Hey, so I'm going to write a little note for ya'll

I have to apologies for taking down this story.

I was attacked with very hurtful and malicious words; by whom I can only imagine . And I sadly let them get to me and hurt my feelings. So in anger and slight misjudgment I took the whole story down, which as most of you FF's know, that means I lost all my records of the views, and the reviews the story received.

I am reposting this story due to the surprising demand from not only friends but also fellow FanFiction writers who don't even know me. Which was something that I was very shocked over, but also deeply touched by your caring words.

I have a bunch of people that thank for everything they have said to me… including

T . R x D







And many, many others…

Your great people and I'm glad to know you, and to be getting to know you.

i have decided after a long time thinking over this story that i am going to be taking a break from it. i might consider writing a true FanFiction of one story or another, but at the moment, i just can't seem to find the inspiration i once had for this story. hopefully it will come back, when it gets to around the time when it first started off. (summer holidays) and i will begin updating again. im sorry for the 600+ people who have read both this version and the one previous. I feel i've let you down. its not a good bye forever, Till next time, as it were... thank you for everything, all the lovely words of support after the late incidents... it meant the world.

- Charlotte.