Hide Away:

Hanna knew she could hide him forever. He had once been easy to hide but now he was becoming harder and harder to push back into the dark. She didn't know why. Maybe it was because he was becoming her friend or maybe it was because she didn't care what others thought anymore. Either way she was sick of hiding and pretending.

I absolutely adore the Hanna and Caleb relationship. I'm not exactly sure what it is or where it's going but I don't think they do either which is what makes it so fun. This is probably just a one-shot but I might get more inspiration and turn it into a series of one-shots or a small multi-chapter ficlet. Either way, I don't owe Pretty Little Liars in any form so please don't sue. This is purely to get some Hanna and Caleb stories onto Fanfiction because there's a severe lack of them. Anyway enjoy, and please constructive criticism only.

She was tired, so tired that her eyelids were heavy but she just couldn't sleep, not knowing that the boy that made her feel so comfortable but uncomfortable at the same time was a mere twenty-five feet below her. She was sure he was replaying the day's events in his head just as she was. She would have snuck down to talk to him but she was too tired to try to hide. She wasn't in the mood to carefully tiptoe down all the stairs and be as silently as humanly possible just so she wouldn't wake her mother. Her mom still didn't know about the boy hidden in her basement. Just as she was about to give into sleep her phone buzzed, lighting up her room and snapping her far from sleep. She was tempted just to roll over and put a pillow over her head but she knew she wasn't going to sleep anyway. She had far too much thinking to do. She reluctantly pulled her arm out of the warmth of her mass of blankets and sheets to bring her phone close enough to read the new text.

"Mama Marin wouldn't be pleased to know what you were thinking about. But she would be pleased if she got her money back. $200 for every hour he spends in your bed tonight. -A"

She really didn't want do this. Their relationship was already weird. But she needed the money. Until the creepy guy pretending to be related to their unauthorized donner was gone, they were still running the risk of some serious trouble. She knew she could get in serious trouble for doing this but it wasn't like it was illegal. She let out a heavy sigh and began to get out of bed. She crept out into the hall carefully and silently. She knew her mom had taken a sleeping pill, something she had been doing a lot lately, so she should be asleep but that didn't mean she could be anything less than careful. Once she got down to the main floor, she pulled out her phone and sent the boy who was now only ten feet below her a text.

"You wanna come to the surface? We need to talk."

"Be right up."

It wasn't until she heard his footsteps that she got a glimpse into the mirror. That was when realized she must look like hell. Her hair was a mess. Her face was make-up free. Her tank-top was crooked and her shorts were crumpling up. She did not look sexy at all-not that she cared, or was supposed to care.

"What's wrong now princess?" his gruff voice from the darkness of the basement doorway startled her. He must've been asleep. His bed head was just as bad as hers and his oversized sweats were hanging low on his hips. His simple grey t-shirt was clinging to his muscular upper body. Although he had clearly just rolled out of bed it worked for him.

"Come with me," she said grabbing his arm with both her hands and carefully making her way up to her room. She pulled him inside and shut the door locking it behind them.

"So this is what the castle looks like. It's so much better than the dungeons," he said half-amused by the fact he was sitting on her bed while she was pacing nervously.

"Not again," she muttered as her phone buzzed with that familiar name for the second time that night.

"Time is ticking and Mama Marin will be up in just a few hours. Don't you want that money for mommy? You know what to do. –A"

"What's got you so scared that you dragged me out of bed to come up here and sit in silence?" he asked realizing she was scared. Without her make-up mask it was easier to read her every thought, not that it was ever that hard for him to know what she was up to.

"If I told you that someone was making me do things that I would never do because they had something on me that could ruin my life, would you believe me?" she asked looking into his eyes and biting her lower lip.

"So…" he started unsure of what to say. He wanted to believe her, he did believe her but he didn't know what to say.

"Look, if you don't believe me, that's fine. Just stay with me tonight please. You won't understand but they're watching me and I'm not comfortable in my own home anymore," she said tired of hiding how scared she really was.

"Hey it's ok. I'm here," he said laying down in her bed as she laid down with him. He held her close, unsure of what else to do, and let her fall asleep in his arms. Her first good sleep was ended when her phone buzzed.

"Good little bad girl. Now lose it and you'll get a nice bonus and maybe a fuck buddy in the basement. But don't let mommy catch you. -A"

But she was too tired for that tonight. She was tired of hiding her fear. She was tired of hiding him. She was tired of hiding her feelings for him. She really didn't care what anyone thought anymore. She just wanted to be happy but she didn't know what happy was anymore or how to get there.