This is it. The final ever episode. Thank the Emperor for that.

Guest Star: Librarian Tigurius singing Magical Trevor. (Because he is.)

The Adeptus Mechanicus- She Builds Quick Machines.
The Iron Warriors- Suspicious Minds.
The Harlequin Troupe- Just Dance.
The Eldar Rangers- I See You.
The Pink Horror Choir- Wind Of Change.
Old One-Eye- Maneater.
Ahriman- Changes.
The Steel Legion Choir- Who Let The Orks Out?
The Air Caste Pilots- Barracuda.
The Black Templars- Crusader.
Various Heretics- Save Me.
The Ethereals- Where Is The Love?
Tobias Maxilla- I'm Sailing Away.
The Masque Of Slaanesh- Dancing Queen.
Warsmith Honsou- Iron Man.
The Hive Mind- Every Planet We Reach Is Dead.
Mordian Iron Choir- A Hard Day's Night.
Guardsman Arvin Larne- Hero Of War.
Da Orkestra- Da Boyz Is Back In Town.
Various Necrons- Tubthumping. (That song was made for them! I get knocked down/But I get up again/You're never gonna keep me down.)
Commander Boreal- Blame It All On Goto. (Because I do.)

Well, I guess thats it for this series. Thanks to everyone who read, laughed, and reviewed, and thanks for not reporting me for crimes against music and the Imperium.
A big thanks to Shadownja and TheMonkfish in particular for all the help, and to everyone who reviewed to tell me who I missed out.
Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed it.