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imagination and then works its way out.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Chapter One - If This Were A Movie...

If only I could explain to you how everything changed for me that one summer; if I could only fit it all into words, you'd think I was crazy if I told you it was life changing wouldn't you?

Well for me it was more, much more than anything that's changed a person's life before. It was a summer full of happiness, laughing, and running, a summer full of heart ache and hugs; about finding the truth. A summer I'll never forget because it changed everything about me, it changed my heart as well and my mind, and I'm a better person for it; for everything that happened good and bad, and for everyone who I met along the way.

You see it was raining again; but I love the rain, I'm not sure why because every girl I know hates it, 'it messes up my hair' they'll say, or 'everything is horrible when it rains, there's no sunshine'. You'd think girls in Britain would learn about the weather here, it's always the same; it rains in winter, as well as in summer, autumn and spring, (200 days out of the year actually) but truthfully, I quite like it. Why that is, is much harder question to explain. I think it's because of the smell after it's really rained down heavy, after a storm. The fresh scent is everywhere. I love the feeling of the water hitting off my skin; the droplets falling from my eyelashes. There's something about the rhythmic sound of the water hitting the pavement. It's just so… calming. I'm hardly ever relaxed. You could say I lead a busy life but the truth is everything I do is at full speed; never breaking to just enjoy the view. I have to get where I'm going by any means necessary. At least I used to be that way.

"Freya!" Alley shouted from my bedroom door. "Can I use your camera for a new DP on Facebook?" Alley Sullivan was obsessed with changing her hair colour, her clothing styles, everything, never in the same outfit twice… we couldn't be more different, all I needed was some comfy jeans, a nice big hoodie and my converse; which by the way are amazingly comfy, well worn, well torn, black and scruffy; the way their meant to be. I didn't have to dress up in my eyes. I didn't want to impress anyone new and I certainly didn't have anyone to impress that I already know. I've been living where I am now my whole life, going away to university will be the first time that I'm leaving and travelling away to live from home. Everyone around me knows who I am because they have known me since I was old enough to walk and talk; so no need to dress up anything special for them. I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not interested in one either, the only boys in my life are my brother Luke and my best friend -apart from Alley that is- Chase, I've known him my whole life, turns out he knew Luke before we became brother and sister thanks to my mother's remarriage a year ago.

"Sure but remember we've got to be ready by 8, the movie starts at half past and we don't want to be late... again." I shouted back from the bathroom down the hall, she might not have heard me but I doubt it mattered. I can bet she already had the camera out and posing in front of the mirror right this second. I'm not a jealous person but I'd have given anything to look like her, from her leggy physique to her dark brown hair and bright shining brown eyes, she could have been a model, except for her mannerisms which definitely brought her back down to earth I've never known a girl be able to burp that loud! I've given her a ten out of ten before now, no joke... I guess that's why we're such close friends me and Alley, nothing could change that. That does depend I guess on how she takes my moving away this summer. Yeah I'm not going forever but for Alley and me it might as well be forever, we haven't been apart since we were little and she isn't good at being alone, I'm worried I'll be replaced before I'm even at my dad's front door. Shit.

I was leaving this summer for my dad's beach house in Barmouth, this felt like the last chance I was going to get to see him before I started University most likely in London, I've applied for both a course in Visual Communication; which is basically photography with other medias involved, and also The Arts Of Music; this is scholarship based and I'm lucky to have gotten a place at all, but I'm torn between something I've always wanted to do as a job –photography- and something that's always been a hobby – music-. But they both have a way of capturing my imagination and taking everything around me to a whole new level. Music just gives me that vibe of life coursing through my veins something real and beautiful something I've created and something that no one can take away from me. Photography is much more magical, just by knowing I can go anywhere and take my photographs and turn them into something beautiful, knowing that I can make magic by a creative talent, that enough for me to know that I need to learn everything there is to know about photography, I want to be a part of the world of photographers that have made a difference with their work over the years, I want my name to be known for more than just semi-professional work. Trent Parke once said 'I'm forever chasing light because light turns the ordinary into the magical' he's my inspiration.

Alley is going to come down half way through the holiday and see me, but up till then I'm totally solo, just me, Dad, and Quinn my dad's Great Dane. It'll be just us, for those four very long months. I should be seeing this as an adventure, something new and exciting. Yeah until I get there and realise this is my father I'm talking about. Even since he left my mum when I was 10 years old, I haven't been seeing much of him. Just a card at Christmas and birthdays and sometimes he will just drop by unexpectedly when he's 'in town' on a conference or something similar. It's never bothered me though, you know after the initial shock of oh my god! My parents are getting a divorce and you feel like your world in breaking apart. Everything worked out fine in the end. About a year ago mum married Paul Scott, and in doing so brought along another member of our family, Luke. It was great; having a big brother to look out for me, we had been friends before our parents married so it wasn't anything that drastic for us, plus I really like Paul, he makes Mum laugh; can't ask for more than that. From that moment on Luke, Chase, Alley and I have been like an inseparable foursome. It feels much longer than a year. But it's been a great year.

The sound of footsteps dragged me out of this reverie as Alley came crashing into my bathroom and got her foot caught on the bath mat which meant she ended up flat on her face by my feet, with an "OUCH! Shit it Freya where did that come from? I'm all hurt and stuff now!"

Between laughing at her and helping her up, I countered with "Alley it's always been there, you do it every time" It probably has something to do with the ridiculously high heels she insists on wearing everywhere, including inside my house. Alley had been trying to come up with reasons as to why I should stay at home with her for summer; evidently making it harder for me to go, but making staying at home more annoying by the second.

"If I'm hurt bad enough will you stay behind with me this summer?" I looked at her then and she was giving me the baby eyes, you know the type of eyes that twinkle and then that child gets anything they want?

I sighed -we'd been over this before- "You know I can't Al, I would if I thought I had the time before University, you know that right? Please don't make me feel anymore guilty than I already do, mums given me this crap already about picking a side and choosing a parent and the rights and wrongs of parental desertion." I think she had been joking, but it was hard to tell, when she found out I was going to be go all summer, she kindly reminded me "It was four months you know, which is 120 days, and that's a long time with your... Father" I almost laughed at the way she got stuck on the word father because he hadn't really been there for a while so Paul was more like a Dad to me than my real dad; Danny Leigh. Back in the bathroom Alley was still talking about my leaving her behind, which evidently was making us later to get ready to go out...

"I get it Frey I really do, I'm going to miss you that's all, we haven't been apart for almost our entire lives, why start now?"

I had to change the subject, come up with something witty as always or this was going to turn sour real quick, "Well missy, what makes you think I'm not going just to get away from you hey? It's not just all that sea breeze I'm after" I winked at her and she laughed, but underneath I could tell she was still upset.

"Look no worries I'll write to you every day and we have our phones and just think I'll send post card, we'll go old school and make everything more fun that way, It'll be like it always is, just from a little further away… okay maybe a lot further away, but you know I love you and you never know we have London together soon so stop panicking" Alley was waiting for her acceptance letters through the post, we applied to the same places; Birmingham Arts University, The Royal Music Academy of London and just for the hell of it Barmouth Specialist Arts Programme. I'd gotten all my acceptances back for both Music and Photography with an option to Major or stay with both, again with the decisions and without saying it we were both worried she hadn't had any back so far.

I was smiling the whole time big, full and fake, and she could see right through me, as always.

"Can I at least help you pack" she said in the smallest voice I've ever heard her use. Man I felt really bad now… Feeling guilty, who me? Maybe…

Without thinking about it, I pulled her into my arms and give her a long hug, I hoped it showed her how I felt about our friendship and about how much she meant to me, after I step back again, I could see the little pools of tears in her eyes, she wouldn't cry in front of me, not over this, I knew her. She was all smiles and happiness, rarely upset over anything. Then again we weren't just anything; we were Freya Leigh and Alley Sullivan, best friends since nursery, when I hit little Chase Maddox over the head with a chair; albeit it a child sized plastic chair, for holding my hand in the classroom and trying to kiss her at the same time. After that we were inseparable and so here we are fourteen years later, and still Chase can't come between us.

Nothing was going to change bad enough for tears at the moment, we both knew a time would come; and soon, when we would have to go our separate ways, and then maybe we'll cry, but not at this moment in time.

"How about if I let you help me pack my stuff, you get your behind moving and get ready!, we've got all of one hour before the boys arrive for the movie and I want to get there on time."

We went back into my bedroom and started packing my bags. I wasn't planning on anything fancy happening so I basically took my wardrobe, smiling the whole time because in honesty I was probably going to need everything I was taking, I mean it was going to be four months, but it still looked like a lot when we spread it all out on my bed. Between Alley and myself, we managed to get the packing down to one very large suitcase with everything I would need to wear inside, we had to use those space saving bags that you have to attach the hover to, to make them smaller because it sucks all the air out of the bag. Everything was so compressed in size that I had to remember to leave out night clothes for tonight's sleep over, and travelling clothes for the morning, because no way was I going to get anything back out again once we had sealed this bad boy up. Alleys words not mine.

Next was what books I was going to take, this was the most difficult part of packing. In the end I took in totally fourteen books of various genre, four sheet music books and a digital Canon 450D SLR and a manual Olympus OM10 for photographs. With the bags packed and loaded into my car, my beautiful 1989 British Racing Green Mini, and all my music CD in the front glove compartment and SatNav waiting on the front seat. We could finally start to get ready. It was a casual night out with it being just Alley, myself, Luke and Chase, we were going to catch a movie and then crash at mine so everyone could say goodbye to me in the morning before I left.

Up in my room Alley was obsessing over me just leaving my hair down again her aspiration coming through with each word.

"Come on Freya!, just let me style it, this once let me loose on those long, golden, luscious locks of yours" by the end of her sentence she has gone from annoyed to girl flirt as I would describe; 'when a girl whom is straight flirts with a best friend to get her way.'

"Argh... Fine, but nothing too, extreme please? I don't see the point in getting all dressed up for no reason"

So she stand me down on my dressing chair and made me close my eyes, after a various amounts of tugging and pulling-enough to make my eyes water- she tells me I can open them. What I see is someone I've never ever seen before. That can't be me I told myself; because I didn't look like me. My hair had been parted differently, off the one left hand side, and my fringe had become almost a full fringe with the way she had brushed it. The volume was incredible, just enough to lift it off of my face and give a perfect bounce but nothing too extreme; just like id asked for. The way she had style the clay into my hair brought out the colour definition, all natural blondes acquire from the sunlight. All I could think was, I looked pretty.

"Pretty? Girl you look gorgeous!" Alley replied.

Did I say that out loud? Hmmm. I did look nice, I wouldn't go as far as gorgeous but I did look good.

"Well done you" I said whilst high fiving her, "now I just got to choose my clothes..." I said this out loud because I knew that she wanted to dress me, and after the way she has done my hair, I was starting to think it wouldn't be a bad idea after all.

"YES" followed by a loud squeal let me know she understood and was as I spoke going towards my wardrobe. I wondered over towards my window to see if the boys had arrived and just off towards the left turn onto my road, I could see Luke's car rounding the corner with Chase in the passenger seat. As I turned around to tell Alley I get a face full of denim as it falls down into my hands I see a pair of cut off long-short shorts which were actually my step dads old jeans I self customized into jean shorts, she had teamed these with a really cute pastel rose pink flouncy top and my brown leather 'dads' belt. I'm natural pale so when I added my foundation and black eye liner, the colours worked so well together, being a kind of rock chick meets vintage. I could hardly recognise myself. Not knowing what shoes to wear I just dropped on my converse. Which I might add made my outfit complete.

A knock at the door let us know the boys had arrived.

"just a minute" I called down the stairs because I wasn't quiet ready, I still needed to find my phone and purse.

"Alley have you seen my purse anywhere?"

"yes, m'love but you do not need it as we are treating you tonight, think of it as a 'last night with us' present"

I turned around to her and just stood there. I don't think it had hit me up till yet that I was actually going to be gone, for what could be the most important summer yet. I mean none of us have actually gone our spate ways to the point where we haven't been back together by the weekends. Even Luke who does live on campus comes home every other weekend. But I won't be; going away to University for me, which ever that I choose will be a far distance away so I won't be able to come home every spare minute. My head felt light and the room went blurry, quickly sitting down I looked over at Alley; she knew by the look on my face I was finally being hit by the reality stick. It wasn't a good feeling. I felt lonely and sad; these people have been my metaphorical word for whole life. How do you go from one extreme to another in four months?

Alleys arms were around me without questioning my needs; she knew me so well.

"Look don't get sad on me now missy, it'll be fine, we're coming to visit you remember? I'll get Luke and Chase to come along too yeah?" with hat she let me go and made me stand up. Walking down the stairs she whispered in my ear "it'll be great; you'll see"

Yeah, great I thought just great...

Putting on my 'happy face' I walked through the doorway to the living room and walked straight into Chase. He was all smiles and sparkling eyes, looking directly at me. Those knowing eyes, held a deep understanding of me and my feelings. Just by looking at me that instant, he knew; just knew exactly how I was feeling. He could tell. He always could tell. And again for the third time tonight I found myself within someone's arms; embracing a hug.

Chase Maddox smelt perfect as always; he wears John Paul Gaultier for men, it's my favourite scent; and he knows it. You see Chase is the same age as me; eighteen years old, but he looks older because of his features; Tall dark and handsome, just don't quiet cover it. Chase has dark brown some would say black hair, it's not long but shaggy is a good word for it, not touching his shoulders but defiantly covering his ears. He also has this beautiful royal blue eyes, that just make you want to stare into them, I'm sure that's how he gets the girls if I'm honest; that and his charm. With him coming close to six foot five the hug was a little awkward to say the least, which soon became apparent with his oh so witty comment,

"I swear you haven't grown since the day we met Leigh"

This defiantly earned him a punch in the arm,

"Well we can't all be freakishly tall now can we m'love?"

"Alright you two quit it or we won't make the movie in time; err who's driving by the way?" Luke butted in.

This makes me laugh because it's either him or me and seen as Chase came with Luke and Alley's licence comes next week, it was safe to say the decision was absolute.

"Well we can all squeeze into my little car, which FYI is full of my luggage or you can; my dear brother" -insert sweet little sister smile here-

I've always loved being in a full car, for some strange reason, I always remember it being with Chase, he is always in the back of my mind for everything important I've ever done, its weird to say out loud but for me, its just comforting to know he was there for me, even with the little things I guess. Luke drove with Alley sitting shotgun as she called it first, myself and Chase sat in the back, but the breeze was cooler than you would have expected for summer; even in England. So I sat in the middle and shared a blanket with Chase. The cinema wasn't far away from where we lived, maybe about fifteen miles. So it didn't take long to get there, only one mixed album, created by yours truly and we were there in no time. The film was pretty bad; it was old movie night in town so everyone was watching reruns of Pretty Women or Jaws. I personally would have gone for Jaws but Alley hates anything that has the slightest piece of violence in it. So Pretty Women was our film for tonight… it does have its moments though I guess, like where Richard Gear just takes everything into his own hands and runs after the girl he loves, even though people thing its stupid, he doesn't care, I can remember thinking "I'd love to be that way, to just do something impulsive and put myself out there."

I looked over at Chase and noticed him looking at me with a small smile playing on his lips… it was moments like these when I thought maybe just maybe that we could be more than friends, then I'd just quickly notice something without thinking to much and it would be like something I had never considered before and id have myself wondering if it was real or not.

"Freya, I have something I really wanted to say to you before you go its just that—"

"Shush!" said Alley and Luke in complete sync…

"This is my favourite bit Chase Maddox! Don't you dare ruin it for me" just Alley that time, but the message was clear, NO talking, no matter what.

"Tell me afterwards" I said so quiet I wasn't sure he had heard me.

Well thats the first chapter, kind of... there is more but i haven't put it all up. i just want to know what you'll think of it first, if you like it i'll put the rest up. if not... well tell me why, and how i can improve and what i should do better.