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"So, Sasuke as you might have heard, I will be your caretaker during your probation period, so are you thirsty or hungry?" Hinata said trying to make the best of the situation.


"Are you feeling any discomfort?" Hinata said while trying to ignore the growing irritation towards the last Uchiha.

"From not only your presence, but this entire village" Sasuke said coldly and looked away towards the window. The room was silent for a good five minutes, until Hinata tried one last time to play nice.

"The chart says that you just woke up, so do you need the restroom?" At that Sasuke looked at her while silence filled the room again. "Yes" Sasuke finally said.

Hinata nodded and walked over to the side of his bed and made a few hand signs to unseal his movement enough to walk. Hinata started to lean down to assist the Uchiha to the restroom, then the next thing she knew she her back was slammed against the wall feet dangling gasping for air while held her by the throat smirking. "I don't know if I should count myself lucky or feel insulted that Konoha left a weakling to watch over me."

Then all of a sudden Sasuke fell to the floor, his body completely limp. "How?" Sasuke all but yelled at Hinata as her breathes started to become steady. "I don't need to use hand signs to seal or unseal you, I just used it to see how trust worthy you are, congratulations you failed, asshole!" Hinata yelled as she went to her chair and pulled out a book and began reading.

30 minutes later

"So you are just going to leave me on the floor?" Sasuke asked with a hint of annoyance in his calm voice.


10 minutes later

"I'm getting a cramp," Sasuke said not trying to hide the anger and annoyance in his voice.

10 minutes later

"Look, I have to piss, are just going to let me pee on myself and the floor, which you will have to clean up" Sasuke said hoping to get a reaction, but Hinata didn't even lift her head from her book.

"And here I thought the Great Avenger Sasuke was well past the age of pants wetting, but I guess this is an exception since you are wearing a dress." With that said Hinata got up with a sheet of paper, clip board, and pen while ignoring the scowl from Sasuke and walked to the door, wrote something on the paper and hung it outside the door. Hinata closed the door and stared down at Sasuke. Sasuke stared back at her with suspicion; he was about to say something when he heard screams, running, banging against the door.

Realization hit him and he narrowed his eyes at Hinata, "You wouldn't." Hinata turned around and opened the door, "Thank you all for your willingness to help me, I shall contact when I need your help." Hinata said smiling at them and retrieving the clipboard. Hinata turned back to Sasuke while closing the door to the disappointed fangirls. "Here's how this is going to work, you are either going to continue to be a douche and have your oh-so-creepy fangirls tend to your more private needs or you can cooperate with me and move freely about on your own, so which is it?

Sasuke came to a new realization; he had a new most hated person at that moment. "I'm back and…. Oh my god! Sasuke are you ok, why are you on the floor!" And just like that a pink haired-harpy made her way back to the top of the list. Both the raven-haired ninja let out simultaneous sigh of annoyance, which went unnoticed by Sakura as she cuddled and carried Sasuke to his bed.

The rest of the day was pretty slow and the only sound was Sakura having a one-sided conversation with Sasuke. Without Hinata and Sasuke knowing it, they were both using the same method to ignore Sakura; letting their mind drift while staring out of the window. Hinata was pulled out of her trance when she realized the sun was setting, "Sakura, it is time for you to go to your room so you can be well rested for tomorrow." Sakura was just about to open the door when she stopped, I knew it was not going to get any easier in a matter of hours. "Why aren't you leaving?" She asked , her voice full of suspicion, I rolled my eyes.

"I am the primary caretaker, so I have to by him at all times, it is my job not my choice." Hinata said hoping that it would get through to Sakura, and as if my day couldn't get any worse, Naruto and Ino walked in as Sasuke decided to egg me on. "You speak as thou you do not like me," he said with that trademark smirk which only added fuel to my fire. Turning to Sasuke, ignoring the presence of the other three ninja, "That is correct, I do not like you, in fact I pretty much loathe the fact that I was chosen for this mission, if I had any doubts about you being a selfish, arrogant asshole, then rest assured that I don't anymore." Naruto was shocked, Sakura and Ino were furious, while Sasuke was smirking. I knew then that I was set up and now that judging from the atmosphere that somebodies' feelings were about to get hurt.

"Don't talk to him like that, Sasuke is a great ninja and he doesn't deserve to be treated any less," Ino screamed. "And why is that?" Hinata challenged and at that Naruto sprung to action, "What do you mean, he is our friend!" Naruto yelled.

Hinata was a little taken back that Naruto yelled at her, but everyone has been getting on her nerves that day and she was on a war path leaving mercy behind, "Some shitty friend he is, if I'm not mistaken friends don't try to kill each other and they don't run off abandoning everyone that cared about them for selfish petty reasons." That shut Naruto up right there and I was still too mad to even care.

"For your information, Sasuke did leave for petty reasons, he left to kill his monster of a brother for killing his clan," Ino's comment wiped the smirk off Sasuke's face, Hinata would have laughed if she wasn't so angry. "Don't you dare talk about him like that," Sasuke said to Ino in a cold, dangerous voice, which she and Sakura shied away from, fear apparent in their eyes. Hinata shook her head, "Cowards," she said to Sakura and Ino and then turned to Sasuke, "Don't take your anger out on them because they took the words from your mouth, cause if memory serves me correctly, that was the mentality you left here with and I'm guessing that you achieved your goal, but realized the nature of your brother a little too late and instead of taking responsibility for your own misguided actions, you place all of the blame Konoha."

"Stop talking as thou you knew him and Konoha is to blame!" Sasuke all but yelled. "Oh please, I saw the worried glances he gave you when your father was praising all of his accomplishments at the clan dinner. It was the same look my mom would give me when Hanabi was topic of recognition at that same dinner, so no I didn't know him, but I did know that he cared about you and he proved it when I found him on the brink of death on one of my solo mission. He was lying on his back in the middle of the forest bleeding from his mouth and blind. I healed him on a whim and you want to know what he said 'Thank you Hinata, now I can see my little brother one last time' and as far as blaming Konoha, yes I do believe that Koonoha did deserve some blame for what happened to you, but by no mines is Konoha to blame for your actions."

"Konoha deserves all the blame, and I'm not mistaken you still have a clan to go home to!" Sasuke spat out.

Hinata was now livid, "DON'T YOU DARE PLAY THE PETTY THE ORPHANED KID CARD, BECAUSE IT IS ONE THING FOR YOUR FAMILY TO LEAVE YOU WITHOUT A CHOICE, BUT IT IS A HELL OF A LOT WORSE TO KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A FAMILY THAT DOESN'T WANT YOU!" Hinata didn't even notice that she started crying, "You don't what I would give to have just one day where I don't get insults, broken bones, or looks of disgust when I try to please that family that constantly looks down on me."

The room was silent for a long time as no one was willing to look at Hinata after her outburst, but she kept her gave on Sasuke. Hinata wiped away the remaining tears and broke the silence, "Sakura go rest, I'm going to go wash up in the restroom. Naruto Ino, Sasuke is able to walk and defend himself if need be." With that Hinata disappeared into the restroom.