I went to a performance at a private school in my area about a month ago. It was based on the acrobatics and movements of Cirque du Soleil and told the sotry of Romeo and Juliet. They entitled it Cirque Verona. After seeing it I was inspired. The movement, especially that of the aerialists using the silks, wowed me. And since I love Glee, I decided to combine those things and create a AU story where the cast is in a circus. Of course it wouldn't be comeplete for me unless it had some Klaine in it, so this story will center around Blaine and Kurt. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I have writing it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee.

Cirque de Joie

Chapter I.

The moon glowed, full and silver, in the starry night. Sounds of insects serenaded those still awake in the late hour. Voices rose above the glow of paper lanterns strung between trees, excited and ringing. Children laughed in excitement and adults chattered feverishly, journeying to their vehicles after a night of wonder and magic at the Cirque de Joie.

As the last of the circus goers filed out of the big top, a boy with curly black hair stepped outside, black plastic bag in hand. He yawned before bending down to scoop up a half-eaten box of popcorn, throwing it into the bag. The girl beside him laughed.

"It's amazing how much people spend for things they'll barely even eat," she said, striding alongside the curly haired boy, stopping just in front of him to pick up a pink gum ball.

"Yeah, but not all people are quite as conservative as we are Quinn," he pointed out, plucking the gum ball out of her hand and chucking it into the black bag to join the popcorn.

"Not as conservative as me is more like it, Blaine. I know how you like to buy things before thinking," Quinn said, putting he hands on her hips. She was still decked out in her costume, sequins glittering in the glow of paper lanterns, glinting hues of orange, yellow, and red off of silver. She pushed a perfectly sculpted golden curl out of her bedazzled eyes. "Have you even used that waffle iron you bought in the last town we were in?"

Blaine's cheeks burned. "No, but I haven't had an occasion for it yet!" Quinn rolled her glittering blue eyes.

"What would be an occasion that calls for waffles in the shape of Julie Andrew's face?" Silence. "Blaine?"

Blaine cautiously picked up a paper bag covered in an unknown substance emitting a smell akin to cabbage before answering.

"When it comes up, I'll let you know," he said, dropping it into the bag. "I don't think I want to know what was on that." Blaine grimaced. "It smelled really funny." Quinn laughed, a high-pitched, childish laugh.

"Better you than me!" she said, wrinkling her nose. She glanced over her shoulder to two girls decked out in jewel tones and glitter standing by a pole supporting a string of lights, giggling. A sigh escaped her red lips. "I wish those two would help with clean up once in a while. Everyone else helps." She swept her arm out, gesturing to the scattered mess of people clad in various circus costumes. They were all divided into groups, some toting garbage bags while their partners picked up trash while others fixed fallen decorations and hangings, making sure that everything looked neat and in its place for the next round tomorrow. One pair, an Asian boy and girl, were trying to re-hang a set of streamers.

The girl seemed to be arguing with the boy, gesturing that she was too short to reach the place it was originally strung. She placed her palm to the top of her head before extending her arm up as far as it would go, indicating the height difference. She jumped up higher to prove her point. The boy sighed, bending down to one knee, holding out his hands, fingers laced together. The girl giggled, placing a foot on his laced fingers. She placed one hand on his shoulder and the streamers in the other, giggling as the boy lifted her up, holding her foot level to his belly button. Her other leg dangled behind her, bent at the knee and toes pointed up gracefully like a dancer. She pressed the streamers back to its original position, smiling down to the boy. She squealed as the boy threw her up into the air, catching her in his arms. They rubbed their noses together lovingly before the girl jumped out of the boys arms. They both ran off, out of sight, laughing at each other.

"Eh," Blaine said, shrugging. "Santana and Brittany never help with clean up. They'd rather gossip about the boys they caught checking them out during the performance." His bag was almost full with discarded wrappers, food, and broken toys. He bent down to grab another discarded cotton candy cone and spotted a small, yellow, plush bird lying in the dirt, forgotten by some inattentive child. His eyes softened, dark brows lowering over hazel eyes. He always hated seeing stuffed animals left behind. Putting the garbage bag down as he walked, he strode towards the bird. He bent down, taking its form in his hands. It was virtually unblemished, save for the smudge of dirt over its left wing. He ran his thumb over it, feeling the soft material. How could someone just leave it lying in the dirt? Its blue eyes glinted up at him, almost playful.

"Another one?" Quinn asked, standing behind Blaine. "How could someone have such a charming little bird and then just leave it?" She scooped up the garbage bag, walking towards the dumpster. Blaine stood up, cradling the small bird in his hand. Sometimes he really didn't like the children that came to the circus. They made messes, cried during performances, and left poor, little stuffed animals in the dirt like a toy graveyard. He heard hard slam of Quinn tossing the bag into the dumpster. Many others were heading towards the dumpster with garbage bags as well. He saw Puck talking animatedly with Rachel as he threw his bag in. She laughed loudly at something he said, glancing over her shoulder at Finn, who was speaking to Sam, who was juggling tennis balls. Quinn strutted back toward him. She reached out a long, slender hand and plucked the bird from Blaine's fingers. She held it close to her face, examining it with an inquisitive gaze before placing it safely back in Blaine's hand.

"Another one for your collection," she said, eyeing it again. Blaine laughed.

"Let's l see who shows up this time," he said, placing the bird in the pocket of his vest. "Hopefully no one like Rachel." He eyed the brunette who was now talking so loudly to Puck that Finn was glaring at her, ready to throw a rubber mallet at her head. Quinn chuckled.

"We can only hope. Hey, maybe we'll get a guy for you. You need more guy friends." She gave Blaine a two finger salute before sashaying over to Mercedes, who was affectionately scratching the ear of a large, white tiger. Blaine rolled his eyes, turning to get a full view of the camp. Everything seemed to be in order. William, the Ringmaster, was doing the final check he always did before anyone is allowed to go to bed. Blaine rubbed the back of his neck, fighting the urge to yawn. He wasn't sure if he could handle another show like the one tonight. It wasn't bad, just exhausting. He had to help with far too many costume changes for his liking. He didn't mind all that much, it was part of his job description after all. He was the handy man of the circus, helping in any and every way that he could. But tonight had been awful, with Brittany's strap breaking, Quinn not being able to find a shoe, and Artie misplacing his magic wand, it was stressful to say the least. Not to mention the fiasco with Mercedes and her tigers, who weren't getting along as of late.

Losing the battle with his urge to yawn, Blaine felt his chest expand, body flooding his brain with much needed oxygen. Man, he was tired. Taking a quick look to make sure that Will wasn't looking in his direction, Blaine hurried over to his tent stationed away from the big top. He ducked inside, lighting an oil lamp before walking over to a large chest. He opened it up, pulling out a pair of flannel pants and a t-shirt. He quickly got dressed and placed his clothes in a pile. Before laying down the shimmery purple and red vest he wore every day, he took out the small, yellow bird. Smiling to himself, he placed it with the eleven other animals he's found in the past. Each one represented a member of the circus. The friends that joined after him: Tina, Mike, Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, Puck, Artie, Santana, Brittany, Finn, and Rachel. He had found each of their stuffed animals days before they joined the circus. Now his little yellow bird sat with the others, seemingly out of place and yet like it belonged there.

Blaine settled into his cot, wondering who it was who would be joining the family of Cirque de Joie next.

"Who are you?" he asked, before falling to sleep.