A Day in the Life of a Moshi Monster

A/N: This is just proof of my immense boredom. Also, this is my first FanFic, so I apologise in advance!

Blueberry rose from her bed. She was a small Katsuma (half cat, half something else) with blue skin and black marks all over her body, at that moment at least, her parents were both very wealthy, her mother owned the Marketplace and her father owned the Port, so she could change her colour whenever she wanted and it wouldn't affect her at all. The reason her mum called her Blueberry is before she became a Moshi Member she was all blue so you can understand that. (you can only change your colour if you're a Moshi Member) You can do all sorts of stuff on Moshi Monsters there are 3 towns there's Main Street, Sludge Street and last but not least Ooh La Lane. There's the best ever Fun Park there is all sorts of great games. Oh and to say there is two places that only Moshi Members can go to, they are called The Port And my personal favourite Gift Island, what you can do at Gift Island is you can send gifts to your friends these are just some of my friends nualal, lily5661566,cleo and betty boo but that is just my friends you will have friends of your own. At the Port you can get some rox from some rox trees. You have your own garden that attracts Moshlings (pets) there are lots of different animals but I'm not going to say them because there is too many. That's all I'm going to say good bye!