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suit wearing fine looking FBI agent, there's a drug addict waiting to be set free, ok maybe there's no druggie in him but what if...?

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Chapter 1 ...
Everywhere was dark and rank, Seeley Booth shivered uncontrollably while vigorously twitching and sweating, it had been seven days since he'd

last gotten a hit the reason being that he had no money left, he'd collected his last paycheck about three weeks ago and now, all that money

was gone, he just sat in a corner of his cramped two-room apartment with little or no furnishing only an old T.V, a table scarred by cigarette

butts, an old worn out couch and a bed that he never got to use unless he brought home any girls(prostitutes of course, no sane woman would

want to pursue a reasonable relationship with a poor using bastard like himself) which was very rarely because what money he made he spent

it on drugs and the rest he spent on food and well...clothes and also because he mainly slept out most nights. ...

Dim yellow light bulbs hung low on exposed wires and I sat on the stupid couch in front of my stupid T.V and tried to still myself but it was not possible and I knew it but I just wasn t thinking straight

"Shit, fuck this" I finally got tired of the shivering and decided to do something about it so I got off the couch and put on my old dark

grey trench coat and got out of the stifling apartment.

The streets were filled with people and poorly lit so I had to tread carefully I stumbled and almost fell but I stilled myself on a

lamp post that was luckily just in front of me, I lifted my head and that was when I saw her, red-haired, pretty faced and phenomenal figure

she was trying to stop a taxi, she raised her hand and then my eyes were quickly drawn to the purse in her hand it looked like it would have

a lot cash at that thought my hands started twitching violently again, I hadn t even noticed that it stopped twitching for a while so I shoved

them into my pockets, my mind immediately went to hyper drive as I thought if I could get her bag then I could probably get a hit from Mickey.

So at that thought he advanced towards the red-haired lady, Temperance Brennan probably would have noticed how threatening the man

who approached her looked if she had just raised her head from her phone, but she was too busy trying to send a text to her friend, she felt

something hard on the small of her back, it wasn t cold but she didn t have to be told what it was, a gun?, then she felt her assailant come up

behind her, he was so close she could smell him, he smelt like old tobacco and sweat, people watching her might have thought that they were

acquainted and it was him she was waiting for but before she could react, he said into her ear

"You scream and I ll kill you understand"

His voice didn t quaver so he probably had done this before and wasn t afraid but she noticed that the gun was occasionally jerking up her

back, twitchy, so he was agitated and probably didn t want to be messed with oh God, why her what had she done?, she thought as she

nodded her head vigorously to shoe she understood

"Now slowly act like you're putting your phone in your bag and give me your wallet..." he lifted his hand and rubbed his eye with the heel

his hand and then abruptly put it back down "...put all your cash in it and...and don t try anything stupid like mace ok or I ll shoot you

hear me?"

She nodded and then put her phone into her bag and slowly put all the money in her purse into her wallet, his eyes were darting around and he

was moving from one foot to the other, when he noticed that she was done he put out his right hand to collect the wallet, she noticed a tattoo

on the front of his wrist and , it looked like some kind of Chinese writing but she couldn t be sure, maybe it was a...she was pulled out of her

thoughts when he pushed the gun harder against her back, she almost screamed forgetting his threat when he said coolly into her ear

"I m gonna walk away now and if you scream, remember I have your wallet so I have your personal info...understand? and don t look back you hear?"

Oh she understood alright so she nodded her head vigorously squeezing her eyes shut when she felt the gun leave her back and felt him leave,

she breathed a sigh of relief but stood there for about fifteen minutes facing the road before she gathered the courage to open her eyes

and look around her, when she didn t notice anyone looking at her menacingly, she broke out into a quick walk and brought out her phone

from her purse and called her friend

"Cam...Cam hello Cam.."

"B, what s wrong..?"

"Cam I need you to come pick me up please, come pick me up..." she pleaded like her very existence depended on it

"Ok B calm down, what happened, is it Peter cause if it is..." she was cut off mid sentence by Tempe

"Camille it s not Peter please just come pick me up, I ll tell you when you get here"

"Ok, where are you?"

"I m at the McDonald's on K Street"

"Ok I m coming sit tight"

"Please hurry" she said and snapped her phone shut, suddenly everywhere felt cold


I was riding the high and euphoria of my latest hit I had just gotten from Mick, God it felt sooo good, I was in a corner

of my bedroom when I remembered the red-haired lady...hmm I hadn t even used a real gun but she was so scared so so so scared, I took out

her wallet and flipped through it there was still some money left in it for rainy days, I finally found what I was looking for, her I.D card

Temperance Brennan, whoa she was a psychologist like all those shrinks Becca made me go see, too bad she won t have her I.D it was

probably important, my eyes lingered a little more on her face and blue green eyes, she was beautiful, well enough sightseeing, I tucked the

wallet with the I.D under my bed and then sat still for a while enjoying the drugs coursing through my whole body...so light.

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