A/N: Written for YGO rare pair community request/exchange mini-marathon over at LiveJournal. (Open till March 15.) And the prompt was Outcastshipping (Kisara x Thief King Bakura): "My dreams don't comfort me."

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Warnings: mild sexual hints.

At the End of the World

He doesn't know what drew him to her in the first place. It might have been the hair - the same white colour as his. It might have been the hunted, haunted look on her face - clearly a runaway, somebody who has been scorned by others; somebody who has been running all her life. It might have been the power hidden within her because Diabound stirred when he first laid his eyes on her. Why the girl still lives, Bakura doesn't know. He blames curiosity and the solitude of the deserts. The oasis he's found is small and so far off any tracks that nobody ever wanders there. Nobody but her.

Sometimes he watches her when she sleeps. Sometimes she wakes from her sleep with a gasp or a soft cry. She always, always lies still, as he stalks over to where she sleeps and settles next to her. What she dreams of, she never says and the only thing he has ever heard from her in that regard was that they gave her no shelter from life. (Bakura laughed and promised her to make the dreams go away. He lied and she knows it, but still she stays there, stays with him.)

Kisara tenses, shivers, feeling him next to her, but doesn't turn to face him, doesn't move at all, still curled up like a child, still in the power of the dream where she was trapped and the world burned white. Bakura's hand slides over her side and pulls her back against his chest. He murmurs something in her hair which she cannot make out and then she's already turning toward him, right into his hands because they make her remember (never forget) that there is a cruel world outside and that Bakura is a part of it (and that he lies and says that he's not, but she knows better). Her breath becomes his, her heart beats rapidly under his hand, and for a moment it seems as though her body is singing a tune which only Bakura can play.

For some time now Bakura has become a part of her dreams and in those dreams the world is burning while he stands above it all, laughing. Kisara has no place left to run to anymore.