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Ch. 12

What I Want To Be


"Hinata!" I turned around when Kur-mama called out to me, walking through the big Hyuga gates, a pleased smile on her face and small plastic bag with food for dinner because she was cooking tonight and Neji had forgotten some of the things she needed.

Dropping the small book that Sakura had bought me onto the ground, I climbed up and rushed off to greet her. The pink haired girl let out a little startled gasp, but I was too focused on my new mom to help Sakura out. It was boring anyway, a lot of squiggles that I couldn't really recognize, except for a few.

"Kur-mama!" I giggled out, opening my arms and jumping up when I got within catching distance. She swooped me up into her arms and held me close to her warm body as I hugged her.

Daddy had made a funny face when I started calling her Kur-mama not to long after she first stayed the night. The title had just slipped out one day in my excitement and I cried because I thought he was mad when he gave me that stupefied face. After all, what about mommy? Mommy… I loved mommy, and I missed her so much! But, calling Kurenai mama, it made me feel safe again and it felt so right, and for some reason, I haven't really felt safe unless she or Naruto were around.

"Oh Hinata, you're covered in dirt, were you playing in the gardens?" She smiled bemusedly, wiping my cheek with her thumb.

A sweet laugh followed that statement. "No, she was helping me check out the herbs in the gardens and got a little dirty." I turned to see Sakura walked up behind us, books in hand, one big and green filled with pictures and squiggles about plants, and the other small and pink about a princess in a tower, and still a third blue one dotted lines of letters.

"Seems she still has a healer's hand." She mumbled with a small smile.

Kure-mama's hand ran through my hair as I leaned my head against her chest, listening to the thump, thump noise that her heart made. "Yeah, I imagined she never actually changed much from when she was small. Until now, it seems like she's becoming quite bold."

"That's not such a bad change." Sakura nodded her head to Kure-mama, whose face I couldn't see in my position, but whose voice had been filled with a bittersweet joy.

"No, it's not. She seems so much happier."

I pouted, for I didn't like when they talked about this 'she'. Everyone did, and I couldn't understand why or who. It sounded like me, because they all gave me this funny look, as if they were seeing something different, then it would fade, and they would smile again.

"K-Kure-mama…" I interrupted quietly, not really wanting to be rude, but still wanting some attention on me. "I m-made onigwi! A-are you h-huwngry?"

Leaning back slightly in her arms, I gazed at her red eyes, just happy to be hugged. I loved hugs so much; I couldn't get enough of them and now they were offered a lot more freely then I remembered.

Kure-mama laughed and I was jostled a little as she walked forward and into the large house, Sakura behind her. "Yes Hinata, I'd love a snack. You didn't spoil you're dinner now did you?"

"Nope!" I beamed. I had been waiting for her to come, or Naruto to drop by as he often did even when it wasn't 'his day', because everyone had a day to play with me, just me. However, it was already past lunchtime and he still hadn't come.

Her hair bounced with a happy nod while she moved open the shoji door with her foot before turning her head to talk to Sakura, allowing me to lean back against her with a calm breath. "So, where's Ino? Fight?" She asked knowingly.

"Ha, um, yeah. We got into a little spat…"

That was a lie, it was rather big, they both punched each other as hard as Naru-kun and Kiba-nii often did, although, Naru-lun said Sakura could punch down the Hokage mountain, so maybe it wasn't a lie.

"She's inside sleeping off the headache." Sakura admitted and I looked over Kure-mama's shoulder as the pinkette shrugged guiltily.

My Kure-mama sighed and turned into the kitchen. "Can't say I didn't expect it."

"T-they scream r-reawlly loud." I whispered into her ear. "M-maybe they s-scared Naru-kun aw-way."

"I'm sure he'll pop by Hinata, if not, we'll go out and find him. Okay?" She mumbled, seeing right through me.

"Y-yeah!" I cheered as she placed me down on a high stool beside the counter and I watched her get the supplies out to cook.

"I have a shift at the hospital tonight," Sakura came into the kitchen; packing away her own book into a small green backpack, "do you mind if I go ahead and leave?"

"Nah," Kurenai smiled kindly, "go ahead. I can handle it for the rest of the day, it's not too hard."

She grinned. "Thanks!"

I eyed my plate of sloppy onigri. "D-does Sakuwa w-want one?"

She hefted the large bag on her back. "Yeah honey, I'll go ahead and take two to go." She grabbed one from the top, testing it in the palm of her hand to be sure it wouldn't fall apart like my first few attempts, and then grabbed another.

"You're to nice Hinata! Thank you!" She rubbed my hair. "Sorry again Kurenai, but I promised to help one of the newer medic ninja's get used to the shifts before hand."

"Go on, go on." She waved a hand, already busy chopping vegetables for dinner. "I understand, you've got to keep all the medic ninja's you can."

Sakura grinned cheekily. "Ha! Thanks. I'll go ahead and drag Ino with me, she's useless for the rest of the day. Bye Kurenai-sensei. Bye-bye Hinata-chan!"


With that, Sakura ran down one hallway and was soon rushing back out with a blond blur. I sighed in awe. I couldn't wait to be a kunoichi just like them!

"Don't worry Hinata, if you eat all you're food tonight I'm sure your father will train you again." Her nose wrinkled distastefully, a funny habit she had when she mentioned daddy.

"I w-wanna be s-s-stwong like Naru-kun and a-all my f-fwends."

"You will be." She chopped the vegetables idly. "I know you will. You'll be beautiful, and strong, and smart."

My cheeks turned red and I blused bright red. "C-can I go t-try now!" She gave a sweet laugh.

"Yes, while this is all cooking, we'll eat some of the snacks you made."


Pushing of the stool I rushed outside to train so that I could show daddy and everyone how strong I was. One day they wouldn't have to watch over me all the time and I could protect them.


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