Really short story I wrote. Came after playing Tales of Legendia for a long time. This is what would happen in Norma found a Where's Waldo book. A bit of Norma x Walter and aI guess a little bit of Norma x Moses I guess. No big pairings. This takes place sometime during the Frontlines battle when Walter is still an ally.

Where's Waldo?

"Norma, we are not buying that." Will's voice carried through the small store making Norma groan.

"C'mon Teach, it would be a nice break for when we set up camp."

"You do realize that we are heading into the Frontlines, right?" Senel interjected.

"It's a bad idea to play a children's game when the enemy could sneak up right behind us." Chloe added.

"You are all against me aren't you?" Norma pouted, crossing her arms in front of her chest and sticking her lower lip out.

"And here's the trademark Bubbles pout." Moses laughed.

"Red, don't be so mean to me. You agree with me don't you? We should buy this book. It's only 100 gald." Norma latched onto Moses arm and looked up at him still pouting.

"Sorry Bubbles, but I have to agree with Will."

"For once the stupid bandit has said something intelligent!" Jay started to mock applaud.

The owner of the general store looked over and started to glare, which the group took as a signal to leave.

"Hey Bubbles, get off of me!" Moses told her as he shrugged her off.

"Norma, do you have the packs?" Will asked.

"Oh, no I don't. I'll be right back!" She yelled as she ran back inside the store, 'Heheheh. Just my luck. I'll take this,' Norma thought as she took the Where's Waldo book up to the front and bought it with the tiny stash of money she kept in her purse for 'emergencies'.

Later at the Frontlines...

"Hey Waldo, I got you a present!" Norma shouted, unaware that everyone was staring at her.

"Umm..." Walter looked at Norma incredulously, "Are you talking to me?"

"Yes I am silly. Here!" She threw the book at him and barely caught it.

"Where's Waldo? What is this Norma?" He stared at the book.

"It's a Where's Waldo book. It made me think of you, so now Waldo is your new nickname!"

"I don't have time for this." Walter replied.

"Aw... Come on. Just give it a try!"

Walter face-palmed and gave the book to one of his subordinates before starting to talk about the upcoming battle. However he couldn't help but steal a small glance where his subordinate had taken the book. A small smile started to bloom on his face, 'Maybe I'll try it later.'

The End

So it's done, more fluffy that I expected it to be but I'm still happy with how it turned out. It was shorter than I wanted it to be but oh well.