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Cloudy Hope

Chapter 1

Storms over the Sea

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Young, 10-year-old Flint Lockwood was getting ready for school. Another day in the 5th grade. Outside, his lab, which he had made larger and more complex, was silhouetted by rainclouds forming over the ocean, and the occasional flash of lightning.

Flint looked eagerly out the window; he found thunderstorms to be fascinating! He could tell just by looking at the height of the clouds that this thunderstorm would produce a lot of rain.

From downstairs, he heard his mother, Fran Lockwood, call to him. "C'mon, Flint! You don't want to miss your bus!"

"I'm coming!" yelled Flint, sprinting away from his window and to his door, grabbing his backpack and lab coat on the way.

He reached the kitchen with his bag on his back and his lab coat in his arms. He was about to run out the door to wait for the bus (and look at the storm more) when his mother called to him again.

"Flint, leave your lab coat here. I need to wash it."

"Okay Mom," said Flint, putting his coat on the kitchen table. It was a warm spring day anyway.

"Don't forget, I'm picking you up after school today. So don't ride the bus."

"Okay... So, why are you picking me up?"

"You have a doctor appointment this afternoon. Remember?"

Flint groaned. For some reason, he never really liked doctors, but that was probably because his old pulmonologist, Dr. Faris, wasn't exactly the friendliest doctor around. He had a new doctor, but he was still kinda freaked out by hospitals. "All right," he said.

Flint turned to head out the door when he remembered something. "Oh, I don't have a lunch!"

Fran picked something out of the refrigerator and picked came over to Flint. She knew that Flint's appetite was minimal at best, so she knew that this would tide him over. She put the object in his hand. It was a cup of orange Jell-O. Flint's favorite.

"Thanks Mom," said Flint, giving his mother a quick hug.

Fran kissed him on the forehead, and then there was a honk from outside.

"There's the bus," said Fran. As Flint ran out, she called: "Remember, I'm picking you up this afternoon! Don't ride the bus!"

Flint gave her a thumbs-up before disappearing onto the bus.

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