Final Chapter – Beginning and End

"I still don't understand," I said to Vuloc confused, "We were told that Valkyrians were born from the collection of mass amounts of energy, enough to birth a new consciousness." "Yes, that is true." Vuloc said to me. "Well then how did you and Ace acquire the spell of wishes anyway?" I asked. Vuloc simply smiled at me and said, "To be honest, it was never me. I only assisted him to fight. The moment he achieved that massive amount of power, was the point in which I fell exhausted. The rest was just his will to protect his family. The spell of wishes is the ability to wish and make that wish into reality, like the way the humans on your world work hard to achieve their dreams. What you saw was merely Ace surpassing the sage mode into something greater. I've already dubbed it 'sage mode overburst'." With that cleared up, I still had one more question for the Valkyrian sage, "What exactly did Ace do when he separated himself from you?" Vuloc looked at me like I was crazy for a moment and then burst out into joyous laughter. He settled down after a short while and whipped a tear from his right eye. He took a deep breath and said, "Ace, is now simply a normal earth-cat, just like you. He gave up his magical powers and gave them all to me. And I divided such power amongst the entire planet."

They asked for our assistance to attempt to bring the entire planet together for a celebration. It took us a couple days, but we accomplished the task and I got to know the woman in the purple dress. Her name was Lina and she was very kind. The new king and queen of the planet Valkyria announced us as the heroes of their world and the celebration had begun. There were a few questions as to what their new shape was all about. (I never had a decent answer for that.) The celebration lasted for an entire week, and during that time the Warners got plenty of chances to play their silly pranks and gags. Not many people were much annoyed as they were amused and happy. It was entirely bliss and even Queen Angelina finally got the hang of using her magic properly. I learned that just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there. However, something was nagging at the back of my mind, something I forgot.

That night I fell asleep and dreamed of a far off world. A world that was covered in human cities, complete with buildings and streets with cars and trucks driving down them. In one particular city called Burbank, California, A quaint white house sat amongst many others. And yet it looked lonely, like it had lost its friend. On the porch there was a familiar woman sitting in a patio chair and staring up at the sky, sad and alone. Certain memories began to return to me. Now that it was all over, we needed to go back to where we belonged...home. However, the Warners had made many new friends during the celebration and even went out on a few short dates with some of the ex-guardians. (Yakko especially liked going out with Angela.) How was I going to ask them to leave this paradise and go back to a world of ridicule and contempt?

Perhaps, I wouldn't...If they were happy here on Valkyria, then who am I to take that away? I opened my eyes and brought my head up to look around the area. I was curled up in one of the beds in the Silver Palace, sharing it with Dot, who was still fast asleep rolled up in the blankets like a burrito and possibly dreaming of some of the men she had dated in the past week. I turned my head to look out the window at the full moon. Its bright light brought to the forefront of my mind the fact that these past few months have seemed like a couple of years had gone by, and I wondered what was happening on earth. What was Mira doing? Without the Warners, did she even have a job? What's going to happen when we do get back to Earth?

Rather than think about it, I made a final decision to hop down off of the bed, and made my way to find Runt and Ace. I located them both in Yakko's room where they were sleeping comfortably. Silently, I crept over to Runt and gently shook him awake. "Hmm? What is it Rita?" he asked. I simply placed the first finger of my left paw over my lips and shushed him. Motioning for him to follow me, I made my way over to Ace, leapt up onto the pillow-like bed and shook him awake. "Mom?" he groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. "What's wrong?" he then asked waking up more completely. I shushed, him and whispered, "Come with me", so as to not wake the sleeping Warner. We jumped down off of the bed and quietly made our way to the main chamber, where Queen Angelina and King Vuloc were sleeping. It had only been a week, but they were wed and doing everything they could to bring a justified monarchy back to the people. I scratched my paws along the corner of the door to cause some noise, hoping that they were light sleepers. Apparently, only Queen Angelina was. She slowly opened the door groggy and still half asleep and wearing a light blue silk night gown with light gold lining. Over that she had put on a silver colored silk robe. Her hair was slightly tussled, but somehow maintained its overall shape. She yawned deeply and said, "Couldn't it wait till morning?" noticing that no one was eye level with her, she looked downward and finally noticed us. She knelt down and began speaking to us. "This had better be good." She said crankily and annoyed.

"I'm sorry to bother you so late, your highness." I said, "But I was wondering if you could send us home." Knowing that if she gave it a try herself, she might end up sending us to a random hostile planet, she closed her eyes and gave it a thought. As she did this, Ace turned to me and asked, "How come Uncle Yakko, Uncle Wakko and Aunt Dot aren't with us?" "The Warners seem to be happy here. I can't take something like that away from them. It would be better if they stayed on Valkyria." Suddenly, Yakko's voice could be heard from behind me. "Aren't we supposed to be the judges of that?" He said sarcastically. We all turned around and I gasped in slight shame, realizing that they were there the whole time. "Another cliché, but I like the outcome of this particular one." Dot added to Yakko's comment. "This place is nice, but we're homesick." Wakko said and made his silly googy face. I couldn't help but chuckle at that. "It looks like you all made your decision. Come back in the morning and I'll have Vuloc open a portal back to Earth. If I do it I might put you in the center of the planet." She said. Thinking about it, the Warners all cringed together. And we all journeyed back to our rooms.

Morning arose and we all sat up in our beds, stretched and got ourselves packed to return home. When we arrived at the dining room for breakfast, we noticed all of the guardians sitting there with the king and queen. "What gives?" Yakko asked. Angela shot up out of her seat and ran over to Yakko crying out loud. She snatched him up to give him a big hug in between her breasts. Once again, he melted into a puddle of black goo. Angela knelt down, wiping the tears from her eyes and asked the out-of-shape Warner, "Do you really have to go?" Yakko regained his shape and gently grasped Angela's hands. "Yah, I do. Uuuhhhh, it's oh kay though. The king and I set up a mail system from Valkyria to Earth." Yakko said. The king interrupted and said, "Actually, she has insisted on going back with you." "But, what about your family and friends here?" Yakko asked her slightly concerned. "Oh, they died ages ago." Angela answered giddy and happy. "I think it is an excellent idea." Vuloc stated above the murmurs of the dining hall. We all turned our attention to the new king surprised and listened to what he needed to say. "This would give us an opportunity to make direct contact with another planet. Angela, I'm appointing you an official representative of the Valkyrian race and sending you to the planet Earth with these brave heroes. Angela's smile stretched from ear to ear as she realized that she would be going to her new boyfriend's home planet and living there with him. She was so happy that she snatched Yakko once again and quickly kissed him full on the lips before he could melt again. Rather than melting, his body began to turn beat red from the blush and steam erupted from the sides of his head, making the sound of a train whistle. When she pulled away, he was caught in a daydream and swaying back and forth in pure bliss. He snapped back to reality and smiled at Angela. "Do you approve?" Vuloc asked Yakko coyly. Yakko turned his gaze at the king and shouted, "OH, YAH!" This got everyone in the room to burst out laughing.

Back on Earth, Mira was inside Thaddeus Plotz's office engaged in an argument with him on whether or not the Warners were returning. Apparently Plotz wanted to tear down the water tower and put up a dinner for tourists in its place. "You can't do this, there are regulations. You have to keep the water tower. It's the Warners' home." Mira snapped at Mr. Plotz. "I'm the CEO. I can do what I want. The Warners are gone for good and I actually hope they stay wherever they are. Besides, a dinner would increase the income and bring in more money! We're tearing down the water tower."

"Is that your final answer T.P?" Yakko's voice asked as they entered into Plotz's office through a new portal near the doorway. Yakko was the first to pass through the portal, then Dot and Wakko, then Runt with Ace and I on his back, and lastly Angela passed through the portal. She looked around the room and said, "So this is the planet Earth. It's a lot smaller than I imagined." "This is just Plotzie's office. Earth is out there." Yakko said pointing his right thumb at the glass window that gives Plotz his view of the entire movie lot. Angela ran to the window and pressed her hands against it and simply watched as all of the people moved on by with all of the movie props and cameras. She was so intrigued that she didn't notice Plotz watching her in fear. "Heavens, they're multiplying!" He said under his breath. "Oh yah, there's a whole planet of them behind this hole."Yakko said standing near the portal as it began to slowly shrink in size. "Then maybe you should just stay there, nobody wants you here!" Plotz sternly said, trying to scare the Warners into going back through. Rather than taking Plotz's words to heart and becoming upset, Yakko simply said to the CEO, "And that's exactly why we're staying!" When he said that, the portal vanished from sight. Devastated, Plotz dropped his head onto his desk and cried, "Nooooohohoho!"

"Well, looks like I win another debate Mr. Plotz. And this time, I didn't need to get any lawyers to help out." Mira boasted. Plotz simply sat there crying at his desk. "By the way, who is your friend?" Mira asked. Yakko walked over, got Angela's attention and brought her back over to introduce her to Mira. "This is Angela, my girlfriend, and the official representative of the planet of Valkyria." Angela reached up and shook Mira's hand. "Yakko has told me about you. You take care of them am I right?" "Yes, I do, but..." She turned to Yakko, "I thought all of the Valkyrians were killed by Coluv?" Mira asked. "Long story." Yakko said to her with slight frustration. "You can tell me the story on our way back to my house. You all have a report to give me from your little 'field trip'." The Warners simply stared at Mira with pouty faces. "You are actually going to hold us to the homework thing?" Dot whined. "You have been gone for over a month. YES!" Mira sternly stated. "Awe!" they all complained in unison.