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The Dawning of the Angels

Aquila was indeed frustrated. After a five century hiatus, he had finally decided to get an apprentice to train, but the thing is, he had no idea why he suddenly wanted one. It was probably the Almightiness doing, the Great God probably tired with the fact that he was too buried in his work that it was changing his personality.

He looked into the group of young Celestrians. This was the group of younglings of which he was to choose an apprentice? They hardly looked even worthy enough to be born and blessed members of the Observatory! It was ridiculous! How was he meant to choose an apprentice when none had the power that he needed to train? He was about to walk away and go tell Apus Major that were none were worthy of his teaching, until a girl walked into the room.

She had dark skin, bright red eyes, and sandy blond hair held in a high ponytail which the gold hair tumbled down in curls, she was exceptionally beautiful, for such a young one. And she seemed respected the most within the group in front of him. The very small children seemed to adore her, the ones who were about her age wanted her attention and wouldn't stop talking to her, and there were a couple of elders in the room, who greeted her fondly.

Aquila walked over to one of the elders, who he knew rather well. "Kai, who is the girl with red eyes?" "Oh her? That's Jessika. She's a sweetheart, one of the kindest younglings I have ever laid eyes on, one of the strongest as well. Don't want to make her sound like she is a boaster, but her skills surpass any of the others. And she doesn't even have a mentor!" That was what Aquila was waiting for.

Sorry its so short! Just think of it as a starter chapter! ^^;