Daughter of the Fang.

Kakashi Hatake had long since been a family of one when his father, the White Fang had died.

Life had dramatically changed since then. He had changed as a person and decided to follow the rules to the letter. Because of that, he had lost a Team mate.
A friend that meant more to him than he could imagine. Obito Uchiha. It was he who had changed Kakashi once again and set him on the right track before he died.

The other member of his team had grown close to him since name was Rin. They'd been very close, and as they grew older they married and had a child.

Then the third great shinobi war erupted suddenly, and in that war, Rin was lost.

She joined Obito among the heavens, and everyday Kakashi knelt by the memorial stone and prayed for them.

It had now been ten years since Rin had died, and he faced bigger worries which he had to take care of. Worries which were known as:

The Daughter Of The Fang.

Chapter One.

The Chasing Ties of Family.

"INARA. GET BACK HERE." Iruka yelled as he chased after a small ten year old girl with long black hair which had silver streaks running through it.

This…was Inara…After having escaped her class via leaning too far and falling out the window onto soft grass. Like with most aspects in her life, she'd hit the ground and started running.

Thus leaving her teacher Iruka Sensei to have to chase her down.

She turned down a small alleyway and squeezed through a small hole in a nearby fence. She looked back through in time to see Iruka run past, and she sighed in relief, resting her back against the fence as she sat on the floor.

She leant forwards to tie her black sandals up a little more tightly, and ripped her trousers at the ankles slightly to allow her more freedom when running. She looked through the hole to check if anyone was there, before squeezing back through and running once more, to her house on the edge of Konoha where she lived.

She raced up the yard and collapsed on the stone steps which lead up to the front of the house. Inara lay there, gasping for breath as she laid her head on her arms which were currently folded on her knees.

Inara then looked up and gasped as something dropped from her overhanging roof. As the thing stood up she groaned and face palmed.

Iruka stood in front of her with his arms folded over his chest.

"I had a feeling you'd go home from the way you were headed. So all I had to do was wait. Seems I was right." Iruka said.

He smiled to himself suddenly as he saw the same sort of spirit in Inara, as he did in Naruto. An old favourite student of his who also seemed to always be in trouble.

Iruka clamped down on those thoughts with a sigh and turned his attention back to Inara, who sat glaring at him from the steps.

"So Inara. Would you rather do lines in a classroom after school without anyone else knowing? Or would you rather I told your father and see what HE thinks of you skipping class?" Iruka said sternly, giving her the choice. Inara widened her eyes at the mention of her father.

"No!...I'll do lines." She sighed, pretending that none of it really mattered and that she didn't care anyway.

*Later that Day*

Inara walked home and for the second time that day, she walked up the steps to her house. Her hand ached from writing one hundred lines of 'I must not skip class'.

She was about to open the door, but then reminded herself that the other resident of the house might be home. So instead she jumped up lightly onto the roof of the two story house and crept along the slanting tiles until she reached the far side of the house.

Then dropping onto a narrow ledge of the second story, she hoisted the window up and slid in through the gap.

She closed the window quietly and silently crept along through her father's bedroom and across the landing into her own midnight blue room, placing her bag on her bed and discarding her coat alongside it.

Inara sighed in relief and suddenly her bedroom light came on.

"How come you're home so late?"

Inara closed her eyes and grimaced to hold back a curse as she heard a voice from behind her.

She straightened up from her crouched position and slowly turned. A tall man dressed in leaf ninja gear with spiky grey hair stood in her doorway, with his leaf head band casually hanging down over one eye.

But unfortunately he wasn't being very 'casual' at the fact that she was late home as he narrowed his one visible eye at her.

"Well, see…I wanted some help after school and I hung back with Iruka Sensei. Everything's fine now though, I get it." Inara said roughly.

"You're lying." He said, folding his arms. She bit her lip and shrugged. The man sighed nodded his head in the direction of the stairs.

"Hm. Well maybe I'll find out over dinner, so you better make up your mind as to what you were doing eh?" He said, smiling to himself as he followed Inara downstairs and into the kitchen where her dinner was waiting. Inara sat down to the table and looked at him as he sat opposite her, propping his elbows on the table and resting his mouth against his interlocked hands.

"Aren't you eating father?" She asked him worriedly. He shook his head.

"I've already eaten a late lunch today, and I don't think I'll be wanting more anytime soon. Now eat up." He said, gesturing to her plate of healthy vegetables and cooked meat.

"Yay…Vitamins…" Inara said with an ironic smile, but picking up her cutlery and tucking in with a will anyway. She ate amidst silence until he finally broke the silence by asking her a question.

"So, how was detention with Iruka Sensei?" He asked casually, moving his chin onto his hands instead. Inara froze, her gaze locked down on her plate, but not really seeing anything.

"Aha…I see." He said, leaning back in his chair. Inara swallowed her mouthful and met his gaze which was fixated on her.

"Father…I swear I didn't do anything THAT bad." Inara exclaimed, thinking back over her leaning and falling out of the low window. "I mean, well…I don't suppose." She finished lamely, biting her lip.

"So skipping class and running home isn't breaking the rules at all is it?" He replied sarcastically, raising his eyebrow. Inara groaned in defeat and finished eating her dinner in silence. He sighed rubbed his neck.

"Are you done with that?" He asked quietly, gesturing to the plate. She nodded and he got up from the table to gather the plate and cutlery before placing them in the sink to be washed. He glanced back to where she was still sitting at the table. He sighed as he put washing up liquid in the washing bowl and added hot water.

"Go on, it's half eight. Go to bed." He said gesturing to the stairs. Inara nodded and stood up, heading over to the stairs.

Suddenly she paused and turned, running back over to him and hugging him. He caught her and hugged her back tightly.

"Love you." She said, her words muffled by his chest.

"Love you to 'Ara." He said with a smile, kissing the top of her head. He waited for a minute before she unwrapped herself from him and raced up the stairs to get ready for bed.

Kakashi just stood there and smiled to himself as he dried his newly washed plate, putting it in the cupboard and turning off the lights.


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