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The clock was ticking. Chandler was pacing up and down the hospital corridor, watching the hospital door worriedly. Monica was sitting in the waiting room with her daughter, Kimberley, and Rachel. Both women were biting their nails. They didn't know what was happening, only something disastorous had happened to Phoebe and Joey. Rachel had had a quick, fumbled text message from Ross to tell her to get to the hospital quickly. Chandler and him had heard straight away. How, the girls weren't sure.

Back to Chandler. He was panicking. The doctors had said that Joey's condition was stable, but they were worried about Phoebe. She was fighting, but losing at the same time. Ross was with Ben, buying him something from the canteen. The girls, he thought, were still at home. He couldn't leav the corridor, just in case a doctor wanted him quickly. He couldn't contact the girls himself-Monica had his mobile.

The door opened, and a female doctor came out of the room. Her face was blank. They were trained not to show emotion, though everything upset them when they couldn't help. "Chandler Bing?" she asked shortly. He nodded, a lump coming to his throat. He was sure it was bad news.

"Mr. Tribbiani has a broken bone in his right leg. He has done damage to his neck, but that can be cured if he stays in hospital for a couple of weeks."

"What about Pheebs...I mean, Phoebe Buffay?" he asked. The nurse shook her head.

"Bad news, I'm afraid. Has she any relatives?" Chandler shook his head. "She has a half brother, but I'm not sure how to contact him. She never spoke of him much," he admitted. Ever since she had given birth to the triplets, the two siblings had had little contact.

"Miss. Buffay is in a critical condition. I cannot say how bad. It is unlikely that she will survive, and if she does, she will forget anything that happened before the crash. She will have to learn everything all over again. I am so sorry," she said, sympathy creeping into her voice.

"Oh dear God," he said, sitting down suddenly on a chair that was conveiniently behind him. He buried his head in his hands. Ross and Rachel, Monica and Kimberley were walking up the corridor. When they reached Chandler, the nurse told them everything she had told him.

"Poor Phoebe," murmered Monica, before fainting. Rachel stood still, in absolute shock. Ross bent down to help his siter back up, and Kimberley, who was only four, started hugging her dad, worried about why her mother was on the floor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two months later

It was sad for everyone. Chandler couldn't stand it. She was like a vegetable, though she could walk and talk. She knew herself that she would never remember her life before the accident. It was just tough for her. Monica, Rachel, and all the others, would have to help her remember, by reminiscing everything again.

Joey was better, but he was ashamed of himself. He had been driving the car at the time when his mobile rang. Phoebe told him not to answer it, but he had laughed, saying he could do both at once. Then the lorry came...

Phoebe was alive, at least. But she would have to concentrate, to remember everything.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So my mother killed herself, by sticking her head in"

"You're doing really well, Pheebs," said Monica, grinning. She was, as well. She could remember everything about her friends. Unless she taught herself again, she could never remember how to play the guitar, though, as Joey said to Chandler: "maybe that's a good thing!"

"I know I am. I knew that Kim was born anyway, didn't I? I knew all your names, and you didn't have to tell me them again!"

It had been a miracle. When Phoebe had come round, she had known all of their names anyway. She had also known that Kimberley was Monica and Chandler's daughter, and that she had been in a car crash. The doctors had been amazed that she had known that much. So had everyone.

"OK. Good, Pheebs. You're doing ok," said Chandler.

"I can't remember your name, though..." she teased. "Regina Filangi! That's it!"

Everyone laughed. Phoebe, too. Then she uddenly fell asleep. Monica smiled at Chandler. "Let her rest," she said. "It's been four months, and she's doing terrificaly."

Rachel smiled at Phoebe's sleeping face, then suddenly screamed. "Monica!" she said. "Monica, she's not breathing! Look!"

Monica felt her mouth while Chandler put his finger on her wrist. He shook his head. "Ring for an ambulance," he said. "They said this could happen. It's an after affect, but if they don't sort it out could be fatal!"

Joey started dialing. Ross took Kim out of the room. Monica and Rachel sat by Phoebe, willing her to wake up. Chandler watched her carefully, for short breaths, and felt for a blood pressure. The doctors had told him what to do if it happened, but it looked like it was inevitable that something bad would happen.