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Summary: Hinata, Kiba and Shino are coming back from a mission. But why isn't Hinata with them, and what's with the kid?


Our Tiny Team Mate

"Kiba, what is this?" Shino asked, while moving his glasses back to their perch on his nose with his fingers.

"How am I supposed to know?" Kiba barked. Akumaru sniffed at the sleeping girl. Her hair was a dark indigo and short cropped near her head in a 'hime-cut' (A/N: I really have heard ppl call Hinata's short hair a hime-style), her skin pale. A small girl. A small girl that look a lot like Hinata.

"Mmmnn…" she mumbled as she began to wake.

Akumaru barked. "It's her." Kiba translated bewildered. "But, what wrong with her?" He questioned Shino who could only shrug at his confused doggy friend.

"I-s so-mething w-wong with m-me?" A small familiar stutter sounded through the tent. Shino and Kiba turned their heads to her. Hinata's moonlight eyes were now filled with tears as she realized, she didn't recognize these two strangers! She sat up and rubbed at the tears in her eyes and the blanket rolled down to reveal that her normal cloths had all but slid off, to big for her now.

Akumaru instantly went over to her and started licking her face in his doggish comfort. Hinata began to giggle and the tears dried up. She held the big dog's neck in a hug and placed her cheek against his warm fur.

"Who awe you" She asked in a childish way, unable to fully pronounce her words yet. Kiba looked a little sad so Shino took up her question.

Bending down to her level, he spoke calm as ever, "I'm Shino, and this here is Kiba. The dog you're holding is Akumaru." She stared at him and nodded her head. With a smile she spoke to him.

"Hinawta Hyugwa. Thwee. Where's daddy?" She began to cry again realizing she must be really far from home.

"It's okay." Kiba bent down with Shino, initial shock gone. "We're going home right now. You can trust us Hinata, we're your team mates." He gave her a big grin and she returned it with a small smile and a blush. Rubbing sleep out of her eyes, she stared at him.

"So now what?" Kiba questioned Shino.

"Take her Lady Hokage, she may know what's happened."

"Am I i-in twouble?" Hinata asked sadly.

"No." Shino assured her.

"Wait, what do we dress her in?" Kiba wondered. "This was supposed to be a one day trip to the village of tea."

"Give her you jacket." Shino suggested. Kiba thought about it. His jacket was clean, and warm. It would probably fit her like a blanket.

"Okay." Kiba laughed. "Hey, Hinata, come over her."

Hinata stopped playing with Akumaru and shyly walked over to Kiba. She liked the two boys, they were nice to her. Kiba, trying not to think of the older 16 year old Hinata, helped Hinata ease her small arms into the jacket and then zipped it up.

"That'll have to do." Shino said, already done packing up the tent and sleeping bags. He asked his bugs to place Hinata's cloths away. He wanted a peak, after all he was still a teen boy, but Hinata was a good friend and that would be wrong.

"Ready?" He questioned them with an eyebrow raised.

"Yup," Kiba bent down and picked up Hinata who giggled happily and snuggled closer to him wrapping her small arms around hir neck in a quick hug. "And so is little Hina-chan." He laughed and placed her on top of Akumaru who turned and licked her face happily.

Hinata laughed and patted his back.

"Hold on tightly," Kiba warned, she nodded and did as she was told. "Just don't pull his fur."

"I w-wouldn't pu-wll Akumaw-us ha-ir." She laughed.

"Good." Shino said, "Lets go."

The jumped along and Hinata laughed at the feeling.

"It's l-like fwy-ing!" She laughed happily. Kiba laughed with her and started showing her small tricks he could do as he tumbled, fell and swirled in the air.

Shino sighed at his childish antics but hid a smile behind his jacket.

After a while Hinata began to get sleepy so Kiba carried her in his arms.

"Almost there?" He aske.

"The gates right there." Shino pointed up ahead of them.

"Yeah!" he cheered silently so not to wake little Hinata.

They arrived at the open gates to see Naruto and Sakura making it back from their own mission. It seemed he had said something to make Sakura mad again and Naruto was holding her back.

"Oh!" Naruto said and gave us his idiot grin looking for the distraction. He waved his hand and Sakura turned to us. "What's up?"

We stopped briefly to say hi. Hinata's stirred against Kiba's chest.

"Where's Hinata?" Sakura questioned worriedly.

Hinata giggled and the three look over to her as her head pooped out and she stared at them with familiar pale eyes. Hinata grabbed Kiba shirt and then waved to them shyly.

"Its tha-" Naruto's blue eyes were wide in surprise.

"Yup." Shino answer as Hinata asked Kiba to be let down.


"Don't know" Kiba interrupted. "We woke up and this is what happened."

He placed Hinata on the ground, he jacket reaching almost to the ground and the sleeves rolled up. She held him hand and looked at the others shyly.

"H-hewo." She blushed, waving to them. Sakura and Naruto gave a 'hi' back, eyes still wide in shock. She giggled and turned to Kiba. "N-ow can I s-see da-ddy?" She begged.

For Kiba and Shino this was new. It wasn't that she didn't love her dad, it's just that he was the cause of so much pain for her. Guess all of that hadn't happened yet. Not to her three year old self.

"We're going to see Lady Hokage first." Kiba told her.

She frowned. "Am I i-n two-ble?"

"No," Shino answered her again.

"You said your going to see the Hokag?" Naruto asked.

"We just saw Neji and Hiashi heading over there." Sakura added. Hinata beamed at this, but then blushed as her stomach growled.

"Look's like someone hungry!" Naruto laughed and placed his hand on his belly. "Come on guys, lets go eat some r-"

"No dork," Kiba sighed, "Hokage first." Naruto pouted and Hinata giggled.

"I have a chocolate bar if your hungry Hinata." Sakura said. Hinata looked at her suspiciously but let go of Kiba's hand and walked over to her.

"Dadd-y s-says n-o candwy fw-om str-angwrs." But the look on her face said other wise and Sakura giggled.

"Were not stranger's sweetie," Sakura handed her the chocolate bar and opened it for her, "We're your friends." Hinata nodded taking in the information and happily ate the chocolate bar.

"So she doesn't remember us?" Naruto asked sadly.

Shino and Kiba shook their heads. "Remember, little Hinata hasn't met us yet. She was always in the compound at this age, so if she has met any of us, then it was an accident."

"Well, then I'm Naruto Uzimake, the future Hokage!" Naruto declared to her and she stared at him with wide believing eyes. Sakura slapped him in the back of the head.

"Saukura Haruno." She said politely.

"What kids do you know?" Kiba asked Hinata curiously taking her other hand and walking down the street towards the Hokage's office. Naruto and Sakura tagged along.

She pointed to Naruto and giggled.

The three gave him a questioning look as Naruto tired to remember.

"That's it!" He said loudly causing a few passerby's to look at him. "When I was little I once climbed over the Hyuga walls and fell on their little hime…" he stared wide eyed. "That was her!" He said surprised pointing to Hinata who was to busy eating her chocolate.

"Idiot." Sakura mumbled.

Naruto laughed it off and continued. "I came by to play with her sometimes after that till they placed the guards up who specifically kept me from getting inside." He laughed sheepishly with his hand behind his head.

"Okay…" Kiba said slowly.

"I also know Shika." Hinata stated.

Shino explained this. "Shikamaru often went with his dad when he had business elsewhere. To learn the trade or something like that, most likely just to get away from his mom in reality."

The others opened their moths in an O of surprise.

Hinata couldn't remember anyone else besides Neji-ni-san. And anyways they were beside the Hokage's office. Instead of knocking Naruto barged in waving his hands franticly. Kiba and Shino sighed, Sakura hit him up side the head.

"What is it Naruto, I'm busy." Tsunade grumbled pointing to Hiashi and Neji. Secretly happy for the distraction.

Naruto bent down and lifted Hinata to his side and rushed over to Tsunade. Hinata giggled. "Grandma Tsunade! Somethings wrong with Hinata!" He stated.

Tsunade looked from Naruto to the kid on his side. Shino and Kiba rushed over with Sakura who scolded him. Nothing seemed to click for this image till Neji said, "Hinata-sama?"

Hinata turned her head and looked at him curiously. He looked like Neji-ni-san, but he was to big. She nodded her head, burying it in Naruto's shoulder to hide her blush.

"Your…" Hiashi began but couldn't find the words. After all, his daughter was a child!

"What happened?" Neji asked walking over to them. Naruto sat her on Tsunades desk much to said person's annoyance.

"Don't know." Kiba shrugged.

"We woke up this morning and she was like this."

"S-something's wr-ong?" Hinata's pale eyes began to tear up.

"No, no." Naruto assured her with his famous smile. "everything's fine." He bent down and pointed to Neji.

"That boy there is Neji all grown up, and that's your dad." Narutop said pointed out each person. "The lady behind you is grandma Tsunade."

"Naruto…" Tsuande warned.

Hinata smiled happily, but liking her perch on the table to much didn't go to see her dad and Neji. Just waved to them happily.

Tsunade walked up and grabbed the others so that they were speaking in a circle a little distance away from Hinata.

"What happened Kiba, Shino." Hiashi demanded.

"We really don't know sir." Shino said.

"We went to her tent to see why she was still asleep, when we got there, that's what we saw." Akumaru who had joined the huddle backed in agreement.

"Th-is tastes y-yucky." Hinata's small voice sounded from behind them.

They turned around to see that she held Tsunade's famous sake bottle in her hand.
"I d-don't like it…" Hinata looked at it with distaste.

"Good!" Tsunade said and grabbed the bottle. "Never drink anything like this again."

Hinata, already feeling the effects giggled and nodded before jumping down off the table and running to Akumaru to play. She fell before she reached him and started giggling.

"Never let her drink." Tsuande said as a reminder. They nodded. Shino and Kiba who had actually seen her drunk once by a playful prank, were never going to repeat it. The two boys had thought they would have a heart attack when they found her in a lake face down. She said she was swimming. Then she got cold and tried to undress. Nope, never again were they giving her a drink.

She sighed and watched the giggled girl and placed the sake up away from the curious girl.

"What now?" Neji asked. Looking at his little cousin.

Tsunade sighed. "Take her home, I'll figure it out. Try and see if she remembers anything." She turned to Kiba and Shino. "You two, write down full reports, I don't want to miss a thing." She then turned back to Hiashi and Neji. "Let her sleep that off, she'll be fine in the morning."

Hinata's giggles reached their ears.

"Got it?"

"Yes lady Hokage."

"Sure grandma."

"Naruto be respectful."

"She's an old lady! That is respectful."

"S-so her n-ame is Gr-andma?" Hinata beamed from her place on the floor.

"Naruto…" Tsuande glared at him. "You're dead meat." With that Naruto took of running and Tsunade hot on his heels.

"How was I supposed to know she'd copy me!" He tired to make up an excuse.

"Doesn't matter!" Tsuanade hollered.

"Well then." Hiashi coughed lightly to turn everyone's attention back to him.

"Hi daddy!" Hinata said happily and ran to hug him. Hiashi bent down on instinct and lifted her to his side where Hinata hugged him, still giggling away.

"Me and Neji will take her home." He said.

"I w-ant to p-play wi-th Kiba-ni and Shino-ni." Hinata pouted rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

"Later." Neji assured her, shooting a look at Hiashi to make sure. He gave a small nod. "Thank you for brining Hinata-sama back." Neji bowed to the others and walked off.


"Yes?" Hiashi was staring at Hinata who was playing with his hair.

"Look's like you get that second chance."

"Yes…" He mumbled, with a hidden smile, "maybe."

"I'm h-hungry."

"We'll get you something to eat at the house." Hiashi told her. Hinata hugged her dad and then fell asleep in his arms as they walked home.

"Tomorrow Neji," Hiashi spoke shifting his daughter ever so softly, "will you buy her cloths? I do not think we have anything for her to wear."

"Yes Uncle." Neji smiled.


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