Shadow Night

One night, I'm walking down a street and I hear this weird music coming from behind me. The music sounds unfamiliar and creeps me out. I decide to walk on, but come to regret it when I hear yet another noise I've never heard. I pick up speed and I look around and see the same buildings over and over again. The music gets louder and louder and the noise seems closer. I stop and slowly turn around to see and hear nothing.

So I start to walk again at a normal pace but still alert. I walk up to a door and as I knock the door falls in spreading dust through all my line of vision. Through all the blackness and dust I could see nothing. I yell into the darkness and no echo, so I walk away. I continue to walk down the street and I'm getting more suspicious about the continuing of the same houses. All of a sudden the music plays again but a little faster and the noise starts and this time I recognize it and it sounds like ( bum bum bum) over and over.

I turn around again but still nothing is to be seen. Then out of nowhere a shadow appears and...

It's a bird. I jumped because I thought it was worse and then I realized what it was and continued down the street. So, I start to panic because the door fell in and when I yelled there was no echo. That something may be following me and I don't know what it could be. Then, a new song begins to play and it was different from the first one, it was a happy song while the last one was a scary, horror song.

I started to sing along because I knew the song when I was a child and now I'm older. I really didn't find it weird that the song was one that I knew as a child. It stopped, and the scary, horror song started back up but louder. The noise was getting closer and I quickly turn around to see a dark shadow and I cannot decipher what it is. I stare at it and try to study it but cannot, then the shadow lets out a weird laugh, HeHaWoHeHa.

The shadow hovers towards me and towers over me and continues to laugh but nothing is happening. I slowly back up but the shadow stays close. The sun begins to rise behind the shadow and I still can't make out what this shadow could be. The sun starts to rise higher and I can now see the shadow but before I can get a good look at it, the shadow leaps at me and I scream and wake up. I was confused and scared but then I realize that the shadow was a part of me.