A cold day in February racing through the sky at a steady, speedy clip should logically shrink any guy's balls to marbles in a matter of mere minutes. Logically. But then, when did anything in this hollow city follow any sort of predictable logic? An ancient god of death employed as both mayor and principal over a group of students that could turn into inanimate objects in order to fight demons that when reduced to mere eggs took on the form of fiery red floating balls of sperm gas that I can then eat in order to halt their reign of madness over the Nevada desert and the rest of the world as we know it? Yeah, makes perfect sense. Gives the term gut-wrenching a whole new meaning.

Despite my rather awkward and confusing momentary mind theater, it still wasn't enough to fully distract me from the ever-increasing realization that Maka was literally sitting on my head as we flew. With those white panties that she had just soiled in front of me while I watched like an inexperienced little fucker without a clue pressing warmly against the cold steel of my shaft and making me squirm like a bitch in heat within the confines of my own private paradise beneath her in flight, where the simple sensation of that moist fire makes me want to throw her to the ground and have my way with those soft round…nngghh…..and….

"Soul, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, Maka."

"Why don't I believe you?"

"Beats me?"

"I will if you're looking at my panties again."

"Wha-buhguh….graaah! Woman! You were the one that teased me like the little vixen that…."

"Don't say it!"

I shut my mouth for only a moment, because otherwise she'd pull the blushing embarrassed crap again and we'd never get anywhere. Or we would, and she'd just pummel me when we got home. At the moment the latter didn't seem to be a bad thing, considering an angry Maka could always get me going in the best and most delicious way possible. I doubt it has anything to do with my weapon abilities, but I have an awesome sense of smell, and when she's hot and angry her body sends out the most damn alluring scent in the world, sort of like pheromones or liquid fire or spices or cinnamon or cookies or….something that just drove me to hell and back crazy stupid.

Like now. Right now. Right this second she smells amazing. It's only a hint because she's not really enraged, but I always have a hard time keeping myself from making her even more angry when she gets like this. Because if I can just push her buttons, escalate what makes her tick, get her so peeved at me that she'd have to drive the book home to my head, at that point it all becomes worth it just for the ungodly magic perfume that emanates from between her legs. The long ago realization that making her mad makes her horny has got to be the most revolutionary discovery unearthed by modern man. Making me the world's best paleontologist, because I could totally excavate the depths of her cunt canal for more buried treasure if she would just…



"Weather vane!"


An abrupt jerk upward allowed us to clear the obstacle with ease. I silently praised myself and my magic reflexes, while at the same time berating my flighty attention span for getting so off course (no pun intended) and resulting in a near collision with something that shouldn't even be there in the first place (seriously, who needs a weather vane anymore?)

My self-berating was short-lived as the most alluring tingle made itself known through Maka's end of the spirit link. It sent the most forceful splash of fire to my face and loins as a raging blush covered my entire form, inflaming my pores like a wildfire come to life. I hadn't realized that she'd moaned before, but the second time she did it could not go unnoticed. She had lost all control of her part of the link, as if something had caused her to lapse momentarily and she forgot how to hold up her end of the channel. The backlash from it was having an effect on me, as well. I felt hot, heavy, and disoriented, but it was only for a moment until she was able to grasp hold again.

We had stopped moving and were currently hovering in midair over the outskirts of Death City. Her breathing was ragged, as if she'd just finished a long race, and I could feel her heart racing through the vibrations in my blade. I transformed a part of myself to resemble my face so that she could hear me clearly and see the concern etched into my features.

"Y'all right?"

Her face was also red and flushed, but she nodded and giggled her seeming loss of control away like it was nothing. I knew better, but I wasn't an expert at reading her yet in this form, so I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. She was my partner, after all.

"I'm fine, Soul, just…scared me a bit, that's all."

"You're sure?"


She repositioned herself on top of me so that we were no longer directly touching between her…..um….lower extremities, and reached through the channel in order to regain control of my soul's wavelength and steer us home. Instead of straddling my shaft with legs on either side of me like she normally would, she attempted to sit on her knees on top of me. It would be obvious to anyone that this was not going to work, especially since her knees continued to fall to the side and she ended up straddling me anyway. Still, it was obvious her embarrassment from earlier was forcing her to come to some solution about how to travel on me and keep her naughty bits as far away from me as possible.

"What the hell, Maka…."

"Nothing!" she shouted red-faced and flustered. "It's better like this!"

"You're going to fall, idiot!"

"No, I won't. See-whaah!"

She nearly toppled to the side as once again her right knee slipped and pitched her forcefully to the side, and I quickly transformed my arm and grabbed her leg before she fell careening down to Earth and ruined someone's porch with her impacted innards and blood hitting the dry earth.

"Stupid, do it right!"

"Just give me a minute…."

Next she tried to crouch on her feet on top of me, with one foot placed in front and the other in rear of her huddled form. While much more stabilizing than her knobby knees, this position proved to be much more difficult to maintain. I could feel her straining her leg muscles to keep herself clear above me, but after about ten minutes, a definite sigh of defeat was heard and the weight of her body once again settled on top of me, where it should be.

"Weren't we supposed to be getting chips?" I remarked half-jokingly, but the resulting scowl in my direction made me sigh, but not in total and complete defeat.

"You're gonna have to get over this embarrassment thing, Maka, or start wearing pants," I told her matter-of-factly. "This is the best way to do it, and it's how we trained in the first place. No point in fixing what isn't broken. Unless you've sprung a leak down there. " I grinned profusely.

"I'm not embarrassed! Or….leaking!" she exclaimed, her rosy red complexion a blatant contradiction to her previous choice of words. "You're just a pervert!"

"Wha-mother fucking...! You were the one who-!"

"I said to shut up about it!"

My entire upper half came out of transformation in order to give her the arms-crossed-over-chest-stern-expression-of-death look that she hated so much.

I met her green orbs with my red ones and said perhaps a tad too forcefully, "You seemed to have no problem showing off your wet and dripping pussy to me earlier when you-"

Two hands rushed to cover my mouth before any more words about her bodily mishaps could escape into the world around us. Her face contained an expression of absolute frigid horror and panic as she forced her entire body's weight into obtaining the ultimate goal of making me shut up. I grinned behind the fingers and lapped my tongue out to dance between her digits covering my mouth, which resulted in said hands being wrenched away a millisecond later at the feeling of my wet oral muscle teasing the skin of each one.

"Y-y-you-you licked me!"

I sneered at my meister with the most evil and slimy grin I could muster. "Yeah. You liked it. Just like you liked me doing this earlier."

I jerked myself upward in midair, sending the broad side of my shaft to bury itself into the folds of her womanhood directly through her underwear, rubbing against her clit deliciously. She yelped and moaned, hanging on to my still-human shoulders until her nails left large scratches and welts in my skin there. But I didn't care. I did it again, and once more after that for good measure. She was putty on top of me, and leaned forward until the top of her head was buried in my exposed chest, trying to regain some composure so that her mouth could actually form words once again. Just as before in our apartment, her panties were soaked, and this time I could feel it drenching the metal of my shaft, warm, wet, and deliciously fragrant.

"That scent," I began. "It's so intoxicating, Maka…."

She wrenched the air for breath, swallowing hard. "I...I think we need to go home."


Through the brain haze, she managed to question me only momentarily until I sank and disappeared once again inside my weapon form, only to reappear seconds later beneath her place of utmost desire.

"Soo-oouulll…?" she whined when my nose made contact with the moist heat of her snatch through the fabric of her snowy panties. The sound seemed questioning, inquisitive, and a bit confused. And like extremely hot music to my ears. My arms emerged and came up to wrap around her thighs, pushing her womanhood down further into my face, while at the same time lifting her thigh a bit to keep her from completely crushing me in the process. She gripped what remained of the floating shaft for dear life, afraid to let go lest she fall, which was a very real possibility if I wasn't extremely careful and precise about these particular acrobatics.

I would not let her fall, unless it was in love with me. So that I could hear those suppressed cries and whimpers of pleasure like this every day for the rest of my life.

"S-Soul! Stooopp…." She made an attempt to pull away when my tongue made contact with her flesh through the fabric. With feet dangling over the precipice toward eternity and nowhere to place herself on solid ground, she was at my mercy hundreds of feet in the air above all creation. When I moved the fabric of her panties aside and the first initial touch of my tongue made contact with her clit, all hell broke loose as she frantically began attempting to push me away, sliding further and further down my scythe shaft. It was a feeble attempt, because she was sitting directly on top of me. I followed her down my entire length, never once letting up on the personal torture that she was undoubtedly going through. There was nowhere to go except down, and I'd already sworn to her through the link that I wouldn't let her fall.

"Don't run away, Maka," I challenged. "Feel me. I'll show you what it really means to fly."

My tongue, teeth, and lips began their work on her wonderful pussy. She continued to make delectable noises above me, and this time began grinding herself into me hard. In order to save my face from her frantic smashing and rubbing, I pulled away momentarily only to send a violent, vibrating hum through the entire length of my shaft and blade. Almost immediately I felt the change in her. She no longer had my tongue down there playing with her pleasure center, but it was quickly replaced by my hand as I reappeared before her once again, my entire upper body providing the support she needed to ride out the new vibrant sensations I continuously sent down my blade and directly to the spot where we touched. I dropped my lips to meet hers as she rode my length in wild abandon, clit rubbing and grinding against hard steel sending her down a road of epic euphoria that I was sure she had never experienced before. I hummed into her mouth, kissing her passionately as the same vibrations in my shaft finally sent her teetering over the edge.

"Maka….Maka…." I voiced in-between parting kisses. "Fuck…you're so cute, Maka…."

Perhaps it was the sound of my voice that sent her over the edge, but her hands gripped my shoulders and back like a vice, and she cried out into our joined mouths as she came. I was in awe at the sight of her juices dripping off the bottom of my length and down onto the world below. At the initial release of energy from her exhausted body, we were forced to land on a rooftop in order to prevent ourselves from careening into another building at her abrupt loss of control over me in the air. I had never before seen her so spent. Not that I was complaining or anything. The fact that she asked me to carry her back home, chip-less yet still satisfied and not threatening my life in any way, made me have to classify this day as one that I would gladly live over a thousand times or more, if it meant I could see the way my meister's eyes sparkled in the middle of glorious rapture once more.

She was slightly pissed at me later because of the holes left in her new panties by my teeth. All was forgiven, though, when I promised to do it again sometime soon. Very soon, preferably. However, she swore on her mother's honor that I would pay tenfold for my little stunt high above Death City. Even if it meant she could never show her face in public again, she made a solemn vow to not rest until I was brought to justice for my brazen crime against her sexual purity.

The only thing I could think to say was….Bring it!

"Cunt canal" courtesy of Marsh of Sleep. Because I'm a no-good thief who can't resist using crazy and crude innuendos to make the readers LULZORZ.