moment she added, "It's not like they spend the night at my place that often anyways."

"They will now," Burt said with a roll of his eyes. He shook his head, still in disbelief that Mae had said that.

Kurt was definitely starting to feel awkward about all this talk about their sex life, enough that he almost asked if they could change the subject. Hey, it wasn't like he planned on having sex with Puck while his dad was in the house! Of course, he didn't want to have to voice that thought out loud, since this conversation was painful enough already.

"Have a bit more faith in them, Burt," Mae said. With a smirk she added, "It's not like you have much room to talk. After all, you and Kate sure got married quickly."

Burt looked at Mae with wide eyes and Kurt looked at her with confusion. "…What do you mean? They didn't get married for years."

Clearly ignoring the warning looks her friend sent her, Mae laughed a little. "Well, your parents moved their wedding date up to mid-October. And you were born full term on May 27th…seven months later…"

Kurt still looked confused while Puck's eyes widened in realization. "So?" Kurt asked.

Puck held back his own laugh and lightly nudged Kurt's side. "I think she's saying that you were at the wedding—in a certain way," Noah said.

Kurt looked at him, still confused, but then suddenly realized what he meant. "Oh my god—but Mom—I…" Kurt trailed off, his jaw gaping.

"We were in our twenties," Burt pointed out. "Not teenagers."

"You were still living with your parents," Mae pointed out. "So it's not that different from these two."

Kurt brought his hands to his ears and said, "Oh my god, can we please stop talking about this? I did not want to know any of this. I promise we won't—ugh!"

Burt was definitely starting to look just as uncomfortable as well—though he hadn't looked particularly comfortable during the whole talk. "We'll just take it a day at a time," Burt decided. "Just an open door policy for now—and not just at night."

"Okay," Kurt said in agreement, Puck voicing his agreement as well. After a few moments, Kurt quietly asked, "Are we going to be grounded?"

Burt and Mae looked at each other and then at the two of them. "No. Just a warning this time."

"Good," Kurt said, looking particularly relieved. He looked over sweetly at Noah and said, "Because someone asked me out on a date for Friday."

With Finn's help, the boys were able to call an emergency meeting for all New Directions members. He was technically their co-captain, and Kurt hoped it wouldn't be so obvious if Finn was the one calling them all together. After some negotiating, they said they'd meet at the end of the day on Monday.

That was a good day for Kurt. The schedule for finals had them take their first three classes' finals on the first day, the next two on Tuesday, and the last two on Wednesday. His first three classes were AP English, Anatomy, and French, which meant he didn't have a final for the first or last class. He ended up sleeping in a bit, took his anatomy final (and he was pretty sure he aced it), and then had a free hour and a half to prepare to tell ND about his new dating status.

He slowly made his way over to the choir room. It was hard to believe it had only been a few days since he ran out of there in confusion. It was hard to believe that he hadn't realized how he felt about Noah until just over a day later. It was hard to believe he and Noah had only become official a day ago. Well, at least official in terms of titles and discussions; losing his virginity kind of made Kurt feel pretty much in a relationship. Regardless, he knew it was kind of silly to put in so much work so soon and make such a big announcement so quickly, but Kurt felt he owed them after Friday's debacle. And, well, just the thought of being Noah's boyfriend was making him grin and blush, at least now that he recognized his feelings for him.

Kurt pulled out a book and started reading to kill time, but he kept glancing at the clock and at his phone just in case. After a bit over an hour, Kurt heard footsteps at the door. He was relieved to find Noah there. Kurt quickly set down his book as Noah walked over. "Hi," Kurt said, smiling shyly, the tips of his teeth showing. "How was your math final?"

"Totally aced it," Noah said with a slightly cocky shrug as he sat down next to Kurt. He gave Kurt a quick peck on the lips before continuing, "I would've been here sooner, but I waited for Katz to grade it. How was anatomy?"

"I felt good about it. Really good, but I don't know my exact grade," Kurt said. He stored his book back in his bag and sighed. "Today and tomorrow I really need to crack down on math. But this comes first."

"Are you nervous about telling them?" Noah asked.

"…Kind of," Kurt admitted. "I'm not really nervous to tell them, I guess I'm just nervous we'll get the same sort of reaction as yesterday. I know they're all expecting something, but…I don't know, I don't want a chorus of duhs or something again. Some congratulations would be nice."

"I'm sure it'll be alright," Noah said, though he wasn't quite sure himself. After a few moments, he commented, "You did a good job with covering the hickey today." He carefully moved his hand to the knot on Kurt's ascot and whispered, "Can I look at it?"

Kurt looked up at him and then at the clock. As he turned back to Noah, he sat up straighter and nodded. "Just for a bit," Kurt said, "Anyone could come in at any moment."

But his warning was soon forgotten. Noah carefully undid the tie and let his thumb run over the fading red of the mark—he was enamored with how much it stood out against the pale, unblemished skin on Kurt's neck. Kurt licked his lips as their eyes moved back to each other to make contact. With that, Noah slowly leaned in and pressed a kiss over the mark. "God, you have no idea how hot that looks on you," Noah mumbled against Kurt's neck. He pulled away after a few moments and moved the fabric to his lap. "You sure I can't mark up the other side, too?"

"Well…maybe in winter," Kurt relented, his voice kind of breathless from how Noah was looking at him. Noah brought a hand to Kurt's neck and lightly stroked the hickey with his thumb. "Then I can wear turtlenecks and thicker scarves…" He licked his lips again and quietly said, "You know you have other places below my neck that are open territory, right?"

Noah grinned at the idea. "God, I love you," he said.

"I love you, too," Kurt replied before all but launching himself at Noah's lips. Noah's other hand went to Kurt's cheek, pulling him in closer, while Kurt brought his hands to Noah's firm shoulders. He pressed his tongue against Noah's lips, and, at that point, where they were and what they were planning on doing and even Kurt's ascot were completely forgotten. Even when the bell rang soon after, announcing the end of final testing for the day, the two paid no notice.

"Wow, you were right, Finn; that is one big thing to discuss."

Kurt and Noah immediately stopped what they were doing—their hands dropping at their sides—and looked towards the door. There they found Santana standing in front of the rest of New Directions, a smirk on her lips. In fact, most of the choir was smirking, with the obvious exception of Finn; he was covering his eyes.

Tina grinned and added, "Almost as big as that hickey on Kurt's neck."

"Damn, you're losing your touch, Puckerman," Artie said as he wheeled in, the rest of the choir following his lead and walking in as well. "Weren't you bragging about how you make them into animal shapes just a few months ago?"

"Yeah, that looks just like an overexcited blob to me," Mercedes agreed.

Kurt quickly grabbed his ascot as his cheeks blushed. "Very funny," Noah said sarcastically, but he was definitely blushing as well; his just wasn't as obvious as Kurt's due to his tanner skin.

"So, were we called here for this or is there some other exciting news?" Tina asked.

"No, there's nothing else. We asked Finn to call a meeting so we could tell you guys that we're going to try the whole boyfriend thing," Kurt said.

"Finally," Artie cheered as everyone else gave similar remarks, "It's been hell waiting for you two to get to this point." After a look at Kurt's slightly upset face, he amended, "But, I mean, fun and exciting at times…and we're happy for you and all."

"Of course we're happy for you," Rachel said, giving Artie a reprimanding look for his lack of tact. She turned back to Puck and Kurt and said, "Love is great! And it's so great that you two have it—you are in love, right? It's not just dating?" She seemed to realize she shouldn't have assumed that they had shared those words.

Noah and Kurt just laughed in response before Noah said, "Yeah, Rach, it's love." He wrapped an arm around Kurt's shoulder and Kurt kissed his cheek in reply.

The girls all cooed, but were interrupted when Finn said, "Can you put that scarf thingie back on? I really don't want to see a hickey on my brother's neck. Just knowing you were behind a locked door alone all night is enough to scar me for life."

Kurt rolled his eyes and did so while Santana smirked. Echoing the question she had asked Blaine only a few months ago, she asked, "So who's the top and who's the bottom?" Yet again, Finn groaned and Santana pointed out, "I mean, I'd assume Kurt's the bottom, but Noah really did love that strap on of mine."

Kurt looked at Noah with wide eyes; it seemed like he was the only one surprised by this information. "Of all the things you told me about your hookups, you fail to mention that detail?" After a moment he just laughed and said, "Well, that's something to think about."

"Yeah, your boyfriend's a bit of a size queen there, Hummel."

Noah rolled his eyes at Santana but Kurt just smirked. "Well, I guess we are a perfect match, since I seem to be one, too," he said. He held up his hand and Noah gave him a high five while everyone (except for Finn) let out some shocked laughter. They hadn't expected Kurt to actually say something that sexual.

Santana even laughed at that. "Man, I think I like this non-virgin Hummel."

"I think Puck does, too," Artie quipped.

After that wave of laughter died down, Kurt said, "Okay, and the other thing we wanted to say was to please don't tell anyone else outside of this room." He gave a significant look to Mercedes and Tina, both of whom put their phones in their pockets and nodded solemnly. "I want to tell Blaine before he finds out through social media or something. And then we'll make it official after finals so I don't have to think about who knows and how to tell people until math is out of the way.

"But until then," Kurt stood up and took Noah's hand, "I'm going to go study with my boyfriend." He smiled at Noah and then looked back at everyone else, "And you are welcome to come, especially if you know Algebra II." And with that, the two of them walked off together, Noah already quizzing him on the subject as they made their way out of the choir room.

Kurt wasn't the biggest fan of confrontation. And while he and Blaine had managed to have a great time last time they got coffee together and they had some nice text conversations as just friends, he was worried telling him about him and Noah would turn into a confrontation. After all, part of why they broke up was Blaine's jealousy of Noah; now there was evidence that he had probably been right. Okay, Kurt knew he was right, since it wasn't like he had just fallen in love with Puck after he broke up with Blaine or something.

So, yeah, Kurt was a bit nervous as he waited for Blaine at the Lima Bean. He had asked Noah to meet him later, to give him enough time to tell Blaine the news before they saw each other again. He hoped his boyfriend would be able to handle Blaine better this time around, especially since Kurt was pretty sure Blaine wasn't going to handle seeing Puck well.

Once Blaine arrived and bought his drink, Kurt waved him over to his table. "Ah, math test?" Blaine asked as he lifted up Kurt's text book.

"Yeah, I have my algebra final tomorrow," Kurt answered with grimace.

"Ugh. Good luck," Blaine said as he sat down, his face twisted a little in disgust. "Mine's coming up soon," he said with a shake of his head. "I'm not too bad at it, but I hate doing it."

"Well, I hate doing it and I'm bad at it," Kurt said.

Blaine laughed quietly. "Okay, you beat me this time, Hummel." Kurt smiled and then Blaine asked, "So, what did you want to talk about? You said you had something you wanted to discuss with me?"

Kurt did his best to stay calm at Blaine's directness. He had thought they'd chat for a bit longer, really. But, well, no time like the present, right?

"Oh, it's nothing…" Kurt said. Blaine raised his eyebrows and Kurt shook his head, smiling a bit despite himself. "Okay, it's definitely not nothing. It's something. A big something." He hated that he had to fight off a childish giggle as he thought about a particularly big something involved in it.

Kurt took a sip of his nonfat mocha and looked down at the table. "When we broke up…I was really upset over what you thought about me and Noah—and I don't blame you, I just need to say all of this now," Kurt said, just in case Blaine was thinking of interrupting him. "I know why you thought it. And I knew then, too...I just understand it more now."

Blaine watched curiously as Kurt lifted his head to look at him directly. "Noah and I are…we're dating," Kurt said. "Well…more than dating, really. And we're making it Facebook official tomorrow after finals. I wanted you to know that."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Kurt braced himself. Kurt expected a long silence or a shout of I knew it! He expected Blaine to be angry that his suspicions were confirmed.

He didn't expect Blaine to smile and say, "That's awesome." There was no trace of irony or sarcasm or hurt in those words. "Really, it's so awesome. And I'm happy for you guys."

"Really?" Kurt asked, unable to believe it.

"Really," Blaine confirmed, briefly resting his hand over Kurt's and giving it a platonic squeeze. He pulled it away after a moment and gave Kurt a quizzical look. "Were you expecting me to be angry or something?"

"Well…kind of," Kurt admitted, now feeling a bit embarrassed.

Blaine sighed and, after a sip of coffee, said, "I can understand that." He put down his drink and leaned in a bit closer. "Look…I had my suspicions about you two—especially Puck. And instead of handling it well, I was a jerk and blew up at you. I mean, you definitely shouldn't have told him everything we did, but…I don't know. I guess neither of us really handled our relationship well."

With a small laugh, Kurt nodded. "Yeah. I guess that's what first relationships are for, right?"

"Yeah," Blaine agreed with a quiet breath of laughter. He looked down at his lap for a moment and then back over at Kurt. "I really am happy for you two, though. I promise I'm not upset at all. I mean it."

"Thank you," Kurt said, amazed and relieved over how well this had gone.

"So, who all have you told? I'm guessing the Facebook thing is going to be the final step," Blaine said with a knowing grin, since they had followed the same formula.

Kurt laughed and had another sip of his drink. "Yes…well, we told my family and his. Then we told the glee club and got them to promise not to tell anyone, since we don't want JBI bugging us about it," he explained. Kurt rolled his eyes, "After prom, he was convinced we were dating and trying to get an interview with me about it…I don't want to deal with that until finals are over." Kurt rolled his eyes again and said, "So, yeah, you might've guessed that no one has been surprised so far."

"I kind of figured," Blaine admitted with a chuckle. Kurt narrowed his eyes and Blaine held up his hands, "Hey, I've known you less than everyone else and I realized it." Kurt just smiled and shook his head; Blaine had a point. "So…how did it happen?"

After a moment of hesitation, Kurt explained prom and Nationals and the song. He went all the way up to Puck coming over to his house, but didn't divulge the whole story. "So…then I realized how I felt and I kissed him," Kurt said, finishing the story there. "He stayed over and the next day we started telling everybody."

"Wow," Blaine said. "I hadn't realized it was really that recent." He let out a whistle since he was pretty amazed. Then Blaine asked, "…do you love him?"

Kurt shyly smiled and nodded. "Yeah…yeah, I do," Kurt said. He brought his cup to his lips and Blaine studied him, another thought starting to come across his mind.

Leaning in close so no one could possibly hear them, Blaine asked, "How was the sex?"

Kurt somehow managed to swallowed the mouthful of mocha he had in his mouth and put his cup back down. "How did you know?" Kurt asked in an urgent whisper.

Blaine gave him a look, the kind of look Kurt was used to giving, not receiving. "Do you really expect me to believe that you guys just kissed and left it at that? The last few times we made out we ended up basically dry humping each other." Kurt smirked because, yeah, he had a point. "So, come on. How was it?"

"I thought you were against me telling him about our activities? Isn't this a little hypocritical?" Kurt asked, but he was smiling a little.

"Maybe," Blaine said with a shrug. After a moment he laughed and said, "Okay, a lot. But I was a bit more upset that it was yet another thing you and Puck talked about. You guys have so much in common and basically talk your own language; I wanted something that was just ours." Kurt apologized again and Blaine just brushed it away and said it was fine. "But, come on, I feel like you want to talk about it. And I'd love to hear what it's like from another gay teen. So, again, how was it?"

It was a testament to how much Kurt had grown in the past few months and how true their friendship was when Kurt smiled, excitedly leaned in, and whispered, "It was really great." Blaine nodded at him in encouragement, leaning in himself, and Kurt continued, "I wasn't sure how it'd feel, you know. I've done…well, what I can with myself. I was afraid it might hurt…" He trailed off, a bit worried he was going too far in detail, but Blaine just nodded again. "But…well, it got better. And it felt…it felt so good. So much better than anything I did myself," Kurt whispered. "There was definitely just this connection and vulnerability…I don't know how it would be for everyone their first time. Depends on how you feel with them, you know? But pleasure wise…wow. Just go slow…and lube up. A lot."

Blaine nodded, storing away that information for when his own time came. "Is that all you guys did?"

Kurt shook his head and then glanced around to make sure no one was listening. Then he leaned in even closer to whisper, "Well, we did some other…touching. But we also…eventually used our mouths, too." Kurt raised his eyebrows to express what he meant and Blaine's eyes slowly widened.

"How was that?"

"I think it'll get better. He was great, though. Fumbled a bit, but it was good…I did a really good job," Kurt said with a grin. Both Blaine and Kurt laughed a bit and Kurt smiled at his friend. "I also really enjoyed it."

"Well, yeah, I figure any mouth is better than your hand."

"Not that," Kurt said. "Well, yes, okay, that. I did enjoy that. But…I really liked giving it, too. Something about it was just really nice, like the heat around my head and how he felt on my tongue...I don't know. It could just be me." Kurt shrugged and Blaine shrugged as well, since it wasn't like he would know. "And, yeah, it was kind of nice being better at him than something since he's so experienced…it's a little unnerving, but at least I'm the first guy he's done stuff like this with."

After a moment, Kurt smiled and said, "You know, it's nice to have someone to talk about this." Blaine just smiled back and Kurt said, "Seriously. Everyone else has mostly made jokes or have barred Noah from entering my room." Kurt rolled his eyes at the thought of his dad and shook his head. "Anyways, thanks for asking. I didn't even think I'd want to talk about it, but it's nice."

"You're welcome," Blaine said. "Just be ready to let me gush when it happens for me. If it ever happens."

"It will, Blaine," Kurt said, putting a supportive hand on top of Blaine's. "You're too cute for it to never happen."

The two smiled at each other for a moment before Puck walked into the coffee shop. Kurt took his hand off of Blaine's and used it to wave Noah over to the table. "Hey, honey," Kurt said with a smile as Noah sat down next to him.

"Hey," Noah said, wrapping an arm around Kurt's shoulder. He looked over at Blaine awkwardly and then back to Kurt. "Did you tell him?"

"Yes," Kurt said, giving Noah a significant look. "And he's happy for us."

Noah sighed and lightly scratched the back of his neck. He looked over at Blaine and, with some effort said, "I'm sorry for being a jerk with you. You know, when you were with Kurt…and before." Kurt gave Noah's knee a squeeze in praise.

Blaine looked at Noah curiously for a moment before saying, "Thanks. I appreciate that." He sighed quietly before adding, "And I'm sorry, too. As I told Kurt, even though I was right to be suspicious about you two, I handled a lot of it poorly." Blaine looked between Kurt, who was becoming one of his best friends, and Noah a few times. Finally, he said, "I know we agreed to try to be friends for Kurt's sake. Maybe we can try that again. For real this time?" Blaine stretched out his hand in a peace offering.

After a couple of moments, Noah raised his free hand and grabbed Blaine's hand for a handshake. "Deal." The two smiled awkwardly at each other for a moment after they shook hands. Puck, needing to break the tension by saying something stupid, said, "And it's cool with me if Kurt tells you about our sex life."

"Good," Blaine said, smiling slyly, "Because he already has." Blaine winked at Kurt as he thought back on stuff Puck had told him when he knew about what he and Kurt had done together. "I know Kurt has a math test tomorrow. Do you have anything? I think I heard you might want to work on your oral presentation." Blaine winked and then brought his coffee cup to his lips.

Noah's jaw tightened, but he just shook his head and let it go while Kurt bit back a laugh. He definitely deserved that after everything. "Yeah, yeah," Noah said, rolling his eyes. "I think I get why you didn't want Kurt telling me about that stuff." He stole Kurt's coffee cup and took a sip before adding, "I'll work on that as I let my chest hair grow out." Kurt blushed a bit and lightly hit Noah on the arm as Blaine knowingly chuckled with him.

Well, at least they were bonding.

"Kurt, I think you've got it."

"One more time, okay?"

Noah sighed but nodded as they kept walking down the hallway. He knew Kurt always did his best to be absolutely perfect in all classes, even math, so he was definitely pushing himself extra hard for his last final. "Quadratic formula: go."

To the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel", Kurt lightly sang, "X equals the opposite of b, plus or minus the square root of b-squared minus 4ac, all over 2a."

"Good," Puck said. "And what do those letters mean?"

"They represent the numbers of a quadratic equation where y equals ax-squared plus bx plus c," Kurt recited. "…Right?"

"Right," Puck said giving him a high five as they stopped in front of Kurt's classroom. "I told you that you got this. Just keep breathing. And when you're done, I'll be here and ready to burn that graphing calculator." Kurt smiled at that, his smile only growing as Puck whispered, "And then we can make it Facebook official."

Kurt nodded. "Okay." God, all he wanted to do at that moment was get a good luck kiss, but he was the one who had insisted on waiting until finals were done in the first place. Why had he done that again?

The warning bell went off and Kurt paled a bit. "Good luck. You'll be great; you have an hour and a half to do this. I'll be here when you're done, okay?" Noah grabbed Kurt's hand and gave it a small squeeze before sending Kurt in for his test. Then he headed down the hallway for his last class, a special weights class he signed up for that was only available for athletes as the school.

As much as Noah loved hanging out with Bieste, he wasn't particularly enthused about having to show up for the last class, but she couldn't help it. As she explained it the week before, Figgins had a rule that gym classes had to have a final exam. While normally that was a fitness exam in freshman gym, Bieste didn't feel the need to have her jocks do stuff like that when they did that to a much higher level in their individual sports. Instead, she just had them help organize her equipment and clean out their lockers for the hour and a half they were there. It was better than a test, but Noah just wanted to wait for Kurt; what if he got out early?

But Noah managed to make it through the longest ninety minutes of his life. When that bell finally rang, Noah thanked Bieste for a kickass year and ran with all of his classmates out of there. He jogged down to the math hallway, but there was so much traffic with everyone saying goodbye that he could barely wade through it all.

Finally, Noah saw Kurt looking for him and Noah called out to him. Kurt grinned in excitement and shoved his way to Noah through the thinning crowd and jumped into Noah's arms. "I GOT AN A! I GOT AN A! I'M DONE WITH MATH!" Kurt cheered as Noah spun him around.

And before Noah could even congratulate him, Kurt was wrapping his arms around Noah's neck and kissing him hard on the lips.

Time seemed to stop and the world went quiet. Noah had experienced this with every kiss he and Kurt had shared so far, but this one seemed to be a bit different.

Noah pulled away from the kiss and let Kurt slowly slide his feet back to the ground. They looked around and saw a lot of people staring. Kurt laughed with Noah and rest his head on his chest, still laughing as a few people clapped and whistled before people went back to what they were doing.

"Well, that's one way to come out," Puck said with a smirk. Kurt pulled back and Noah wrapped his arm around his boyfriend's shoulders before they left McKinley and their junior year behind together.

Later that night, the two made it Facebook official. The post received more likes than anything else the two had ever posted. It didn't take long after that until JBI tried to message them for an interview. Kurt just closed his computer. Now it was time to focus on themselves and not what everyone thought about them. Now he had a whole summer to work on his relationship with Noah and figure out how they worked now. He had a whole summer with his favorite person. And that was a better feeling than being done with his required math courses would ever be.

The Friday after the school year ended, a week before Kurt's birthday, Kurt could be found in his room trying on almost every outfit. As six o'clock drew nearer and nearer, Finn was eventually pulled into his room. He sat on his brother's bed as Kurt asked him for his fashion advice which meant that Kurt had to be really desperate.

"Dude, I don't know why you're freaking out," Finn said, confused and also the tiniest bit annoyed since this had to be the twentieth outfit he'd shown him. "You guys are already together and in love or whatever. Why does your outfit matter?"

"Because, Finn, this is our first date," Kurt said as if he was talking to a two-year-old. He sighed and looked at the mirror, examining his reflection. Were the pants tight enough? Or were they too tight? Did he want to look hot, or did he just want to look cute? Should he be ready for some action in the back of Noah's truck, or was this going to be a cute, romantic night? "I need everything to be perfect. This is important and it's going to set the tone for the rest of our relationship."

Kurt shook his head at his outfit and started to pull off his shirt, soon throwing it onto the floor. Finn was well aware this wasn't how Kurt normally treated his clothes, and that it meant he was really freaking out. Kurt tore through his closet, sliding around more hangers than Finn had in all of his closet, his eyes peeling for the perfect top. "He's seen me in everything. How am I supposed to wow him when he knows my whole wardrobe almost as well as I do?"

"Kurt, calm down," Finn said. Kurt did no such thing, so Finn got up and sat him down on his bed. "He's going to love whatever you wear," Finn said. Kurt rolled his eyes and Finn continued, "You're putting way too much pressure on this. Do you think I care what Rachel wears? Ever? I just love seeing her." Kurt looked a bit convinced, but he was still crossing his arms and frowning.

After a little while, Finn walked over to Kurt's closet and pulled out a shirt Kurt had tried on earlier before he had started to throw his clothes around. "You said you wore this after prom, right?" Kurt jerked his head in something that resembled a nod. "Wear this, then. Yeah, he's seen it, but it's lucky, right?"

Finn held up the shirt with his signature half-grin, and Kurt slowly returned his own smile back. "You're right," Kurt said softly. He took the shirt off the hanger and carefully buttoned it on top of his undershirt. After a moment of consideration, he left the top buttons undone and rolled up and buttoned back the sleeves. It was definitely more skin than he usually showed, but it was hot and it was for his first date with his boyfriend; it was more than acceptable.

"And, dude, you have to wear actual jeans," Finn said. Kurt's eyes widened a bit, since he rarely wore plain denim. "Something new for something new, right?"

After some hesitation, Kurt found a pair of skinny jeans. He went into the bathroom to slip into those and then came out to find some boots, Kurt had to admit the finished product wasn't so bad. "He definitely hasn't seen me do something like this," Kurt admitted. This was basically casual wear for him. He looked over the outfit in the mirror as Finn sat on his bed.

"Thanks," Kurt said genuinely to Finn. "Sorry for freaking out. I know it's dumb. I really am worried about setting the right tone for the relationship, but it's not just that. It's just…" Kurt struggled to find the right words. "It's kind of hard. With Blaine, at least we were still getting to know each other. With Noah, we know each other so well…I don't want to bore him." Finn frowned and Kurt admitted, "I'm really afraid that's what's going to happen."

Finn nodded, even though he wasn't sure he understood that. Then again, he had thought it before and he knew he'd think it again, he never understood anything about Kurt and Puck. "It's gonna be awesome, Kurt. Don't worry about it." He put a reassuring hand on Kurt's shoulder and had barely taken it off before the doorbell rang. "I'll go get that," Finn said, more than ready to get out of that room.

"Thanks. You have to make them wait," Kurt said with a small, but nervous, smile.

Thankfully, Finn made it over before Burt did. Noah was there with a nervous look on his face, dressed better than his usual get up and, most surprisingly, with his mohawk shaved. "Nice hair," Finn joked as Noah stepped inside.

"Thanks," Noah said, apparently not paying attention to the tone of Finn's voice. He ran a hand over his smooth head and smiled slightly nervously. "I thought Kurt might like it."

"Yeah…" After a few moments, Finn looked towards the stairs and said, "He's ready, I don't know why he hasn't come down yet."

"You have to make them wait," Puck said. Finn looked at him and he shrugged. "Clueless. It's his favorite movie." Finn nodded; he remembered Kurt making them watch that once when it was his turn to pick the movie.

Just a few moments later, Carole and Burt joined them. Puck still avoided Burt's eyes a bit, but Carole smiled brightly at him. "Kurt's going to love the haircut," she said, making Puck smile in relief. "So, what are you two going to do tonight? He said you were planning it this time."

Before Puck could say anything, Kurt started coming down the stairs. Noah's face burst into a smile. "Hey," he said as Kurt walked over to him. "You look great."

Kurt relaxed, finally, after hearing those words. "Thanks. You do, too." Kurt tensed up again as he realized his whole family was watching him. While Kurt had always wanted their approval and wanted them to know they were dating, the idea of them actually watching was a bit unnerving. "Let's get going—"

"Wait! I promised Mae I'd get a picture," Carole said, pulling out her phone.

"Carole…" Kurt stopped himself, knowing all too well that he wasn't going to escape.

Noah wrapped his arm around Kurt's waist and Kurt did the same to him. They smiled through a few photos more than necessary, until Kurt finally said they needed to get going. "Be home by eleven," Burt reminded them as Carole gave them hugs and Finn tried not to laugh in the background.

When the two finally got in Noah's truck, Noah cupped Kurt's cheek and brought him in for a kiss. Kurt's eyes closed and remained closed for a few moments after the kiss ended. He smiled up at Noah and put on his seat belt before Noah started his car. "What do you have planned for us?" Kurt finally asked. "Breadstix?" After all, what else did they have to do in town?

Noah smirked. "Nope. I wanted to do something more special for you." Kurt's heart warmed and he grinned wide enough that it actually hurt a bit.

They sat in a comfortable, if nervous, silence as Noah drove. Eventually he stopped at the park. He hopped out of the car and opened Kurt's door for him, taking his hand as he took him out. "I thought we could have a picnic." He pulled a basket from out of the back and led Kurt to one of the sunnier areas.

Noah pulled out a blanket from the basket and carefully set it on the ground. Then he pulled out some mini-sandwiches, strawberries, chips, bottles of water, and a single rose from the basket. He set the rose in an empty bottle to serve as a vase and then looked up at Kurt.

"I love it," Kurt said. Then he looked up at the sun, which wasn't close to setting, and started to say, "But I didn't put on—"

Before Kurt could finish his sentence, Noah was handing him a bottle of his favorite sunscreen from the basket. Kurt laughed under his breath and gladly started to put it on. "And we'll need some bug spray—"

Noah pulled out a bottle of Skin So Soft, Kurt's lifetime preferred way of dealing with bugs on summer nights. Kurt laughed again. "Okay, we get it; you know me, Puckerman." He sat down next to Noah on the blanket and handed him the sunscreen, "And thank god for that."

The two sat in mostly silence for a little while as they started eating, neither of them knowing what to say. Finally, the tension got to Kurt and he blurted out, "I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. I want this to go well, and…I'm really nervous."

Noah let out a small laugh. "You think I'm not?" He grabbed Kurt's hand as he rolled his eyes at himself.

"I think we're putting too much pressure on this," Kurt said, thinking about his conversation with Finn. "We need to just relax. It's like hanging out like normal. This isn't a big deal. We're spending the next few months trying to figure out the differences in our relationship slowly and surely. There's no need to freak out."

"Yeah, but I have the one who has to give you a birthday present first," Noah said. "How can I figure out what kind of present I should give you right away? Like, what's the difference between a best friend gift and a boyfriend gift? Especially with us. Talk about pressure." Noah took a sip of water and rolled his eyes at himself again.

"I thought you were getting me a vibrator," Kurt teased.

"It's still on the table. Not sure how romantic that is, though," Noah said with a chuckle.

Kurt looked at Noah thoughtfully, his thumb tracing over Noah's knuckles. After a few moments, he said, "Don't get me anything."


"Don't get me anything," Kurt repeated. At Noah's incredulous look, Kurt just smiled. "Like you said, this is a lot of pressure. So if you haven't gotten me something already, don't worry about it. We can just spend the day together…my dad should be working all day," Kurt raised his eyebrows and smirked at that. "I'd rather have fun with you."

Noah still looked doubtful so Kurt moved in a bit closer. "I know we probably shouldn't get into talking about our future since this is still relatively new—at least label-wise—but even before all of this, our plan has always been New York, right?" Kurt looked at Noah and waited for an answer. Noah nodded and Kurt smiled softly. "So…we should save up for that. New York's expensive. I have some money in the bank, but…maybe we should save up and only spend money on things that can help us in New York?"

Noah slowly smiled and nodded. "Okay—but I'm still getting you something. Just something simple."

"Okay," Kurt said, smiling brightly. After a beat, he added, "Obviously I'm still buying new clothes. I have to be able to compete with the New York fashion scene, so it counts."

Noah laughed. "Of course."

After that, their conversation started to flow a lot more freely, just like it always did. They soon finished their meal and put the basket back in Noah's truck and started to walk around the lake.

As night started to fall, Kurt and Noah went back to the car, and Noah drove them to the other side of the park. They got into the bed of Puck's truck and laid down over the blanket from the picnic and some pillows Noah brought. Noah wrapped his arm around Kurt's shoulders as they looked at the stars, the Skin-So-Soft still keeping the bugs away.

It was like a scene right out of a movie. Kurt snuggled against Noah as best as he could, feeling more content than he ever had. And when Noah kissed him, Kurt realized that this was even better than any movie scene, because it was real, and because no movie couple could even compete with their chemistry.

…But then Kurt realized that, as romantic as staring at the stars was, it kind of got boring after a while. You know what wasn't boring? Making out in the back of the truck. Noah definitely agreed with that as well.

Eventually they had to head back to the Hummel-Hudson household. They were mostly silent on the drive back, this time less out of nerves and more because, well, they didn't have to say anything. It was a perfect date, and any worries they had over their new romantic status had simply disappeared.

Noah walked Kurt to the door and gave him the single rose from dinner. Kurt wrapped his arms around Noah's neck and kissed Noah deeply, only stopping when he needed a breath. He placed his forehead against Noah's, smiling softly as his eyes remained closed for a few more moments.

"Good luck trying to top this for our next date," Noah joked quietly.

"Shut up," Kurt whispered with a small laugh. And after one more kiss, Kurt sadly pulled away and watched Noah get in his car. Before Kurt could open his door, his phone buzzed in his pocket. Kurt pulled it out and read a text from Noah that simply read Love you.

Kurt smiled and looked over his shoulder before sending one right back. Love you, too.

At 7:31 AM, just a week later, Noah rang the doorbell to Kurt's house. Normally he'd just let himself in with his spare key, but his hands were kind of full from a bouquet of flowers, a party hat, and a bunch of balloons. He looked at his watch and started knocking on the door anxiously until, finally, Finn answered it.

"Took you long enough," Puck said before pushing past Finn and into the house.

Finn closed the door with a massive eye roll. "Shut up, Puckerman."

"Kurt up?" Noah asked before Finn could give him anymore attitude.

"Yeah, his Highness is in the kitchen, just like you asked."

"Perfect, thanks!" Noah said before rushing off to said kitchen. There he found Kurt, just like Finn had said. As Carole worked on Kurt's birthday breakfast and Burt read the paper, Kurt sat on the counter and drank from a mug of coffee. He was wearing an old T-shirt as a pajama top—one of Noah's Titans shirts—and a pair of sleep shorts, both of which were a little big on him, especially compared to his usual clothes. As soon as he heard Noah enter, he looked up and put down his mug.

"Noah! Oh my god, they didn't tell me you were coming so soon. I would've put on something better—"

"Yeah, and ruin the effect," Noah said with a small laugh. Kurt gave him a look as he tried to flatten his messy hair and Noah said, "Come on, I've seen you in worse." Kurt intensified his glare and Noah said, "Plus you look cute in my T-shirt."

Kurt relented with a smile and seemed to finally notice everything in Noah's hands. "Noah, what are you doing?"

"What do you think?" Finn muttered as he walked past them back to the table. Noah just put down the flowers in order to pull out a noisemaker from his pocket as Carole put the gravy she was making on simmer so she could grab her camera. Noah stood back up, put the party hat on Kurt's head, handed Kurt the balloons, and then looked at his watch.

"…3…2…1…" Noah blew into the noisemaker and Kurt laughed as Carole pressed record. "At 7:34 AM, May 27, 1993, Kurt Elizabeth Hummel—né Kurt Eli Hummel—was born to Katherine Elizabeth Hummel—née Thomas—and Burt Benjamin Hummel." Kurt brought a hand to his face before apparently deciding against covering his eyes and moved it back down to his lap as he grinned and blushed. "So, as it is now May 27, 2011 at 7:34 AM, let me be the first to say: happy official eighteenth birthday to Kurt Elizabeth Hummel." He handed Kurt the flowers and acknowledged, "And thank you to the Hummel-Hudson family to getting the birthday boy out of bed for this." He nodded towards the table and to Carole before blowing the noisemaker again. "Happy birthday, baby," he finished.

Kurt giggled and pulled Noah into a hug, while Carole made a soft aw as she closed the camera. Carole, Finn, and Burt all wished Kurt a happy birthday as well, though Kurt knew he'd get a more enthusiastic one later at his birthday lunch and dinner. As Carole went back to cooking and Finn and Burt started to discuss baseball, Noah finally leaned in to press a short kiss to Kurt's lips shyly. As official as they were, they weren't quite interested in everyone seeing their displays of affections, at least not their families.

Noah leaned over and whispered in Kurt's ear, "They're still leaving later, right?"

Kurt blushed a bit but nodded as he grabbed Noah's hand. He gave it a squeeze and then looked over at Carole. "How's the gravy coming?"

Just over an hour later, Kurt was properly dressed and well-fed. He sat next to Noah on the couch, the two of them talking in excited whispers. Finn sat in Burt's usual chair and did his best to ignore them as he watched the Today show, but his best wasn't doing so hot.

"So, if I'm eighteen," Kurt teased Noah softly, "And you're not, does that mean we can't have sex until your birthday?"

"God, I hope so," Finn muttered.

"Don't be jealous, Hudson," Noah said as Kurt sent Finn a glare.

"Trust me, I'm not jealous of either of you in this situation," Finn said. But, okay, maybe he was just the slightest bit jealous that those two had only just gotten together yet they seemed to be having sex whenever possible, yet Rachel still hadn't even let him go to third. "If I'm jealous of anyone, it's our parents since you never do it when either of them are home."

Kurt and Noah rolled their eyes, and shared a look. Ever since their first night together, they actually hadn't gone "all the way" again, if you only considered that "all the way". They had managed to squeeze in some, well, squeezes and such, but that was it. Of course, neither of them corrected Finn since it wasn't his business.

Soon enough, the three heard steps on the nearby staircase. Kurt and Noah looked over their shoulders as Carole and Burt walked into the living room. "Burt and I are going to head off to work," Carole said as she searched for her keys in her purse. "We'll meet you back here and go out to lunch around 12:30. Sound good?"

"Sounds great," Kurt said. He smiled at his stepmom as she leaned in to give him a kiss on the forehead. His dad did the same, both of them wishing him happy birthday yet again before going to the garage. Kurt and Noah sat very still as they listened to the mechanical garage door open and then close, waiting until they were sure the coast was completely clear.

As soon as they heard the door close, Puck jumped up and picked up Kurt, hoisting him over his shoulder. "See ya later, Finn," Puck said as Kurt laughed; that part hadn't been planned, but he wasn't complaining. Finn groaned and turned up the volume on the TV set.

Puck closed the door to Kurt's room and gently dropped Kurt onto the bed before climbing on top of him. Kurt pulled Noah down for a kiss, already arching his back towards him as their lips pressed together.

When they pulled away for air, Noah breathlessly asked, "Do you still want to? I mean, I can, and it's your birthday—"

"No," Kurt panted back, knowing exactly what Noah was asking despite the vague wording. "No, I want you in me." He wrinkled his nose, since that seemed so vulgar to say, but what else worked in this case? "You felt so…big. And warm. I just…" Kurt didn't know how to describe it. Yes, he knew Noah had been pegged before so he probably understood part of it, but feeling the pulse and the warmth, even as dulled as it was by the condom? The full feeling that was completely intoxicating? The vulnerability of it all? Kurt wasn't sure he could put that into words or explain how much he loved it. So he just kissed Noah instead and started to pull Noah's shirt off of him.

The two worked together to quickly take off the other's clothes. They had spent their first night together, after the whole taking Kurt's virginity thing, exploring each other's bodies and taking time with each other as they discovered erogenous zones and ticklish spots and grips that made the other moan. Now, even though they had the time for that, neither of them was interested in something slow or sweet. And, yes, that was surprising to Kurt as well, since he always assumed he'd want things to be romantic, but, well, his libido was the much louder voice at the moment.

Soon, they were naked and tangled up together and Kurt was handing Noah the bottle of lube and a condom. "Can you stretch me this time?" Kurt asked.

"Definitely," Noah said. Of course, he'd never done this to someone else before, even though he had told Santana it would only be fair after she had done it to him, but whatever. "Can you turn over and get on your hands and knees? That'll be easier."

Kurt nodded and did as he was told, making sure to spread his legs as much as he could in the position to help Noah along the way. Noah watched, licking over his lips as he saw Kurt's hole. He opened the bottle of lube and was about to pour some on his hands when he got an idea.

He put the bottle back on the bed and spread Kurt's cheeks out, his cock twitching as he got an even better look at Kurt's hole. He let his thumb slightly press against the ring of muscles and reminded himself that even if he hadn't done this, he had eaten a lot of girls out in his day. How different could this be?

Just as Kurt was starting to ask what he was doing, Noah leaned forward and licked a stripe up Kurt's crack.

Kurt let out a sound of surprise, one that didn't really indicate displeasure or pleasure at the sensation. When Kurt stayed silent after that, Noah stuck out his tongue again to lick hard against Kurt's hole, observing how the muscles twitched against his tongue, and how Kurt made a sound like a moan mixed with a laugh. Noah started to lick insistently at the hole, just experimenting, really. He was about ready to pull back, since Kurt didn't seem that interested, when a particular move of his tongue made Kurt let out a loud, high moan of pleasure. "Oh my god," Kurt moaned, "Noah—oh my god."

Noah grinned and started to lick Kurt harder, using his tongue and lips and jaw against those tight muscles in order to loosen him up. He started pressing inside with his tongue as he opened up the lube, since, while he was enjoying this, he knew both of them would enjoy what was coming even more. He poured some of the lube on his right hand and rubbed his fingers together to warm it up. After a few finals licks and a kiss to Kurt's hole, Puck pulled away and gently pressed his index finger against the rim of muscles.

The rimming seemed to help, since the finger slid in easier than Puck expected, and both he and Kurt moaned once his finger was all the way inside of him. Woah. "You're so hot," Noah said, pressing a kiss against one of Kurt's cheeks. Even he wasn't sure if he meant Kurt was hot or if he was talking about how warm he was around his finger. Probably both.

Noah's cock twitched as Kurt asked for another finger, which he slid in easily. He hissed at the amount of heat surrounding his fingers and, after a few moments so Kurt could adjust, he started to spread his fingers inside of him. "God," Puck moaned as Kurt lowered his upper body down to the bed, his ass pressing higher into the air. He was so warm and deliciously tight around his fingers, and…god. He wished he could feel that warmth without a condom on, but he wasn't sure that was the best thing to discuss at the moment.

"Noah," Kurt pleaded, which snapped Noah out of his reverie. "More, please."

"Yes," Puck said softly. He leaned back and watched Kurt's hole as he took out his fingers. Kurt whined, kind of pathetically, and Puck lightly ran a hand over one of his cheeks in what he hoped was a soothing manner. Then he opened the lube again and poured more onto his fingers. As he warmed up his hand again, his other one went to Kurt's hole, his thumb pressing against it. Kurt's hole sucked it in, and Puck couldn't help but say, "Someone wants it bad."

There was a silence, and for a split second, Noah was sure he had ruined things again. But then Kurt quietly moaned, rolled his hips, and breathlessly replied, "So bad."

Puck's brain short-circuited at that reaction before all kinds of dirty words coming into his head. He filed that information for later and moved his thumb away in order to push in three fingers on his right hand inside of Kurt. "Jesus," Puck groaned as Kurt pushed himself back to make the movement even quicker.

Noah cleared his throat to try to get his focus back. He started moving his fingers faster, pulling them out almost all the way before shoving them back in. Kurt's hips moved perfectly with his thrusts until, seemingly out of nowhere, Kurt told him to stop. "I—just—I'm too close," Kurt said, his voice full of embarrassment, which Puck found, well, adorable, but also unneeded. No matter how embarrassing Kurt found it, it was ridiculously hot to Noah how easily Kurt got going.

"Okay, baby," he simply said. Noah took out his fingers and moved back as Kurt turned to face him.

"Can I put your condom on?" Kurt asked.

"Of course," Puck said, really wanting to feel Kurt's hands wrapped around him again. He teased, "If you think you know how."

Kurt rolled his eyes and batted Puck's hand away before grabbing a condom. He ripped it open with his teeth—Puck wondered vaguely if Kurt had practiced that, since it seemed like something he'd do—and then he gripped Puck's cock tightly. Noah expected him to roll the condom down then, but Kurt grinned at him before leaning down and sucking in the head of his cock.

If Noah thought his brain had short-circuited before, it was nothing compared to this. His hips rolled forward on instinct, but he immediately backed up and apologized. Kurt's eyes looked up towards him as he started to bob down, taking most of Puck inside of his mouth before pulling back. "It's only fair after you drove me crazy there," Kurt said at his boyfriend's shocked, wide eyes.

Kurt continued to lick along the tip of Noah's cock before licking down the underside and back up. His hand went to cup Noah's balls, lightly squeezing and playing with them as he got a determined look on his face. Without warning, Kurt took a deep breath and sucked in Noah's cock again, his head immediately starting to make its way down Noah's cock.

As he kept going, Noah started to realize what Kurt was trying to do, and a vaguely pathetic noise to match Kurt's earlier whine left his mouth. Noah stayed absolutely still, even though he just wanted to shove his hips forward into the warmth of Kurt's mouth; he didn't want to hurt him. Kurt, however, didn't seem to care, since he moved his hand from Noah's balls back to Noah's ass and tried to push him forward. "Really?" Noah asked, his voice a bit higher and tighter. Kurt looked up at him with determined eyes, and Noah slowly thrust his hips forward as Kurt continued to lower himself. Kurt closed his eyes and moaned as he continued on and somehow, impossibly, his lips were around the base of Noah's cock and his nose was pressed against Noah's pelvis and Jesus fucking Christ.

"Oh my fucking god, Kurt, your mouth, I…fucking…" Noah made himself stop talking as his hips moved and tried to get in impossibly deeper. He moaned low in his throat at the new sensation—no girl had ever really tried to do this, which was fine, since they found other means of entertainment, but still. Holy shit. And when Kurt hummed around him, Noah was sure he was going to lose it and come right then.

Thankfully, though also sadly, Kurt pulled off of him with a wet pop. Kurt panted and wiped at his lips and eyes, which seemed to have teared up from the effort. "Are you okay?" Noah asked, his cock still positively throbbing.

"Yeah," Kurt said, pressing a hand to his throat. He cleared it and nodded again. "It kind of hurt, but I liked it," Kurt reassured him. He laughed and clarified, "I liked doing that, but I also love driving you crazy."

"Feel free to drive me crazy all you want…Jesus," Noah said breathlessly as Kurt started to slide the condom down around him and lubed him up.

Kurt looked at Noah thoughtfully. "Okay," he said before asking, "Can I ride you? Or is that driving you too crazy?"

"Fuck yes," Puck replied instantly. He always loved watching girls ride him, and he was sure he'd love watching Kurt, too. "Do you want me laying down or sitting up?"

"Sitting up," Kurt said after a moment of thought. "Against the headboard—for balance," Kurt said for an explanation. Noah nodded and they quickly moved into that formation. Kurt climbed over Noah's hips, Noah's cock sliding against his crack in the process which just made them both moan.

"Ready?" Noah asked. Kurt nodded. Figuring Kurt would appreciate the help for his first time in that position, Noah grabbed the base of his cock and helped line it up to Kurt's hole. After a beat, Kurt started to slide down.

Noah's eyes rolled back as Kurt made his way down, going much quicker than Noah would've assumed he wanted. He looked back at Kurt, afraid he might've gone too fast, but Kurt looked blissed out with his eyes closed and his mouth open. "Are you okay?" Noah asked, just to be sure.

"More than," Kurt responded, opening his eyes. He reached forward to lean a hand on the head board as the other went to Noah's shoulder as he slowly pressed his hips down as far as possible, eliciting moans from both of them. "Definitely more than okay."

Slowly, Kurt started to lift himself before falling back down again with a moan. He kept repeating that motion and started to pick up speed, basically bouncing himself on Noah's dick. Noah held onto his hips for added balance as the headboard started to bang against the wall.

As Kurt kept going, he started to angle his body a bit, a curious look on his face. After a few moments, he let out a piercing moan that seemed to take even himself by surprise. He stopped for a moment and moved back up and down at that angle, moaning desperately. "Oh god," Kurt moaned, building his speed back up to rub against his prostate. "Oh my god, Noah, you feel so good and so big, I—god," Kurt babbled. "You like it? Is it good?"

Noah watched Kurt with lust-filled eyes, his own moans escaping every now and then. "More than," Noah responded, somehow managing a breathless laugh at that. "You look so good like this—look so good riding my cock. God, you're so fucking hot," Noah moaned back. He was doing his best to memorize this moment, how tight Kurt was around him, how blissed out Kurt looked, the flush on his cheeks, the panting of his breath, how his hard cock moved with him…Noah was almost overwhelmed, enough so that, after a few more moments, he buried his face against Kurt's chest and started to suck against his collarbone. He just needed to look away for a few seconds. Kurt's skin started to heat up against Noah's mouth, driving both of them even crazier.

But then Kurt panted, "Noah…so close." Noah pulled back again and leaned back against the headboard, since he needed to see this, as overwhelming as it was. He wrapped his hand around Kurt's cock, which made Kurt moan even louder. Noah tightly gripped him and stroked him as Kurt kept riding him.

It didn't take much more for Kurt's head to fall back as he moaned in release. Noah kept stroking Kurt as he came, his come landing on Noah's abs and all over his hand. Kurt kept moving his hips, though not nearly as intensely as before as his ass squeezed around Noah's dick. Kurt's head soon fell forward against Noah's shoulder as he shuddered, overwhelmed by pleasure. Noah slowly moved his hand away from Kurt's cock while his other went to his back, soothingly rubbing his back as he quietly murmured words of praise in his ear and did his best to ignore how hard his cock still was.

Kurt, however, couldn't ignore it. He shifted and held back a wince as he pulled back his head. "You're still hard," he said, an unreadable expression on his face.

Noah shrugged. "Yeah…it's fine, I can just—oh." Before he could even come up with an idea, Kurt started to move his hips again. Noah moved his hands back to Kurt's hips as he started to pick up speed. It had to be painful, or at least uncomfortable since it was so soon after he had come. "Kurt, you don't have to do this," Noah said, even though his cock was begging for it and he really did not want to just jerk himself off after being inside of Kurt.

"I know," Kurt panted as he started building up speed. "I want to." He bit his lip, obviously still sensitive from coming, and kept moving his hips faster and faster.

Noah couldn't stop his hips from meeting Kurt's thrusts, his cock throbbing with need. He couldn't believe Kurt was still doing this after he had already come. And as Kurt squeezed tight around him, Noah's head fell back against the wall behind the head board and he moaned loudly as he came. Kurt would've kept moving his hips, but Noah held onto them tightly and was thrusting up inside of him as he kept him still.

After a few more thrusts, Noah opened eyes he hadn't realized he closed and let go of Kurt's hips. With some help, Kurt managed to climb off of Noah and collapsed next to him. Noah quickly took off the condom and tied it up before throwing it in the direction of Kurt's trash can. Then he slipped down the bed in order to lay down next to Kurt and wrap his arms around him. He kissed Kurt's shoulder, his neck, his ear, his cheek, and finally his lips, softly and gently.

"You're so amazing," Noah said softly as Kurt smiled up at him.

"So are you," Kurt replied quietly as he wrapped his arms around Noah in return. "I love you.
"I love you, too," Noah said.

After a moment, Kurt said, "That was amazing."

"It was," Noah agreed. He smirked a little as he added, "Who knew you'd be that wild, huh?"

Kurt laughed a little. "I guess we still have some things to learn about each other."

"I guess we do," Noah agreed. "And we'll have plenty of time to do that. And hopefully we can do that while freaking Finn out, because that's been a lot of fun." Kurt giggled and agreed while he snuggled in closer. "Happy birthday, Kurt."

"Thank you," Kurt said. Kurt pressed a kiss to the pulse point on Noah's neck and rest his head on his shoulder. His fingers gently ran up and down Noah's side, and he watched them move. It felt so good to be laying there with him in the afterglow. It sounded so cliché, almost too much for him to even think, but he never knew something could feel so perfect and natural and right. It was hard to believe that just a few weeks ago he was scared of being this intimate with anyone, let alone Noah. He almost wanted to kick himself for not starting this sooner.

Kurt moved his head closer to Noah's neck, a bit embarrassed as he admitted, "I think you're going to be my best birthday present this year."

Noah knew the feeling. Though his birthday was a few months away, he couldn't imagine anything better happening this year. Or, well, ever really. As his hand rested on Kurt's side and his thumb traced over the white, slightly raised stretchmarks from Kurt's growth spurts, he felt amazingly lucky. Of course, he still had to tease Kurt a little bit; that part of their relationship was never going to change.

"Even better than that vibrator I promised you?" Puck asked in a quiet, teasing voice.

"Only because you haven't gotten it yet," Kurt teased right back. Noah laughed quietly and Kurt joined him before they shared another kiss.

After some more cuddling and a not-so-quick shower (wherein both boys managed to dirty themselves up again), the two made themselves presentable again and went downstairs, both boys much more satisfied and relaxed as they went to the living room. Kurt still made sure to sit down carefully, though, and Finn shot them both a dirty look.

"Could you at least keep it down next time?" Finn asked desperately.

"Maybe you could buy some headphones," Kurt said simply as he laid his head against Noah's shoulder.

"Or get out of the house," Puck suggested as he wrapped an arm around Kurt's shoulders.

Finn rolled his eyes but didn't respond.

A little while later, the garage door opened and Burt and Carole came back in. It looked like Kurt and Puck hadn't even left their spots, and thankfully Finn knew better than to say anything.

Soon the five of them went out to lunch at the little French place Kurt loved. It was usually his birthday dinner, but they had decided to switch it up that year and have a special dinner at home, which Kurt didn't mind. The conversations were varied between them, though Noah still had trouble talking to Burt ever since the morning after their first time. He was getting better, though. They both were.

Eventually Burt and Carole had to get back to work, and while Kurt wanted to go back to his room with Noah, Noah suggested they go out and enjoy the wonders of turning 18. Which…wasn't much. Kurt registered to vote (which took a while) and all of that boring legal stuff. Then they went to a few 7/11s to buy scratch off lottery tickets.

"There's really not much fun to being eighteen," Kurt observed as he and Noah headed back to his car.

"Hey, you won five dollars back there," Noah pointed out.

"Woohoo," Kurt said dryly. After a moment, he admitted, "Okay, that was pretty cool. But I want to do something big."

"Like what? A tattoo?" Noah asked. He climbed into the driver's seat and Kurt jumped into the passenger's seat.

"I totally didn't even think about that," Kurt said thoughtfully. "I wouldn't need my dad's permission to do anything like that."

"You want a tattoo?" Noah asked incredulously. "You?"

"Of course not," Kurt said, waving his hand for emphasis. "At least not now. But maybe a piercing…"

Several google searches and a drive later, Kurt left one of the local piercing parlors with some cleaning solution and a crystal stud in his right ear. "Cool, right?" Kurt said as they got in Puck's car.

"It's pretty cool," Puck admitted. "Pretty hot, even. Makes you look badass." Kurt smiled proudly at that and reward Noah with a kiss on the cheek. "Hopefully your dad doesn't kill me for letting it happen." Kurt laughed since he was pretty sure his dad wouldn't really care. As Kurt turned on the radio, Noah checked the time on the clock and said, "We should probably head back now."

Kurt looked at the time and agreed. "Maybe if we're quick we can fit in another round," he said with a nudge to Noah's side.

"Maybe," Noah said, though he knew that wasn't going to happen.

When they got to Hummel-Hudson residence, Kurt only had one thing on his mind. He urged Noah out of the car quickly, not noticing Noah sending a text. He unlocked the front door and as they walked in, Kurt quietly asked, "Do you think they're home yet?" He leaned up and tugged on Noah's earlobe with his teeth. Puck stopped dead in his tracks at that; it took all of his strength to lead Kurt towards the living room instead of picking him up and rushing him back up to his room again. Kurt didn't seem to notice what was happening and started to say, "Maybe we can even—"


Kurt jumped, suddenly very glad he hadn't had a chance to finish that thought as he found his living room covered in decorations and full of his family, Mae, Sara, Blaine, and most of the glee club. "Oh my god," Kurt said, a bright smile on his face despite what he had almost said in front of everyone. "Oh my god, you—" Kurt turned to Noah, "So that's why you were keeping me out of the house all afternoon."

"Yeah," Noah said, not wanting to point out that he obviously wouldn't have left the house—or, specifically, Kurt's bedroom—otherwise. Kurt gave his hand a small squeeze and smiled at everyone.

"Did you get your ear pierced?" Mercedes asked as the sun in the window flashed off his fake-diamond stud.

Kurt self-consciously touched it. "Yeah…there's not much you can do for your eighteenth," he said defensively.

"I like it," Mercedes said with a smile, coming closer to inspect it.

"Me, too," Tina agreed, also stepping in closer. Kurt smiled as his friends started commenting on it. His dad looked less than impressed, but he simply shrugged when Kurt looked at him. Kurt could make his own decisions about his body.

"Why just the right?" Artie asked.

"Well, I wasn't sure I wanted both, and Google said that the right was generally 'the gay ear,'" Kurt said. "Though the consensus was that there isn't really a definitive ear anymore. I sleep on my back or left side, though, so it seemed fitting."

"Are you actually going to keep it? It doesn't seem like your style," Rachel said with slight concern.

"Hey," Kurt said sharply, kind of resenting the idea that it wasn't his style. He was cool enough for one! "I like it, so yes."

"So pizza is on its way," Carole said as the hubbub about Kurt's ear started to die down. "And we have cake and presents for later—yes, cheesecake." Kurt bounced on his toes at the news.

"And we thought us girls could sleepover," Rachel added. "You know, for a true birthday party bash."

Kurt smiled and nodded, but then froze for a moment with wide eyes. There was definitely some come and lube on his sheets he hadn't bothered cleaning up, since he assumed they were going to get dirty again. After a moment he put on a smile. "Yes, of course. I need a moment to clean my room up a bit, but that sounds great."

A little bit into the party, Kurt snuck away to do just that. He quickly changed his sheets to a clean pair and stuffed the dirty ones in his hamper. He made sure the condom Noah had worn was thrown away and that his lube and condom box were stored away properly. There was no reason for his girl friends to see that. He almost gave Noah an earful about how he should've warned him for that reason, but then Blaine told him Noah had planned the party out, including who was invited and finding the right cheesecake and everything. And, well, Kurt couldn't get mad at him for trying to surprise him.

Once 10:00 hit, most of the party guests had left and Carole refused to let Kurt help with the minimal amount of cleanup, so Kurt and the remaining girls went up to his room. It was his usual crowd of girls, which was more than okay with him. Kurt and Mercedes leaned back against the headboard while Rachel and Tina sat at the other ends of the bed as the four of them talked about their summer plans and whatnot.

It wasn't too long before there was a knock on the door. "Yes?" Kurt called out. Noah opened the door and popped his head in.

"Hey," Puck said. "Your dad wants to head to bed."

Kurt frowned. "Already? I was hoping you could join us for at least part of a movie." Noah frowned back and Kurt got up. "Just a minute, ladies."

Once he got out in the hall, he caught his dad on the way to his room. His dad gave him a big hug and wished him happy birthday again. "Love you," Burt said, which Kurt echoed back. "Can't believe you're eighteen…"

The hug lasted longer than usual, and Kurt was pretty sure his dad was fairly misty-eyed when he walked away, but he knew his dad wouldn't want anyone to comment on it. Then Carole gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, thankfully not quite as tearful as his dad, before the two of them went to bed. Finn even stopped by to give him a hug and a final happy birthday before poking his head in Kurt's room to say goodnight to Rachel.

Finally, it was just Noah in the hallway. Kurt walked him to the door and wrapped his arms around his neck. "Thank you. For everything," Kurt said.

"No need to thank me," Noah said, his arms wrapping around Kurt's waist. "It's your birthday; you're supposed to have a good time."

"Yeah," Kurt said, smiling up at his boyfriend. "Definitely an improvement over last year," he commented, biting his lip for a moment after mentioning that time in their lives. "Blaine told me you made the whole party happen…" Kurt made sure that his dad was for sure not spying on them before whispering, "I'll have to find a way to thank you for that."

Noah smirked and raised his eyebrows while his hands traveled down Kurt's lower back onto something much nicer, his hands lightly squeezing that certain nice part of Kurt's body. "Yeah? I'd like that." Kurt giggled and the two of them kissed for a short moment.

"Happy birthday," Noah said softly once they pulled apart, his forehead resting against Kurt's. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Kurt said softly. Then, after one last kiss, Noah, with much effort on both their parts, stepped away and walked out the front door. Kurt watched him get in his car and drive away before finally turning back up the steps and going back to his room, slightly depressed.

"Sorry, ladies," Kurt said as he got settled back on his bed. "While my dad initially said he was okay with Noah spending the night as long as my door was open or he stayed in another part of the house, Finn's constant complaint that it should be the same with Rachel made him change the rule. Now Noah has to leave when my dad goes to bed. At least for now. He said he'd think about changing the rules eventually, but…" Kurt shrugged and sighed. "I didn't feel like arguing over how Rachel's here tonight."

"I'm sorry," Rachel said. "I wouldn't have let Finn even ask that, I can't believe he did."

"I know; it's not your fault," Kurt said. "I just miss him staying the night. It'd be nice to experience that now that we're a couple and all."

Kurt played with a stray thread on his pants when Tina finally asked, "So, how has that been going? The whole 'official' thing?"

For a few moments, the room was silent. Then Kurt said, without looking up, "I'm surprised it took you this long to ask."

"We were waiting for you to offer up that information," Mercedes said. "Or at least a nice segue."

Kurt looked back up at his friends and laughed quietly. "I guess I appreciate that," Kurt said.

When he didn't continue, Tina prompted, "Well?"

Slowly, Kurt started to smile shyly, and while the girls waited for actual words, they all gave each other smiles at that. It was pretty cute and telling in and of itself. "It's been going…well," Kurt said. After a moment he said, "Really well, actually. Great. I was sure we'd be awkward one way or another, but…somehow we work. It's just…natural."

Still smiling, he said, "I mean, it's only been, like, a week and a half, so there's not much I can really say. But, yeah, it's been great." Kurt thought back on what they had done throughout the day, particularly the part that involved the very bed he was sitting on, and grinned. "Really, really great." Kurt smiled to himself and rest his head on the headboard behind him. There really wasn't much to say, but Kurt was obviously happy and head-over-heels.

"Any details?" Rachel asked, looking intrigued.

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Not really." He knew his friends wanted answers, but he just really didn't want to gossip about it. Not yet. He didn't mind telling them some things, but after realizing how much their friends had talked about them and observed them and everything, Kurt wanted some semblance of privacy. Sure, maybe his resolve would break at some point and he'd tell them all about their magical first date or how he had never expected to love sex so much, but at that moment, all those memories and moments were just his and Noah's and no one else's. And he liked it that way.

But if this was how happy he was after only a few weeks…well, Kurt was really looking forward to the rest of the summer.

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