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I guess this is a good place to start my story; my name is Hinata Hyuga, the heiress to the Hyuga Clan. Konoha has survived the war with everyone intact with only a few serious injuries. We succeeded in dwindling down the enemy until Sasuke used a genjustu on Kabuto to force him to release the zombie ninja. Naruto was holding his own against Madra, but started losing and before the final blow Sasuke swooped in and "saved" Naruto. Naruto and Sasuke fought Madra and won, which lead to their battle. It was an exciting match to see, my emotions were all over the place. In the end Sasuke lost barely and they both collapsed from using so much chakra. We bought Sasuke back to the village and placed seals on him for safe measure. The village was rebuilding nicely and since Naruto woke up, everything just seems to be better.

I wake up to the sun shining through my window. It has become a kind of routine for me, at some point of the day I just sit (or lay) and admire nature and its beauty. It brings me peace and allows my mind to wonder, I see now why Shikamaru does this. "Get up and meet me in the training area!" Neji ordered and left the room. "Good morning to you too dear cousin," I thought as I got out of bed to freshen up. Neji been so mean to me lately, like before the Chunin Exams mean. I think it is because I fared better than he did during the war. Leave it to men to turn everything into a contest of power.

I reached the training ground in the compound to none other than my father, sister, and Neji. "Do you know why you are here Hinata," my father asked, I shook my head "well it has interested me that out of you, Neji, and me, you returned with the least injuries. That could mean one of two things 1) you are stronger than us or 2) you hid from battle. I believe option two was more likely, but I will test option one by having you spar with Neji."

And as if sent by kami, "Hiashi-sama, Hinata-sama and Neji-sama have been ordered to the Hokage's office immediately." I used this opportunity to dismiss myself and left before my father could protest. I was purposely avoiding Neji because I didn't want to have to explain how everyone shouldn't underestimate me. The trip was in complete silence and I couldn't have been more thankful, but I could have done without Neji staring a hole through the back of my head.

Neji was the one to knock on the door still visibly upset, I rolled my eyes in my head. "Come in", we walked in to find the rest of the rookie 12, "as all of you my know, Sasuke Uchiha is now a prisoner of the village and is still in the hospital recovering for his run in with Madra and Naruto. He has been watched over by ANBU and under normal circumstances it would remain that way" she held her hand up to stop a reply from Naruto and Sakura "I've asked you all here to ask if three of you would like to watch over him as assistances to the handpicked ninja." Tsunade paused to look around the room to see everyone's reaction "I have chosen Hinata as Sasuke's main guardian."

'Great, now everyone is looking at me, this is not how I hoped my day would be' I thought, some people had concern, some jealousy (Ino, Naruto, and Sakura), and resentment (Sakura again and Neji). I was about to ask why I was chosen specifically, but Sakura beat me to the punch "But Hokage-sama, why does she get to watch over Sasuke-kun, she isn't even a medical ninja" cue in head eye roll, "And how exactly is Hinata-sama supposed to guard Sasuke from trouble" leave it to my ever so caring cousin to tell me how it is, I have to say that I'm getting annoyed by the fact that even my own teammates were looking like they were agreeing to what Neji said, luckily Hokage-sama came to the rescue before I went off on them, "Enough! Hinata has been taking lessons from Shizune and Shizune has informed me that she is on par with you Sakura and Ino, secondly if I'm not mistaken Hinata is the only in this room who is of the main Hyuga Household, and lastly Hinata wasn't just handed the title of Jonin and if any of you who still have concerns you could just as easily volunteer to assist Hinata." I gave Hokage-sama a smile and mouthed a thank you, "I accept Hokage-sama, and will I need to stay in the hospital if this mission requires me to be his guardian" she nodded. "Well if she gets to be his guardian, I want to help" Sakura said obviously forgetting that this is a mission, I looked at Hokage-sama to see that she was probably thinking the same thing, "Well I will take that as one, I need two and please raise your hand" she waited and unsurprisingly Naruto and Ino raised their hands "Well that's that, you are all dismissed, oh and Hinata, Ino, Naruto, and Sakura meet at the hospital in an hour, in that time I want you Hinata to pack some cloths for about three weeks, I will meet all of you in the lobby to go over the specific of everyone's jobs dismissed"