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Arthur stood up from the table at the restaurant and hurried over to a waiter. "Excuse me. I would like to pay the bill for table eight. Quickly." the waiter nodded and hurried Arthur over to where he had to pay. Once everything paid, Arthur shook the waiters hand. "The food was delicious. Thank you." he said before rushing out.

Valiant came back from the toilets to see that Arthur was no longer at their table, he walked over and sat down, finding a small piece of paper next to his plate.

I'm sorry, but this isn't going to work. I've already paid. See you around. A.

Valiant scrunched up the note and walked out of the restaurant and looked around for Arthur but saw no-one in sight.

Arthur got into his flat and closed the door behind him, leaning against it. That's it. He thought. No more blind dates set up by Morgana. Or anyone else for that matter. Each one gets worse each time they go on. From now on, I will pick who I want to go out with.

Arthur walked over to his settee and sat down. He picked up the paper on his small table in front of him and turned to the page for flats to rent. New flat. New start. He thought.

The next day, Arthur went to view the six flats that he had circled in the paper, but didn't like any of them. As he walked down the street and turned the corner he saw a removal van parked outside a block of flats. Coming or going? Two blokes came out of the building carrying a unit. Going. He thought and ran into the building following the removal men to the flat they were emptying. When he got there he asked if the person who lived there was around. The bloke he asked directed him to a couple. He walked up to them and cleared his throat to get their attention. "Hi I'm Arthur."

The bloke held out his hand and shook Arthur's. "I'm Lancelot and this is my wife Guinevere, or Gwen for short." Arthur smiled at her. "I was wondering if you found a buyer or anything for the flat?"

"No we haven't. We have put in the papers that we want to sell it but no-one has seemed that interested." Gwen explained.

"Well from what I've seen by walking in here and finding you two I love it. Instead of buying, would you willing to rent it out to me."

"We don't really want to rent it out. We're moving to a bigger place because I am twenty weeks pregnant and we need a bigger place, plus we could do with the money, that's why we decided to sell instead of rent."

Arthur nodded. "What if I pay the rate that people renting some of the flats in this building pay?"

"That's six hundred pounds a month." Lancelot said.

"That's fine. Was last night your last night in this flat?" Gwen nodded.

"Well, it's the first of May today. So If I move in today, I can pay you for last month and this month now, and then pay the rent every week or month. It's up to you."

Lancelot looked at his wife who smiled before looking back at Arthur. "You've got yourself a deal." he said, shaking Arthur's hand once more.

When all was all sorted. Arthur went to the bloke who was in charge of the removal men. "Excuse me mate. Have you got another job on after this?"


"How long will it be until you finish this job?"

"A couple of hours."

"Well, what you are getting for this job, I'll double it if you come to mine when done and move my stuff here. What do you say?"

"I say, give me your address and we'll be there in two hours." Arthur wrote his address down and rushed off home to get everything packed up.

By the end of the day, all of Arthur's stuff was moved into his new flat. He still had to sort out stuff from his other flat but that could wait until tomorrow. For now all he wanted to do was shower and go to bed. Everything was still boxed up. The only thing he had done is make up his bed, get his kettle and tea bags out, he went to the shop and got a pint of milk, the only thing that was sat in his fridge. All ready for morning.

After his shower, he just wrapped the towel round his waist when there was a knock on his door. Arthur sighed, not caring that he was in just his towel, he walked through the length of his new flat to the door and opened it. Stood in the hallway was a man who looked about his age, with short black hair and piercing blue eyes.


The man looked him up and down. "I'm sorry. I seem to have caught you at a bad time. I thought I'd just come and introduce myself. I am the handy man in this building. Anything that needs fixing or mending, give me a ring." he said, handing a card over to Arthur, who took it and glanced at it before looking back up at the man in his doorway. "And your name is?"


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