This was something I came up with today after watching the movie for the fourth time and always wondered how the Miniions came to live with Gru along with working for him but reading the one shot History of the Minions by Dustal Grey on here made me write this

I imagine they came from outer space but nobody on Earth cared about them but live in a shelter run by the Government but nobody is allowed to adopt them because they would take them for granted but Gru comes into their lives and takes them in like with the girls but he sees their true potential and becomes a father to them.

I hope you enjoy.

It was a stormy night as Dave and his fellow Minions were locked up in a shelter because nobody wanted them after they'd came to Earth from a far off planet but were very innocent and playful but smart but people wanted to take advantage of them as they didn't understand them or could use them to do all the work.

But Dave and his many siblings weren't giving up on somebody wanting them and to show them love instead of being tricked but the owners of the Government owned shelter kept telling them nobody would want them making them cry a lot at night.

Like Tonight.


You okay?" he heard Kevin say.

They were seperated into different rooms as they tended to rough house a lot when they were all together but he knew he and Kevin normally talked together.

They talked in Minionese which nobody understood but they did but they could understand each other.

Kevin then heard Dave looking out the window as a shooting star crossed the sky but knew he was wishing they would get adopted or that somebody would take all of them.

Kevin smiled knowing his brother would do this every night but heard him yawn removing his goggle as they helped them see as they didn't have very good vision without their goggles.

He knew that somehow his friend's wish would come true.

They had no idea their wish would come true...

Gru sighed as he was woken the next morning by his alarm clock but also a phone call as he rubbed sleep from his eyes as he was thinking of plans to take over as he was a twenty four and beginning his career as a supervillain and had moved out of his mother's home when he was twenty one but wasn't having much luck but he then saw his friend Dr Nefaro join him but told him the call was from a shelter that had something he might like as Gru was curious.

"Fine I'll go.

But what could be so important there?

I'm a super villain, not a carer." he told him.

Nefaro had heard about the Minions arriving in Earth a few months ago and knew his friend would truly like them but he then was eating breakfast but hoped things would be okay.