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Just before midnight

Dr. Pantra's POV

The call came in four minutes ago and I already had an emergency team waiting when the helicopter landed on the pad. We moved quickly into position as paramedics unloaded the gurney and started rattling off stats. One of the attendings collected the information as I assessed the situation for myself.

I contemplated, only half listening to the conversation around me, What was wrong with the world. The face is familiar but I can place the name. I quickly determine that the patient is in rough shape but I will know more once we arrived in the emergency room. I can make a more accurate evaluation then.

Refocusing on the conversation, a nervous tingle washes through me as we pushed through the landing pad doors.

"What are you talking about?" I shout at the paramedic that's looking confused and shocked. He's supposed to be a professional, not acting like this is his first rodeo.

"I'm sorry, I can't remember exactly how the they put it. Something like 99.9 or 99 percent sure-" the imbecile rambles, and then it clicks.

"Nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine, is that what she said?" I question. I'd been thinking about a young student from a few years back a lot lately. It couldn't be her, I tell myself.

"Yeah that's what the girl said. She said don't take the bandages off until he was in surgery. She was... what you just said," he finishes and I'm surprised she might still be around.

As crazy as that kid thinks he is, she isn't.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen," I say as the doors close behind us. "We're taking a detour with this one. Someone notify surgery we have one coming their way," I order. If I'm right, if it was her, all the information I need should be written on his chest. I pull the covers back from the patients chest and behold, there it is, all the vital information.

"I'll be damned!" I whispered to myself. "We need O positive, and from the looks of it we're going to need plenty. You're a lucky son of a bitch, Carlisle Cullen," I comment, reading the information and swallow hard finally placing the name.

Damn. If this is Doctor Carlisle Cullen, that means he's my newest interns father. Fuck, not again.

Edward's POV

(An hour later)

I bang my head against the wall behind me trying to silence my own thoughts.

Why had I left them? Why hadn't I tried harder to get them to leave with the rest of us? Because I was still floating on cloud nine after ending my lie.

I should have known something was afoot. Happily ever afters are just fairy tales, not real life.

Thursday night was a blur. After announcing I was staying in Washington and was finishing out my residency here in Seattle, she had disappeared without a trace. Even the waitress caused me to question my sanity when I had asked the identity of the woman that had sat in the far booth.

It was like she was visible only to me but I knew she was real, she had to be, because if she wasn't, it meant I was insane. No one even remembered waiting on her.

I returned to the table but really wasn't there. I went through the motions of participating as Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice gave our parent's their gift.

We'd been pooling our money for several years saving for a fourteen day vacation on the Queen Anne cruise line. Mom was over the moon, unable to voice her surprise, but her smile told us everything we needed to know. I noticed dad's eyes well, but he just shook his head and grinned, refusing to let a tear fall.

Friday, everyone floated around on cloud nine and we decided to introduce Dad to something he had yet to experience. Frick Park.

Sitting in the hard plastic seat, rocking, I try to calm the rage building in me. Staring at white walls and a white ceiling wasn't helping.

Was it only a few hours ago that our family was so happy. This was the first time in years we were all living in the same area, let alone state.

"Edward, your mother is awake now, and asking for you. Would you follow me, please," a woman's voice sounds snapping me from my inner monologue. The nurse is watching me cautiously as I stand and move forward. I swallow roughly and follow her down the white hall, scared. Scared in a way that reminds me of when I was little.

Dad brought me to the hospital to see Alice after she broke her leg climbing the tree in our back yard because I told her she was to little and had threatened to push her out of the tree if she tried.

But this is different, stronger. It's Mom in the hospital and not Alice. I want to cry but stumble behind the Nurse, Jojo, instead.

"Go on in. She's waiting for you," Jojo whispers, when we reached the room my Mom now occupies. I see her shoulders shaking, crying. It almost brakes me, but I know I have to be strong, strong for her, and strong for dad. I can't fall apart now. My family needs me.

If I thought crossing the threshold of the door to see Alice was nearly impossible, it's nothing compared to seeing Mom's tear stained face.

"I'm so sorry, Mom," I say with a trembling voice, embracing her with everything I have. I don't want to let go, but I don't want to hurt on either. She holds me tighter until I can't breathe.

"You're Dad, is he..." mom brakes off.

"He's still in surgery," I reply already knowing what she needs to know but I don't know how it will end. I feel her pull away and I look into her tear soaked eyes that search mine. She's looking for truth, not comfort, but receive both.

"Mom," Alice says from behind us. I release mom taking in every detail to make sure she is going to be alright. I feel a crushing weight hit me and my arms fall to my sides as I notice the bruising on her neck. I feel sick, ready to empty the contents of my stomach. I don't know much of the details surrounding my parents assault but the bruising on my mother's neck invokes the worse case scenario. I step back, letting Alice take over. I have to step away, get away.

"Alice, it's okay, Alice. We're going to be fine." I hear mom comfort my sister. I step farther back. I can't be here. I have to get out of this room, leave, now.

"Edward!" the voices call to me from the room now behind me as I quicken my pace, heading to the nearest exit.

I can't say where I'm going, only that I have to find somewhere else to be. I'm the gutless coward I tell myself, escaping the hospital to find the sanctuary of my car. I don't stop until I can't see threw blurry conditions, as tears threaten to fall. Darkness turns into light but morning brings no relief.

As I find myself pulling into a familiar parking-lot I know I should have stayed with my family, but the pull to see the scene of the crime doesn't allow me to change directions.

How long had I been driving around aimlessly? I don't know.

On instinct I leave the car and walk the distance to the running path that weaves in and out of the park. It looks different in the early morning light but I can still see enough to continue. I can see the yellow tape that surrounds where the assault took place. I notice the spot were the blood seeped from my Dad, into the ground, leaving him for dead.

I knew last night when I left that I should have stayed, I felt it. I should have stayed and protected them. I could have been here to help my father, I should have stayed.

Ducking under the tap, I kneel, letting my fingers trace the stains of blood.

If I hadn't come to Seattle, would this have happened? Was there something that had happened that should have warned me?

I go back, following my memories as they flash before me, to the beginning.

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