This is my first Invader Zim fic, so please tell me if the characters aren't very realistic. I'll try to fix that in any re-writes.

Alright, here's the full summery:

Gaz is dragged by Dib to chase Zim, but ends up finding the manuscript of a biography called Tragic Piggies. The author is unknown, but Gaz becomes interested in what might lie within the pages. As Gaz reads, she begins to get an idea of what the story is about, and soon new and strange thoughts and feelings arouse within her. She begins to wonder about her relationship with Dib, and considers the possible... benefits that he might offer her.

It doesn't sound too great, I know. Writing a summery is hard for this story for some reason. But I like the idea and I hope you all will enjoy the story.

This fic is rated M for a reason. Ideologically Sensitive content as well as a Lemon in later chapters, possible a few Limes scattered here and there. I'm hoping that the story isn't too long, just long enough to get the job done, but y'know, we'll see.

I plan to post at least one chapter a week, so don't expect early releases, and if you really want me to write you should review because reviews give me power.

Read and enjoy!

Chapter 1

It was one of those afternoons.

Gaz's eye twitched as she sidestepped, dodging her brother as he ricocheted off of Zim's thingamajig and into the tree behind her. Eyes twitching, she refused to look up from Game Slave 3 as she said, "Can we go home now? I don't think your fat head can take much more abuse."

"Never!" Dib shot out of a pile of leaves. He was battered and bruised; most of his clothes were torn and his hair was an absolute mess. He wobbled on his feet a bit, but then began moving forward again. Pulling some kind of grappling hook from his jacket (it was a trick Gaz still didn't understand) and aimed it at Zim's ship.

The green aliens annoying voice filled the air through a speaker. "Hahaha! Foolish humans! You are no match for the almighty ZIM! I will take the rabid weasels home with me and there is nothing you can do to stop me!"

"Over my dead body!" Dib shouted. He shot the gun and a grapple shot from it's muzzle, digging into the metal of Zim's sheild thingy (Gaz wasn't paying much attention to the fight). He shouted as the gun reeled him in. Zim's 'evil' laugher was cut short as Gaz's brother slammed against the glass of his spaceship. Dib quickly proceeded to pound on the pink tinted glass.

As their shouts grew and the sound of shattering glass and Gir's babbling started up again, Gaz angrily sighed, turning her back on her brother. How was she supposed to get to level sixty if her brother couldn't just shut up for three seconds?

There was a crash. Glancing upward, Gaz saw that the ship had skipped across the park and into the hair of a tree. Dib was hanging on one of the lower roots by the back of his shirt. It looked like he was choking. Meanwhile, Zim hung half in, half out of the broken glass of his ship. He wasn't bleeding, but something akin to drool was dripping from his mouth as his head rolled lazily on his shoulders.

Gaz blinked, growled, and then paused the game. She hadn't gotten to a save point yet, that was only after you finished the fifty-seven. Walking calmly towards her brother, Gaz mentally vowed that whoever made up the rule that a save point only appeared every three levels would one day be decapitated by her own hands.

Gaz arrived at the tree. She tilted her head upwards to see her brother still hanging in the tree. He was dancing, kicking his legs and trying to pull the collar of his blue shirt away from his throat. He was sweating.

Spotting his sister, Dib attempted to call to her, but his breath was nearly gone. His face slowly began to turn red and purple, eyes bulging.

For a second Gaz wondered what it would be like to see her brother's big fat head explode.

The dream was short lived. Finally he managed to pull the collar past his chin. He raised his arms and allowed himself to fall out of the shirt (and by consequence his overcoat), landing painfully on his rump. "Gah!" Dib rolled onto his stomach and rubbed his butt, hissing in pain.

Gaz kicked Dib in the ribs (non too gently) and said, "Hey Adonis, thought you'd like to know Zim's getting away."

Instantly Dib was up. Above them Zim made a sort of hissing noise. "Aaaah! Dib, look at what you did to my ship!" Zim grit his teeth together and waved a fist at Dib and Gaz, glaring balefully. "Stupid, pitiful humans!"

"Get down here and fight me like a man!" Dib shouted, voice slightly strained. Gaz glanced at his neck and saw that a faint bruise was already forming a crescent at his throat.

"I'm not a man, I am Zim, Irken invader!"

"Then come down here and fight me like the stinkin' rotten alien you are!"


"Well why the Hell not?"

"Because I have weasels to weasel-nap!"

With that Zim laughed maniacly again. Grabbing hold of the wheel, he stuck his tongue out at Dib one last time before turning to fly away. Dib was furious, clenching and unclenching his fists in an attempt to calm himself as he watched Zim depart. Gaz was somewhat afraid his head would explode, it was turning so red.

Gaz looked at Zim's ship, Dib, and them Zim's ship again. Maybe... just maybe... if she shot Zim's ship down, and Dib finally managed to get a hold of the stupid alien, he would shut up for a few days. After six years of this idiocy, there must be some sort of foreseeable end to the torture, Gaz thought.

Something rustled above her head. Filtering out Dib's voice (a talent she'd perfected her second day since birth) Gaz glared upwards and spotted a squirrel skittering up and down a branch. There was a group of acorns at one end, and the squirrel seemed so eager to be the first to have gotten to them that it didn't mind the peril which might befall him in the presence of these strange human-creatures.

It was a soft red brown color, with tiny paws and a tiny black nose that twitched whenever it got a hold of another acorn. It's long, fluffy tail twitched cutely as it ran up and down the branch, keeping its balance.

God how Gaz hated squirrels.

Gaz smiled, and then her face was blank again. She tilted to one side, and then kicked the trunk of the tree - hard. Setting down her foot, she took a step to the left and opened her right hand outward. In only half a second, the squirrel fell from the tree and into her hand.

Gaz wasted no time. She dug her fingers into the squirrel's tiny chest, aimed at Zim's ship, and threw the tiny brown rodent, inwardly smirking at it's terrified screams as it flew through the air. Dib's rant halted when he saw it whiz by, but turning back to Gaz the girl seemed almost innocent, glaring darkly at the back of his head and waiting to leave.

The squirrel hit her target - the left propeller of Zim's spaceship. Zim screamed as the ship lurched; inside of the propeller, the squirrel bounced off of every moving metal object, screaming with each impact. As the ship spun out of control, Dib jumped in the air, pumping his fists. "Yes! Yes! Now's my chance!"

Gaz stayed where she was. Watching uninterestedly as Dib followed Zim's plummeting ship, Gaz pulled out her game again, starting it and began killing things again.

Zim crashed between two restaurants, causing a huge dumpster to expload beneath all of the weight. Dib expertly danced between each piece of flying garbage and was nearly upon Zim's ship when he saw the Irken fly away on the back of Gir. Cursing, Dib threw a tantrum and began kicking empty soda cans and boxes of three week old Chinese noodles only to have the owners of both restaurants stepped out, demanded what all of the noise was, and proceeded to chase Dib around with a roller and a meat cleaver.

Gaz ignored all of this.

That is, until something flew right in her face. Instently Gaz clawed at it, her brain instinctively reacting to the sudden disappearance of Game Slave 3. "Get off, get off, get off, you stupid thing!"

She dug her claws into it and pulled it away from her face only to hear the morbid tune of her character dying. Growling, Gaz stuffed her game back in her jacket pocket and glared down at whatever had wasted three levels of her life.

It was a stack of papers - no, it was a manuscript. Gaz drew a hand along the thickness. It felt somewhere close to forty, maybe fifty pages.

Gaz rose an eyebrow after looking at the title. 'Tragic Piggies?' What kind of a name was that? It did have two of her favorite things though: tragedy and piggies.

The purple-haired girl was somewhat annoyed to see that, whoever the author was, had erased their name with white-out before throwing away the story.

Gaz, still ignoring Dib, who was now poking his head out of the park trash can, eying the road for the owners, peeled back the title page. The pages were a bit dirty and had probably been lying next to or on top of the dumpster Zim's ship just obliterated. Dully, her eyes scanned the first paragraph.

My brother and I. There's a funny story; it's one I probably shouldn't be telling you, let alone anyone else.

Gaz pursed her lips. Only two sentences in and it seemed interesting enough.

It's hard to really remember when it all started, this thing between my brother and I. I mean, I know other people with brothers and sisters, but I don't think any of them have experienced what I have. It's an emotional story...

Oh. Gaz's expectation bar lowered to about 20%. So it was an emotional story? No point in wasting time then. She was about to rip it to shreds and then toss it to the mercy of the wind when a particular sentence caught her eye. It was at the very bottom of the page, just after the 'prologue', which is what Gaz guessed she'd been reading.

"If you press up-up-down-right-right-down-up-left-up-right-down and then the select button, you can unlock save points at the end of every level, not just every third one."

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah; friend who works at the software company told me."

Gaz slowly blinked. Then, carefully setting down the story, she pulled out her Game Slave and turned it on.

Her fingers worked quickly. She'd memorized the code at first glance and now punched it in with a speed that could only be accomplished by someone like her, who played Game Slave 3 as if it were God's will. Once the supposed code was in order, a tiny little box popped up asking 'are you sure?'

Gaz frowned. How come she'd never heard of this cheat before? Not that Gaz enjoyed cheating, she'd much rather play through the whole game herself. Anyone who couldn't do it with natural talent didn't deserve to finish the game. But it was the fact that she'd never heard of this code before... Gaz knew how to use the internet, and though she didn't use the cheats, she'd spent maybe one or two nights browsing forums and spotting codes here and there; they were for stupid things, like ultimate lives or only one monster per level to fight or unlimited health. Never before had she seen a code like this.

'yes' or 'no'?

Gaz chose yes.