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Spencer might come off as a bit of a smart-ass know it all and Hanna may seem a little like a bipolar bitch. Sorry to Spencer lovers but she annoys me and I needed someone to start a fight amongst the girls.

The story is winding down. And not the way I thought it would go but it's definitely interesting. The ending is open for a possible sequel or you can use your imaginations.

"I'm sorry...repeat that...?" Spencer choked out as she looked at Hanna like she's crazy.

"Hanna," Emily sighs with uncertainty in her voice. It's obvious she doesn't know how to react to the news. She wants to be supportive but can't figure out how to walk the delicate line between approving of teen pregnancy and supporting a friend who made a mistake.

Aria is the only one not to respond in any way. She has no shock no express. She watches the faces of her friends, wondering how they will react when she tells them her news. She's tempted to do it now since the subject is relevant but she knows better than to try to take Hanna's moment. Let everyone work out Hanna's drama then she can consider telling them. Besides she hadn't even told Ezra yet.

"A manipulated me because they had evidence they could show people that I was pregnant. They even had proof Caleb and I went to an abortion clinic. They made us tell my parents and my mom is sending me to a boarding school for people in just such situations-" Hanna begins explaining, nervously playing with her hair.

"So you're pregnant?" Spencer asks again in shock.

"No. That's the worst part. But now my mom is sending me away and my dad has practically disowned me," she sighs with a few tears slipping down her cheeks.

"Hanna, it'll be ok," Emily says, reaching out to hold her friend's hand and offer the only comfort she can, "You aren't pregnant. You can tell your mom and dad the truth and it will be like it never happened."

"But we can't go back now. It brought up so much shit between me and Caleb. He even proposed. I can't just forget this and neither can he. And my mom won't believe me. Even if she takes me to a doctor that tells her I'm not pregnant she'll be convinced I had an abortion. My dad will never look at me the same. He wants nothing to do with me and he'll agree with my mom that I must've had an abortion and he and his new wife will think even less of me for terminating the pregnancy than they would if I had gone through with it," Hanna cried, wishing she had Caleb to lean on.

"Hanna. You realize that you're talking about a hypothetical abortion. You didn't have one so they won't hate you. You can tell your parents there was a mix up with test results. It'll be ok," Emily repeats, the hand on Hanna's gently rubbing back and forth to reassure her that everything really would be ok.

"How did A find out?" Spencer questioned, determined to get to the bottom of this.

"I don't know. They made me sleep with Caleb in the first place-not that I didn't want to. Then they broke into my house to leave a message on my mirror about not being careful enough. It's like they wanted me to get pregnant or at least think I was," Hanna explained as her mind flashed back to the horrible warning written on her bathroom mirror and how hard it was to remove. Sometimes she swore it was still there when the bathroom steamed up from her hot showers.

"Hanna. You have to be more careful. A was obviously setting that up. How could you fall into a trap like that," Spencer sighed as she shook her head.

"What?" Hanna replied, glaring at the girl she thought was her friend. Weren't friends supposed to be supportive? Surely best friends don't shake their heads at you condescendingly and tell you that you screwed up. It's not like she didn't feel that way already. She didn't need Spencer adding to that guilt and disappointment she felt towards herself.

"This is why A enjoys torturing you so much. You make it easy for them," Spencer declared looking around at everyone in the group, "If we stop making it so easy maybe A will give up."

"Didn't we kinda try that already? Remember when we blocked the number and emails? They still found ways to mess with us. I don't think sticking our fingers in our ears and saying 'nope can't hear you' is going to make A go away. And you think you're the smart one," Hanna fumed, her hands balling into fists out of rage.

"I didn't say that. That's not what I meant at all," Spencer tried to justify her words.

"You know what. I don't want to hear it," Hanna interrupted, "You need to get off your fucking high horse. What happened to the 'united front', you know defeat A together? Do you really want to start this?"

"You sure you aren't pregnant because you're acting like a hormonal bitch," Spencer muttered under her breath. It just wasn't quiet enough.

"That was low but I'll forgive you because you're just jealous you can't get Toby interested in you. Hell he's probably been closer to having sex with Emily than with you," Hanna retorted.

"Whoa don't bring me into this," Emily yelped.

"For your information, Toby and I haven't had sex because I don't want to yet, not because he doesn't want to. I just don't want my first time to feel like it was forced because A was breathing down my back. I don't want to be whoring myself out as a way of protecting myself from A," Spencer said smugly.

"I've had enough of this. I cant stay here any longer. Maybe it's best if I let my mom send me away still. I'll be away from A and you," Hanna decided, forcing all her energy on making Spencer's head explode. If looks could kill, there would be a standoff between Hanna and Spencer worthy or Harry Potter and Voldemort.

Caleb finally called Grace. He wanted to tell her to be careful but he knew better than to drag her into this mess he had worked his way into. Instead he just told her he wanted to meet his mom. And it was that simple. Plans were made to fly his mom to Grace's house for Christmas.