The worst this about tonight is that we are fighting.. once again

Have we been this way before?

I know you Akane… down to your core.

"I never wanted you to leave!"

"Then why Rin? Huh? WHY DID YOU CHEAT ON ME?

She was at her breaking point.

But…that was an accident. Please believe me.

Do you not think that I'm trying?

I have been falling for you since we first met.

And falling even more every day.

"Why… would you do this to me…"

I pulled her into tight grasp.

"Im sorry Akane. I never ment to hurt you.

I won't live to see another day.

Because a girl like you is impossible to find.

This is not what i intended.

"You trusted me. I don't blame you If you don't forgive me.

But please. Don't leave me. Please."

Tonight is the night that i will fall for you.

I swear its true.

Because I love you.

I truly do.