Animaniacs and the Valkyrie Star

Book Four – Beginning and End


Yakko: Hello all, the content in this fan fiction is strictly that, fiction! If you believe any of this stuff, you've probably been watching too much TV and need to at least get out of the house for some fresh air... however, if that actually be the case, you probably shouldn't be reading this anyway.

Wakko: You forgot to mention that the author of "The Valkyrie Star" series does not own any characters associated with Warner Brothers' Animaniacs nor owns the rights therein.

Dot: Do you have any idea what those words mean?

Wakko: I got them from Yakko's dictionary.

Yakko: Good night everybody!

Chapter 1 – New Home

Its Rita again, we were asleep in our new home near Burbank, California. All was peaceful and quiet until Mira's alarm clock went off at around 8:30 am. She crawled out of bed, and went to brush her teeth and get herself ready to "babysit" the Warners again. Let me describe our new house first.

The front yard was approximately an entire acre by itself, (we told you she was loaded in book 3) a concrete pathway from the white fence 's gate, traveling in a straight line, going all the way to the front door, led the way to the house. The house itself was placed in the center of the acre of land with a 2 car garage attached to the left side of the house. Around the white colored house was a brick flower bed that ran along the entire sides of the house from front door to the back patio. The house was also around three stories tall, over 76 feet long and 59 feet wide. The walls were a solid white while the roof was kind of a beige color. A tall fence divided the land directly in half. The back yard was an entire sea of bright green grass with a 17 ½ foot long by 15 foot wide by 13 feet deep pool around 6 ½ feet away from the patio that spanned 6 feet long by 20 feet wide and was made of concrete. The rest of the front yard was also mostly grass with a couple of round trees about 6 feet tall, one on each side of the concrete walk way.

Through the white front door, was an elegant entry way. The wood floor was a bright oak color around 20 feet wide, 20 feet long, and another 2 stories tall. There was a gold and crystal chandelier in the center of the ceiling. The walls were a white sandy color all throughout the entire entryway and there were around four oak doors around the ground floor. Two doors on the left side of the entry way led into two guest bed rooms. Each bed room was decorated with light floral wall paper, velvet colored window curtains, and queen sized beds with velvet and purple bed sheets with around 5 velvet colored pillows. The first two were side by side darker purple. The next two were just in front of that layer, they were a lighter velvet color, and then there was a deep purple square pillow that sat alone in the very front. The other furniture in the room was made of mahogany wood.

At the far side of the entry way was another swinging door that led to the kitchen area. The floor changed from oak flooring, to sandy large tile flooring. Near the far right side was an island kitchen, the counter top preparation area, where Mira prepared all of our meals, and the cabinets were all made from oak wood, alongside the cabinets stood a range stove, a large two door refrigerator, and oak drawers for organization of cooking and eating utensils. Farther away from the preparation area stood a slightly darker colored dinner table with six elegant chairs surrounding it.

On the right side of the entry way, closest to the front door was another door that led to a living room. Inside the living room was a large 72 inch plasma screen TV complete with cable, a large custom couch that is capable of seating 5 grown men and a fireplace over along the right wall.

Along the right wall ran a staircase that moved all the way up to the third floor, where five more bedrooms decorated just like the guest rooms, the master bedroom where the decorations were similar, but more elegant, (and with a king sized bed) as well as two full bathrooms including the master bedroom's elegant oversized bathroom.

Runt likes to run around in the back yard while I prefer to relax on the patio. Ace, however prefers to hop, jump and play around. That is, until the Warners come over to visit. You never know which of their entrances they'll use when showing up. Such as today, Mira groggily staggered down stairs to the kitchen, in order to make herself some breakfast. When she got there she reached into the refrigerator to grab the milk, fumbled in one of the drawers and found a spoon, reached in one of the cupboards for some cereal, and grabbed a bowl from another one. Just as she was eating her cereal, the Warners quickly rose out of a nearby cookie jar and said, "Helooooo nurse!" startling Mira somewhat.

One by one they jumped down from the cookie jar and landed softly and silently on the tile floor. "So, whatcha got for us today?" Wakko asked with excitement in his voice. "You always take us on the best trips." Dot added sharing her brother's excitement. Yakko, however headed straight for the living room to watch TV. "Yakko..." Mira called. Yakko stopped in his tracks and turned back to Mira with a sheepish look on his face. "Yes?" he retorted. "Eat first, bathe second, field trip third, no TV today." Yakko looking slightly disappointed turned back to sit himself in one of the dinner table's chairs. Dot began to laugh and pointed at Yakko, "Ha, ha, you got caught." She said. "Dot, now isn't the time to tease your brother." Mira retorted.

The Warners quickly learned to behave around Mira. They've seen her more than once get mean and counter half of their gags. Like last week, when Wakko ate her refrigerator, literally. She tracked him down and poured iodine down his throat. He walked around slightly drunk and feeling sick for around 6 hours. Dot got a kick out of that. She allowed some zaniness at times. After all, she knew who the Warners were at heart. However, she also knew the limits of her own acceptance. After Mira had finished her cereal, she walked over to the stove and made her "famous" scrambled eggs with mushrooms and jalapeño skins, and the Warners ate happily.

After they all got cleaned up, one at a time, they met back down stairs, near the front door. Mira had the Warners line up side by side to check and see if they were properly packed for their field trip. Each Warner had a backpack of supplies, a first aid kit, a packed lunch, and study books (in case Mira decides to quiz them on some of the animals). She started with Yakko, passing her inspection she then moved to Wakko, who also passed her inspection. When she moved on to Dot, however something was a bit off. Instead of her usual hair style, dot had a curly poof of hair, "Very funny Dot." Mira said noticing that it was merely a wig. Dot gave Mira a large goofy grin and Mira chuckled slightly. Then Dot reached up and plucked her wig off of her head and hid it in the hammerspace behind her back. Mira finished chuckling and said to the Warners, "Do you guys know where we are going today?" All three of them rose their hands, "The beach", guessed Yakko, "The mall" guessed Dot, "Don Notts' summer home" guessed Wakko. Yakko, Dot and Mira simply glared at the small boy as if he was cracked in the head. "The Zoo" Mira finally answered after letting that random bit of comedy die down. The Warners cheered at the realization of their destination.