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Chapter 7

The first time Jordan and I made love, we were both virgins. That didn't make the experience any less passionate.

We soon found that, as we tried avoiding each other before, we couldn't keep away from each other afterward. We would visit each other in the night, usually in Jordan's room, and we'd sit together and talk until eventually talking turned to kisses and kisses became love.

It was so strange, making love to my brother almost every other night. Jordan was very careful about it all, though. He'd had condoms the first night in his drawer, and he made sure he always used protection when the two of us got together. He even asked me about my period and suggested we take breaks during those times of the month; I even started taking pills. Anything to keep from an unplanned pregnancy.

Things went on like that for the longest time. It's a bit difficult to remember exactly now, but our sexual drives eventually faded and we started spending more time together out of the bedroom. We were already brother and sister, but after making love things seemed to shifted. My perception of the world changed. I wondered, if being with my brother made me so happy, why couldn't others do it?

I suppose I can sympathize with those who think incest is wrong, but why, exactly? Inbreeding isn't a pleasant thought, but careful sex and protection can keep things like that from happening. If inbreeding was the only thing that kept incest taboo…

Jordan told me not to worry about it too much. He said that, for all we know, there could be dozens of other siblings having sex with each other like we were. Just as we weren't telling anyone (the thought hadn't even crossed my mind in the months we'd been 'together) it wasn't as if it was different for any other brother or sister. They couldn't tell and they wouldn't.

I thought about this a lot for the next two, three years. I knew that something happening between two other siblings as it had between Jordan and me would be incredibly improbable and rare. So when I met Hazel and Caleb, I was surprised, intrigued. Then I heard their story.

That's why I wrote this.

It's odd, Gaz thought, fingering the pages of the crumpled, slightly dusted manuscript titled 'Tragic Piggies', that the very book that led me to approach Dib hasn't been read in almost two years.

Two years. Two years since she first approached her big-headed brother, two years since he first took her, two years of sex with Dib. To anyone else the very thought might have melted their tiny grey minds, but the memories were actually pleasant ones to Gaz.

The purple-haired teen had quickly fallen into a sort of routine with her brother: that she could assault him whenever she wanted as long as he was around and if dad wasn't in the house (which he never was these days). Whenever Gaz felt like she wanted some attention she'd simply slip into Dib's room, and if he was inside, he would see the look on her face and take care of the rest.

Sometimes Gaz caught him when he was in the middle of a conference with his stupid club or whatever, but that didn't stop her. She'd simply tackle him right in front of the screen, and if Dib didn't want his DarkBooty friend seeing his junk it was his problem to turn the transmission off while Gaz tore off his pants.

They didn't get past the clothes much. Sometimes Gaz or Dib skipped the foreplay and barely got past underpants before fucking. Gaz became used to having sex with most of her clothes on, and Dib didn't seem to mind.

It was… strange, how things worked out. Dib became uncharacteristically dominant during sex. Gaz supposed that since he was such a weakling and a powerless dork in real life that sex was the only time his genetics gave him an excuse to throw his weight (and his dick) around. Gaz allowed him the pleasure. She still wasn't happy with the submissive feeling it gave her, but there was something oddly arousing about her brother teasing her with pleasure. It made him less of an insufferable dweeb, somehow.

When they weren't having sex, however, things immediately went back to Gaz' power; she was the one who decided when they had sex – Dib had never been the one to initiate it. Gaz chose how long before she became too tired or achy or bored to want more, and Gaz had the privilege of repaying Dib for any teasing he performed during sex. This usually meant cold shoulders and a shorter tempter on Gaz' part, but sometimes, if he'd been especially cocky, she'd attack him with her security without warning. That was always fun to watch.

Another thing that had changed between the two of them was that time together wasn't as strained or cold as it had been before. Before they'd gotten together, Gaz and Dib would be with each other but never with each other. They hardly acknowledged each other's existence because they were in their own little worlds – Gaz with her video games and Dib with his stupid alien chasing and myth hunting.

Now, however, things became strangely… playful between the two of them. Dib, being the idiot he was, became somehow more comfortable with Gaz around. He didn't mind touching her casually, something he never did when they were children, not even hugs or pats on the shoulder or punches or kicks. More often than not Dib would find ways to even throw Gaz off balanced. He'd mess with her hair when she wasn't paying attention or spontaneously give her charming compliments ("Your hair looks really nice down, y'know, you should wear it like that more often").

It wasn't like they were dating, but something had changed between them and Gaz hadn't noticed that change developing in the twenty months of them seeing each other. Not that it wasn't nice…

I'm not in love with him, Gaz said to herself. She was going to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. Since their father was never around, Gaz had developed the skill of cooking so that she and Dib wouldn't have to live on Bloaty's Pizza and half-assed Chinese food. She was holding Tragic Piggies in her hands, turning the thick volume around in her hands as she walked.

Gaz didn't run into anyone, and people in the small town knew the sight of purple hair meant utter doom if they drew anywhere near, so they repelled from her like dirt from soap. Gaz was used to looking down at her hands while walking and was able to go across roads and down busy sidewalks without getting hurt or lost on the way.

Callie fell in love with her brother while Dib and I only have sex, Gaz thought, gazing up and making sure she was about to make a right turn and not a left. If she was too distracted she always made a left. I wonder how that works out. Things went on between them almost exactly the same way it did for Dib and me, but some things are different.

Some things like worry over protection, Gaz thought. She and Dib didn't have to worry about getting the female pregnant because they were both sterile. Something about the way Professor Membrane cloned them didn't set up their reproductive genes correctly and it wasn't possible for them to pass them on. Neither of them minded horribly, though, since neither wanted children anyway.

Another thing was that Callie kept worrying about how other siblings might be doing the same thing as she and Jordan, and she kept wondering why incest was taboo. Gaz didn't care about these things, and she knew Dib didn't either. The two siblings were perfectly content with how things were, and though Dib was slightly more moral than Gaz was, he'd gotten over the slight 'lived with you like a brother for sixteen years' issue pretty quickly. Maybe it was because he was male and she promised consistent sex.

Gaz truly didn't care about what other siblings might be doing, and she didn't care about the fact that the rest of the world might frown on what she and Dib were doing under his covers (or her covers… or the shower… or the dining room table or the couch) every other night (or morning or afternoon). It wasn't any of their business and it wasn't going to make the Earth implode.

Gaz sighed, entering the store. She was eighteen now, and she had other things to worry about. High School was almost over (thank God). Dib had opted for virtual college and Gaz was thinking the same thing. She'd rather be stuck at home for another four years with Dib than go to a college and have to sleep in dorms with stupid, slutty drunk idiots.

Making her way through the grocery store swiftly, Gaz took the manuscript out again when she neared the checkout line. The story had ended there, with those words; that's why I wrote this. Gaz had been surprised when it ended, but something about it felt off. She felt as if it wasn't truly over.

The sound of excited chattering caught Gaz' attention as the employees were bagging her things. She turned and walked over to a small book stand. There was a small crowd gathered around the stand, all holding up books and talking. While some read the backs, face twisted in curiosity and disgust, others were flipping through pages and muttering. Others were hissing loudly, calling something, "Atrocious!"

Gaz broke through the thin wall and people immediately repelled from her. The teen ignored them as they all gathered off to one side to gossip, and Gaz focused her eyes on the books before her.

They sat there, their paperback covers swirls of purple and pink with a golden boarder. The letters were the same style font used in the Game Slave franchise, bold and white and dripping.

Tragic Piggies

Written by Cassie Slave

Gaz shook her head in disbelief. She looked at the manuscript she had in her hand.

"Who in their right mind would write a book like this?" asked some stupid older woman to Gaz' right. "Not only is the content disgusting, but now everyone knows about her."

"That's not the real name," said another stupid man. "A friend of mine works for the company that published this. They said it's a pen name, and they couldn't find who sent in the first manuscript."

"But why would they publish trash like this?"

"Their boss was interested. He thought it would make for an interesting release, and I'm sure he knew the controversy would get the book and his company publicity, negative or not."

"What a fool!" said the stupid woman. She threw the book back on the pile, not caring when three more fell onto the floor. "No will read this garbage."

Yes they will, Gaz thought, picking up the book in front of her. They will because it's scandalous, and people won't be able to resist once it becomes popular with some kind of teenage group. It'll become a topic, and people will talk about it and argue about how taboo and controversial it is. But the seed will have been planted. People are too stupid to realize when they've changed their own minds about something.

She set down the manuscript in its empty spot and scanned the first three chapters. They were more or less the same as the manuscript, only written better, as if from a professional author. Callie must have been practicing. A few of the details were different, but what surprised Gaz was when she got to the fourth chapter and it took the point of view of another girl, different from Callie.

It said her name was Heather, and she had a brother named Christian. Heather had a boyfriend named Tristan, a large family, half of them Jewish, and she and her brother were very close. Gaz paused, putting the book down and thinking.

That's why I wrote this.

To tell her story and the story of Hazel and her own brother.

To her right Gaz faintly registered someone picking up the books thrown on the floor. She guessed it to be an employee and quickly took the book, seeing how much it cost. Not much, she'd get it. She picked up the manuscript, but the face of another caught her eye. Gaz turned to look.

It was a woman, probably in her late twenties, and she was eyeing the papers in Gaz' hand. The purple-haired teen was about to glare when she noticed something odd in the woman's face. Her eyes were glazed ever-so-slightly, and one hand was held up, as if to reach out for the manuscript. Gaz frowned in confusion, but when a man called, "Callie!" her own breathing halted.

Callie had never described her physical appearance in the manuscript, and if she did Gaz hadn't noticed. She'd always imagined her to be some black haired, blue eyed pale kid. The woman before her had dirty blond hair that hung about her shoulders, and she wore thin-rimmed glasses, and her eyes were dusty green with flecks of gold in the middle.

Gaz might not have known what Callie looked like, but she had memorized Jordan – tall, with tan skin and long, dark hair that hung in his emerald green eyes. That was the man who called for this woman now, who came around the corner with a Game Slave t-shirt and shorts on. The woman's eyes flashed to Gaz'. They were hesitant, fearful.

Gaz wasn't sure what was happening. She looked down at the manuscript and then back at the woman – Callie. She took a step back and handed the papers to her.

Callie touched them warily. She flipped through the volume, eyeing its weight with an expression that suggested she'd forgotten how thick it was.

"You can keep it," Callie whispered, pushing the manuscript back into Gaz' hands as her brother approached from behind. "You know how it began. I don't need it anymore."

"Hey Callie, who's your friend?"

"No one," Callie said, accepting the arm her brother offered for her. She glanced at Gaz, who was muttering something. "Goodbye…?"

"Gaz," she said, her voice sharp but void of harsh emotion. Callie smiled and when Jordan started pulling at her hair, she smiled up at the man and they went off.

Gaz watched them go. She glanced down at the manuscript and the book in her hands. She looked back up to see Callie and Jordan exiting the store.

"Thanks…" she muttered, then went back to get her groceries.

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